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Slingshot Ride At Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland Snaps While Two Teens Were Inside It

Slingshot ride at Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland snaps and two individuals had a scary experience after their slingshot broke. The pair boarded the attraction at London's Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, preparing to be propelled into the air in a miniature capsule.

Author:Morgan Maverick
Reviewer:Professor Jhiz
Dec 16, 2022
Slingshot ride at Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland snapsand two individuals had a scary experience after their slingshot broke. The pair boarded the attraction at London's Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, preparing to be propelled into the air in a miniature capsule.
The spring machine that powers slingshot rides put a lot of force on the bands that hold the metal ball. Once everything appears to be in order, the operator will click a button to launch the capsule into the air. Two substantial, stretchable bands link the capsule to the structure.

Winter Wonderland Ride Snaps

From the shocking video taken at Winter Wonderland, it's clear that one of the bands of the Slingshot ride didn't do a good job as Slingshot ride at Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland snaps.
It is unknown if the band broke during the capsule's ascent or as it was being stretched. The capsule then rocketed upward and to one side before colliding with one of the structure's two supporting poles.
The incident was captured on video and broadcast on social media, leaving many stunned by what they saw.
One individual declared, "You will NEVER catch me on one of these."Another added: "OMG I thought you meant snapped as in it was amazing not as in LITERALLY."A third wrote:"I went the other day and this is all I could imagine."
A Met Police spokesperson said:
It was reported that two teenage boys had been in a fairground ride when one of the bungee cords attached to the cage had snapped. The cage was left suspended in the air.- Met Police spokesperson
A Winter Wonderland Hyde Park spokeswoman said:
We can confirm that a technical issue involving the reverse bungee occurred on Wednesday evening. Both riders were safely escorted off the ride, checked by our on-site medics and were not injured.
We can confirm that the elastic cord and the steel wire rope supporting the Reverse Bungee gondola in which the public sit has not snapped or failed in any way.
Safety is our highest priority and the ride is closed while further investigation takes place. All of our rides undergo rigorous and regular safety checks by experienced members of staff trained in health and safety.
We also provide regular training for all staff to ensure our visitors can enjoy a fun and safe experience. All other attractions at Winter Wonderland are operating as normal.
We inspected the ride at 7am this morning and it was found that a technical issue had occurred within a sealed gear box that controls the release of the elastic cord and steel wire rope. The HSE has been informed.

People Also Ask

How Long Does The Slingshot Ride Last?

The Slingshot ride lasts approximately 4 minutes.

How Far Does The Slingshot Ride Shoot You?

The Slingshot ride can shoot you 220 feet in the air.

What Do You Wear To Ride A Slingshot?

You should wear a full-face helmet with DOT approval when you ride the Slingshot ride.


The horrific moment the Slingshot ride at Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland snaps down on Dec. 14, trapping two passengers.
The seating pod on the famed London Christmas attraction's fairground ride collided with a support beam, trapping two people, both believed to be males, within.
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