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Shakira Net Worth - From "Whenever, Wherever" To Wealth

Discover the impressive Shakira net worth, the Colombian music sensation and business mogul. Learn about her wealth, career, and diverse income streams in this insightful article

Author:Rock Wildfire
Reviewer:Raven Noir
Oct 04, 2023
Shakira, the Colombian superstar known for her mesmerizing music, electrifying performances, and iconic hips that "don't lie," has not only conquered the hearts of millions but also amassed significant wealth along her journey to stardom. With a career spanning several decades and a multifaceted approach to entertainmentand business, Shakira net worthis a testament to her remarkable talent and entrepreneurial spirit. In this article, we will delve into the intriguing world of Shakira net worth, exploring the various sources of her wealth and its overall magnitude.

Quick Facts About Shakira

NameShakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll
BirthdayFebruary 2, 1977
Net worth$300 million

Early Life Of Shakira

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, the globally renowned Colombian singer, songwriter, and dancer, was born on February 2, 1977, in Barranquilla, Colombia. Her early life was marked by a blend of cultural influences and a relentless pursuit of her passion for music.
Shakira's unique blend of Colombian, Lebanese, and Catalan heritage played a pivotal role in shaping her identity and artistic sensibilities. Her father, William Mebarak Chadid, of Lebanese descent, instilled in her a deep appreciation for Middle Eastern music. Her mother, Nidia Ripoll Torrado, was of Catalan and Italian ancestry. This multicultural upbringing contributed to Shakira's distinctive musical style, fusing Latin rhythms with globalinfluences.
From a very young age, Shakira exhibited an innate talent for music. At the age of 8, she wrote her first song, "Tus gafas oscuras" (Your Dark Glasses), displaying remarkable songwriting abilities even as a child. She began to showcase her singing and dancing talents at local events and competitions.
Despite her undeniable talent, Shakira's family faced financial difficulties during her childhood. Undeterred, she continued to pursue her passion for music, believing in her potential as an artist. Her persistence eventually paid off when she was signed by Sony Music Colombia at the age of 13, releasing her debut album "Magia" in 1990.
While pursuing her music career, Shakira also recognized the importance of education. She enrolled at the Universidad de la Barranquilla to study cognitive neuroscience. Her commitment to education reflects her dedication to intellectual growth even amidst her burgeoning music career.

Shakira Music Career

Shakira wearing a light pink long sleeves top
Shakira wearing a light pink long sleeves top
Shakira's musical journey is a testament to her unwavering determination and the evolution of her career. Her debut album, "Magia," marked the beginning of her artistic voyage when she was just 13 years old. This early work showcased her prodigious talent, as she had been composing songs since the tender age of eight. Although "Magia" received considerable attention on Colombian radio, it had limited commercial success, with only 1,200 copies sold worldwide. Her second album, "Peligro" (1993), similarly faced challenges in gaining widespread recognition.
However, the turning point arrived with "Pies Descalzos" (1995) and "Donde Estan los Ladrones?" (1998), both of which achieved resounding success in Spanish-speaking countries. The transition to the English-language market came with her fifth album, "Laundry Service" (2001), which not only sold over 20 million copies but also spawned international chart-toppers like "Whenever, Wherever" and "Underneath Your Clothes."
Shakira's career continued to soar with a string of successful Spanish and English albums. "Fijacion Oral, Vol. 1" (2005), "Sale el Sol" (2010), and "El Dorado" (2017) all claimed the top spot on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart and achieved diamond certification by the Recording Industry Association of America. Her English albums, including "Oral Fixation Vol. 2" (2005), "She Wolf" (2009), and "Shakira" (2014), garnered gold, platinum, or multi-platinum certifications in various countries.
Shakira's impact extended to numerous chart-topping singles worldwide, including hits like "La Tortura," "Hips Don't Lie," "Beautiful Liar," "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)," "Loca," and "Chantaje." Her remarkable achievements were recognized with the Special International Award at the 2022 Ivor Novello Awards, honoring her as one of the world's most influential songwriters and musical artists.
The statistics behind Shakira's success are staggering. She has sold more than 125 million albums worldwide and holds the title of the second most successful Latina singer of all time, following Gloria Estefan. As the highest-selling Colombian singer in history, Shakira boasts an extensive collection of awards, including three Grammy Awards, thirteen Latin Grammy Awards, four MTV Video Music Awards, seven Billboard Music Awards, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
In 2009, Billboard honored her as the Top Female Latin Artist of the Decade, cementing her status as one of the world's best-selling music artists. Additionally, she holds the distinction of being the most-streamed Latin artist on Spotify and is one of only three female artists to have two YouTube videos with over two billion views.
Shakira's impact transcends music, as she also served as a coach on two seasons of the American singing competition television series "The Voice" from 2013 to 2014. Her journey from a young Colombian talent to a global music icon is nothing short of inspirational, and her legacy in the world of entertainment continues to shine brightly.

