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Shane Wighton - The Famous American Engineer Youtuber

Shane Wighton (born September 15, 1991) is an American engineer known best for his engineering-focused YouTube channel, "Stuff Made Here", where he makes numerous ingenious products.

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Shane Wighton(born September 15, 1991) is an American engineer known best for his engineering-focused YouTube channel, "Stuff Made Here" where he makes numerous ingenious products.
Shane experimenting his robotic barber invention by sitting inside it
Shane experimenting his robotic barber invention by sitting inside it

Shane Wighton Youtube Channel

"Stuff Made Here" was launched in March 2020 and has over 3.59 million subscribers, and 143 million total views, with an average favorable rating of 98.6 percent as of November 2021.
Now, he has almost 3.79 million subscribers with almost 210 million views on his YouTube channel.
The segments are among the most-watched engineering project material on the platform.
His most popular video, "Moving hoop won't let you miss," with over 26 million views as of June 2022.
In the video, he builds a basketball hoop that adjusts its angle using several motors in a 600-millisecond timescale such that the basketball always goes into the basketball net.
His early variation of the net did not use electronics, instead, he relied on a curved backboard to deflect the ball into the net from a variety of angles.
'You can't miss' famous Shane video quote text with a basketball and its net on a yellow background
'You can't miss' famous Shane video quote text with a basketball and its net on a yellow background

Remarkable Achievements Of Wighton

He constructed a robot that trims hair using various sensors and scissors while stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.
For Halloween, he turned the Clippers into a machine that drew pictures and carved intricate designs into pumpkins.
On June 2, 2020, he released a video in which he created a golf club that automatically adjusts to achieve a particular distance and club type.
Wighton also posted two videos that created multiple versions of a baseball bat using empty cartridges and plungers in an attempt to break the world record.
On February 15, 2021, Wighton released a video that created a pool table and cues. This video analyzes every possible shot and projects the best options for the player to try on the table itself.
The cue is tilted up, down, left, and right to compensate for the player's poor aim and attempt to shoot with high accuracy.
In April 2021, Wighton manufactured a "robot chainsaw" using a chainsaw and a Tormac ZA06 robot.
Wighton's YouTube channel Stuff Made Here has been nominated for a Technology Subject Award at the 10th Streamy Awards.
Shane Wighton stuff made here robot with different sensors
Shane Wighton stuff made here robot with different sensors
Multi-film containers are provided for use in additive fabrication equipment.
In some embodiments, the container may include multiple films that are at least partially separated from each other.
In some embodiments, the multiple films may include films formed from different materials.
As an example, the top film can be formed to be relatively impermeable to the material in the raw material of the additive fabrication device, while the bottom film is formed to provide the desired mechanical properties.

3D Printed Press Forming

He stated on his website about the below project video that the first attempt to mold a steel part was almost successful, but he didn't feel like he was getting the stuff he wanted.
He decided to apply all his knowledge and try engraving some steel parts again, and the results were much better.
The backed video details the results and process. He can do more, but he's happy with the results so far.

3D Printed Sheet Metal Forming (Part 2)

Professional Life

Wighton attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and a master's degree in computer science.
Wighton previously led the engineering team at Formlabs, which manufactures 3D printers that use stereolithography and selective laser sintering techniques.
He is the inventor of 5 patents and 13 pending inventions.

Shane Wighton Net Worth

The net worth of Shane Wighton is expected to be $400,000.
The channel has over 3.79 million subscribers with almost 210 million views.
It is capable of getting an average of 220,000 views daily from exceptional sources.
This must generate an expected sales of $1, 700 every day ($620,000 a year) from the advertisements that are in his videos.
The longer the users watch his videos, the more money he can earn. Shane makes greater earnings on Patreon.

Shane Wighton IQ

Well, there is no information about this available but keeping in view his educational achievements, IQ of Shane Wighton might be higher than average persons.

Shane Wighton Family

Shane once discussed his father on his YouTube channel, but no further information was available.
According to sources, it is also speculated that he is neither married nor dating someone.
He prioritizes his career over everything. He is justified because career opportunities do not come as often.

People Also Ask

Does Shane Wighton Have Kids?

Unspecified rumors are spreading online that Wighton has a child from a former partner. However, this has not been confirmed by his agency or other intimate or family members.

Does Wighton Get Any Award?

His YouTube channel was nominated for the 10th Streamy Awards among other candidates for his splendor of innovating things and giving them new goals. One of his outstanding inventions was a robot that could cut a person's hair with just scissors and a few sensors.

Has Shane Wighton Filed Any Patents?

Shane Wighton has applied for a patent that protects some of his inventions like Liquid interface techniques for additive fabrication and related systems and methods, Additive fabrication support structures, Systems and methods of simulating intermediate forms for additive fabrication, etc. This includes pending patent applications and patents already granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).


What is your most-favorite invention of Shane Wighton? Do you follow him? Let us know in the comment section below.
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