Awards And Achievements Of Shakira

Shakira, the Colombian superstar with an unmistakable voice and electrifying stage presence, has garnered a plethora of awards and achievements throughout her illustrious career. Her talent, dedication, and global impact have solidified her status as one of the most celebrated artists in the music industry. Here is a glimpse into the impressive awards and achievements that have adorned Shakira's remarkable journey:

Grammy Awards

Three-Time Grammy Winner -Shakira has secured three Grammy Awards, showcasing her excellence in music. Her wins include Best Latin Pop Album for "MTV Unplugged" (2001) and two awards for "Laundry Service" (2001): Best Latin Pop Album and Best Latin Pop Female Vocal Performance.

Latin Grammy Awards

Thirteen-Time Latin Grammy Winner -Shakira has left an indelible mark on the Latin music scene, earning numerous Latin Grammy Awards over the years. Her victories span various categories, highlighting her versatility and artistic prowess.

Billboard Music Awards

Seven-Time Billboard Music Award Winner -Shakira's chart-topping hits have earned her recognition at the Billboard Music Awards. She has received accolades for categories such as Latin Album of the Year, Latin Pop Album of the Year, and Latin Pop Song of the Year.

MTV Video Music Awards

Four-Time MTV Video Music Award Winner -Shakira's captivating music videos have been honored at the MTV Video Music Awards. Her wins include Best Female Video and Best Choreography for "Hips Don't Lie" (2006) and Best Latin Video for "La Tortura" (2006).

Billboard Latin Music Awards

Thirty-Nine-Time Billboard Latin Music Award Winner -Shakira's domination of the Latin music scene is evident in her extensive collection of Billboard Latin Music Awards. She has been recognized in a wide range of categories, including Latin Pop Album of the Year and Hot Latin Songs Artist of the Year.

Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame -Shakira's contributions to the world of entertainment were immortalized with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a prestigious honor celebrating her enduring impact on the industry.

Top Female Latin Artist Of The Decade

Billboard's Top Female Latin Artist of the Decade (2000s) -Billboard acknowledged Shakira as the Top Female Latin Artist of the Decade for her exceptional achievements and influence during the 2000s.

Record Sales

Over 125 Million Albums Sold Worldwide -Shakira's albums have resonated with fans across the globe, resulting in sales exceeding 125 million units. Her worldwide appeal is a testament to her ability to transcend cultural boundaries.

Streaming Records

  • Most-Streamed Latin Artist on Spotify - Shakira's music continues to captivate audiences on streaming platforms, making her the most-streamed Latin artist on Spotify.
  • Two YouTube Videos with Over Two Billion Views -She stands as one of only three female artists to achieve the remarkable feat of having two music videos on YouTube with over two billion views each.

Personal Life Of Shakira

Shakira wearing a red dress and Gerard Pique wearing a black suit
Shakira wearing a red dress and Gerard Pique wearing a black suit
The "Waka Waka" singer has experienced a series of notable relationships. Her most enduring one was an 11-year-long partnership with Antonio de la Rua, an accomplished Argentinian attorney. Their relationship, which spanned from 2000 to 2011, was not without its share of complexities, and the couple eventually parted ways on less than amicable terms.
Following the end of her relationship with Antonio de la Rua, Shakira found love anew in the arms of the beloved Spanish football player Gerard Piqué. Piqué, a prominent figure in FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team, stood out not only for his athletic prowess but also for his deep connection with Shakira. Interestingly, Shakira is a decade older than Piqué, defying conventional age norms in relationships.
Their love story began in 2010 on the set of Shakira's iconic "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)" music video shoot, which served as the official FIFA World Cup song for the 2010 tournament. This chance encounter blossomed into a deep and enduring connection, leading to their romantic involvement.
Together, Shakira and Gerard Piqué welcomed two sons into the world. Milan, their firstborn, arrived on January 22, 2013, followed by Sasha on January 29, 2015. The couple's journey as parents added another layer of joy and complexity to their relationship.
However, like many high-profile couples, Shakira and Gerard Piqué faced their share of challenges, and their paths diverged in June 2022, marking the end of their relationship.

Shakira Net Worth

Shakira is a Colombian singer and songwriter who has had many hit songs and albums. She is often called the Queen of Latin Music. Over the course of her career, she has sold more than 80 million records. This makes her one of the best-selling acts of all time, and she often tours the world to packed venues.
Shakira's net worth is thought to be $300 million as of October 2023. Shakira has a mind-blowing monthly income. Forbes named her one of the highest-paid women in the music industry in 2012 when she made $20 million. You might be shocked to hear that wasn't when her career took off. In 2018 and 2019, she made as much as $35 million a year, making her even wealthier.

Catalog Sale Of Shakira

Shakira wearing a black dress while waving her hand
Shakira wearing a black dress while waving her hand
In 2008, the music industry buzzed with excitement when rumors swirled about Shakira signing a monumental deal with Live Nation. The reported figure? A jaw-dropping $300 million. This strategic partnership marked a significant turning point in the Colombian superstar's career, solidifying her status as a global icon.
Fast forward and the world of entertainment was once again abuzz with speculation. This time, it was about the sale of Shakira's publishing catalog, a move that promised to reshape the dynamics of her financial portfolio. Reports suggested that the transaction reached a staggering sum of $100 million.
However, it wasn't long before the specifics of this intriguing deal came to light. It was confirmed that Shakira had indeed sold her publishing rights, but not just any rights - she had entrusted her creative legacy to Hipgnosis Songs Fund. This catalog encompassed a treasure trove of approximately 145 songs, each bearing the indelible mark of her musical genius.

Endorsement Deals Of Shakira

Shakira, the iconic Colombian songstress, has not only left an indelible mark on the music industry but has also ventured into the world of endorsements, aligning herself with prominent brands across various sectors. Her irresistible charm, global appeal, and dynamic persona have made her a sought-after figure in the world of advertising and marketing. Here, we unveil some of the noteworthy endorsement deals that have contributed to Shakira's financial success and further solidified her status as a global superstar.


One of Shakira's most enduring and iconic endorsement deals has been with beverage and snack giant PepsiCo. This collaboration commenced in the mid-2000s and has seen Shakira gracing numerous Pepsi commercials and campaigns. Her dynamic presence and catchy tunes have become synonymous with Pepsi's brand identity, and their continued partnership has been mutually beneficial.


Shakira's radiant smile and commitment to oral health led to her partnership with Oral-B, a leading brand in dental hygiene products. As a global ambassador, Shakira's association with Oral-B not only emphasizes the importance of oral care but also underscores her image as a health-conscious celebrity.


Shakira's passion for fitness and dance naturally led her to collaborate with sportswear giant Reebok. She played a pivotal role in promoting Reebok's Dance Collection, which resonated with fitness enthusiasts and dance aficionados worldwide.


In the fast-paced world of telecommunications, Shakira found herself as the face of T-Mobile's marketing campaigns. Her global appeal and persona as a tech-savvy artist made her a fitting choice for a brand that champions connectivity and innovation.


Shakira's effervescent personality matched perfectly with her endorsement of Freixenet, a renowned Spanish producer of sparkling wines. Her association with the brand added a touch of glamour and celebration to their campaigns.

Shakira Business Ventures And Investments

Shakira wearing a light blue dress
Shakira wearing a light blue dress
Shakira, the Colombian superstar renowned for her musical prowess, isn't just a remarkable artist; she's also a savvy entrepreneur with a keen eye for strategic investments and business ventures. Beyond her chart-topping albums and electrifying performances, Shakira has ventured into various sectors, establishing herself as a shrewd businesswoman. Here, we take a closer look at her notable business ventures and investments that have contributed to her diversified success.

"S By Shakira"

Shakira's foray into the beauty industry has been marked by the launch of her fragrance line, "S by Shakira." With fragrances designed to capture her essence, this venture not only showcases her personal brand but also caters to her fans' desire to embody a touch of her style and charisma.

Club Barcelona

As a proud Colombian and passionate advocate for soccer, Shakira made a strategic investment in Club Barcelona, a renowned Colombian soccer team. Her involvement not only underscores her love for the sport but also contributes to the growth and development of Colombian soccer.

"Viber" And "Angry Birds POP!"

Shakira's entrepreneurial spirit extended to the world of technology and entertainment. She partnered with messaging app "Viber" to launch the "Love Rocks" game, merging her passion for gaming with her global fan base. Additionally, she lent her voice to the character Gazelle in the popular mobile game "Angry Birds POP!" - a venture that reached a massive audience.

Tax Fraud Charges Of Shakira

When you have a lot of money, you have to be a good taxpayer. In November 2017, the Queen of Latin Music was in the newsbecause she was accused of cheating on her taxes. She was named in the Paradise Papers, which said that Shakira is the only owner of a certain company that moved music rights for an estimated $30 million. But in 2018, there were some things that didn't add up, so the Spanish government took a close look at her assets.
According to reports, officials even said that Shakira had not paid her taxes from 2012 to 2014. At the time, she was living in Spain with her family. She was reportedly accused of owing a huge $13.9 million in taxes, which shocked everyone. But Shakira came forward and said that she had paid all of her taxes except for $2.8 million plus interest, which she said she would pay soon. The case still hasn't gone to court yet.

Real Estate Properties Of Shakira

Shakira wearing a black outfit while holding a mic
Shakira wearing a black outfit while holding a mic
In 2018, Shakira made headlines in the real estate world when she listed her sleek and minimalist Miami mansion for a substantial $11.6 million. This impressive property, sprawled over 20,726 square feet, sits majestically on Miami's prestigious North Bay Road, offering captivating waterfront views and boasting over 100 feet of direct access to the serene Biscayne Bay.
Inside, the 8,708-square-foot house is a harmonious blend of luxury and comfort, featuring six spacious bedrooms and an impressive seven-and-a-half bathrooms. Notably, this upscale neighborhood is also home to A-list neighbors like Matt Damon, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, and the renowned filmmaker Michael Bay.
However, life took Shakira in a new direction in 2022, following her split from longtime partner Gerard Piqué. As part of their transition, the couple decided to part ways with their opulent $16 million Barcelona residence. Shakira embarked on a new chapter, choosing to return to Miami, where she now resides with her two sons, Milan and Sasha.
In her quest for a fresh start, the international sensation opted to rent a breathtaking $15 million waterfront home in Miami temporarily. However, her real estate aspirations don't stop there. Shakira has set her sights on an even grander dream - a new mega mansion in the Magic City, with a jaw-dropping budget of upwards of $50 million. This ambitious endeavor reflects her penchant for luxury and her determination to create a haven for her family.
But that's not all. Shakira's property portfolio extends beyond Miami's sun-soaked shores. She also holds a residence in the picturesque Bahamas, adding a touch of exotic charm to her collection of luxury properties.

Philanthropic Works Of Shakira

While Shakira is undeniably known for her chart-topping music, electrifying performances, and captivating stage presence, her philanthropic endeavors shine just as brightly in the spotlight. Beyond the glamorous world of entertainment, she has used her fame and resources to make a significant impact on various social and humanitarian causes. Here, we explore the notable philanthropic works of Shakira, showcasing her deep commitment to creating a better world.

Pies Descalzos Foundation

At the core of Shakira's philanthropic efforts lies the Pies Descalzos Foundation (Barefoot Foundation), a non-profit organization she co-founded in 1997. The foundation's mission is to provide access to quality education and promote the holistic development of underprivileged children in Colombia. Through a network of schools and community programs, Pies Descalzos has made a profound impact on the lives of countless children, offering them a pathway out of poverty and into a brighter future.

Early Childhood Development Initiatives

Recognizing the critical importance of early childhood development, Shakira has championed several initiatives aimed at providing young children with the best possible start in life. She has partnered with organizations like UNICEF and the World Bank to support early childhood education and healthcare programs in vulnerable communities around the world.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

Shakira's dedication to improving the lives of children led to her appointment as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2003. In this role, she has tirelessly advocated for children's rights, education, and healthcare, leveraging her global platform to raise awareness about pressing issues affecting children in impoverished regions.

Fundación ALAS

Shakira co-founded Fundación ALAS (ALAS Foundation) in 2006, a Latin American organization focused on early childhood development. ALAS has brought together prominent artists, leaders, and philanthropists to address the urgent need for comprehensive early childhood programs in the region.

Support For Disaster Relief Efforts

In times of crisis, Shakira has been quick to lend a helping hand. She has supported disaster relief efforts following events like the earthquake in Haiti and hurricanes in the Caribbean, providing crucial aid and assistance to affected communities.

Lesser Known Facts About Shakira

Shakira wearing a black gown
Shakira wearing a black gown
  • While many know Shakira for her proficiency in English and Spanish, she is actually trilingual. She is also fluent in Portuguese, which she learned while dating Brazilian soccer player Gerard Piqué.
  • Shakira exhibited extraordinary talents from a very young age. By the age of four, she was already writing poetry, and at eight, she composed her first song.
  • Shakira's paternal grandparents immigrated to Colombia from Lebanon. Her Middle Eastern heritage has influenced her music and dance style, adding a unique element to her performances.
  • In 2002, Shakira authored her first book, "My Recipe for Success." This autobiography offers insights into her life, career, and success story.
  • Despite achieving fame early in her life, Shakira values education. She enrolled in the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and earned a certificate in History of Western Civilization.
  • Beyond her role as a philanthropist in children's education, Shakira has also supported various causes, including efforts to combat global poverty and raise awareness about clean water and sanitation issues.
  • Shakira's "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)," the official song for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, holds the record for the most-watched video on YouTube in 24 hours. It achieved a staggering 1.6 million views in a single day.
  • Shakira is not just a casual soccer fan; she's deeply passionate about the sport. She even took courses in history and geography at UCLA to better understand the game.
  • In addition to her singing career, Shakira has done voice acting for animated films. She voiced the character Gazelle in Disney's "Zootopia," which became a huge hit.
  • Shakira's intelligence extends beyond her music. She reportedly has an IQ of 140, which is considered to be in the highly gifted range.
  • While her singing and songwriting skills are widely recognized, Shakira's talent as a dancer is equally exceptional. Her belly dancing and hip-shaking moves have left audiences in awe for years.
  • In her younger years, Shakira was more of a tomboy and even enjoyed playing soccer with the boys in her neighborhood.

People Also Ask

What Is Shakira's Real Name?

Shakira's full name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll.

How Did Shakira Meet Gerard Piqué?

Shakira and Gerard Piqué met on the set of the music video for "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)," the official song of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

What Is Shakira's Most Famous Song?

Shakira's most famous song is arguably "Hips Don't Lie," featuring Wyclef Jean, which topped charts worldwide.

How Many Languages Does Shakira Speak?

Shakira is known to be fluent in three languages: Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

How Did Shakira Get Her Start In The Music Industry?

Shakira got her start in the music industry at a young age when she signed her first record deal with Sony Music Colombia at just 13 years old. Her debut album, "Magia," was released in 1990.

What Are Shakira's Other Business Ventures Aside From Music And Endorsements?

In addition to music and endorsements, Shakira has invested in various business ventures, including her fragrance lines, real estate investments, and philanthropic initiatives like the Pies Descalzos Foundation.


Shakira net worth stands as a testament to her extraordinary career in the music industry, her savvy business ventures, and her commitment to philanthropy. From her humble beginnings in Colombia to international superstardom, Shakira's financial success mirrors her unwavering dedication and passion for her craft. Her story is a testament to the limitless possibilities that talent, hard work, and a dash of entrepreneurship can achieve in the world of entertainment.
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