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Sex Coach - The Best Certified Way To Improve Your Relationship In 2023

There are so many factors that go into having extremely excellent sex. You must be able to trust and communicate successfully with your partner, as well as feel sexy and secure in yourself. Many of these aspects can be improved prior to sex to ensure that the encounter is enjoyable and joyful in the moment. A sex coach is a terrific way to explore your desires and learn practical ways to make sex more comfortable and entertaining!

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There are so many factors that go into having extremely excellent sex. You must be able to trust and communicate successfully with your partner, as well as feel sexy and secure in yourself.
Many of these aspects can be improved prior to sex to ensure that the encounter is enjoyable and joyful in the moment.
A sex coachis a terrific way to explore your desires and learn practical ways to make sex more comfortable and entertaining!
Perhaps you've never heard of a sex coach before, or perhaps you'd like to try working with one.
We'll go over a sex coach's qualifications and how they may help you enhance your sex life and relationship.

Sex Coach Qualifications

A Therapist With A Pacient During A Session
A Therapist With A Pacient During A Session
Sex coaches, like traditional therapists, spend their careers studying research, developing approaches, and learning about the human condition.
They apply this understanding to assist clients in comprehending, accepting, and enacting their objectives.
The American Association Of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists, or AASECT, is a non-profit organization founded in the 1960s that certifies coaches.
A bachelor's degree, three years of professional experience, and 1000 hours of sexuality counseling or education are required for AASECT certification.
There are 22 other professional organizations in human sexuality, ranging from the American Board of Sexology to The Society for Sex Therapy and Research, that a coach can join if they don't have AASECT accreditation.
One thing that all sex trainers have in common is a desire to help their customers better their private lives.

What Does Sex Coaching Look Like?

A Couple With A Sex Coach
A Couple With A Sex Coach
Sex coaching, like therapy, is built on talking. In the past, sex coaching was done in person.
Clients now have the option of communicating with trained coaches via phone/video or even text-based coaching, which is a more convenient option that does not require an appointment.
It's usual to seek the advice of a sex coach for a number of mental and physical issues. Female orgasm, libido issues, erectile troubles, shame, trauma, and sexual exploration are some of the most common concerns.
Regardless of the exact difficulty, sex trainers can assist you in resolving the following common themes:

Let Go Of Shame

A Sex Coach Practicing With A Woman
A Sex Coach Practicing With A Woman
In today's society, talking about sex and intimacy is frowned upon, and this humiliation extends to our personal life.
We wonder if we're getting enough sex, if our erections and orgasms are good enough, and how to tell our spouse about our dreams.
Talking about shame, like more traditional treatment, is a terrific approach to reduce its hold over you.
Finding the source of your shame and re-framing your sexuality as positive and empowering can take some time.
A coach can offer a safe environment in which to work through these challenges. They can also give you practical methods to boost your confidence and replace negative sexual encounters with positive ones.

Increase Your Pleasure

A Woman With A Sex Coach
A Woman With A Sex Coach
A sex coach can assist you in discovering new ways to enjoy yourself. There's a propensity for heterosexual couples to focus on penis-in-vagina sex.
Only 20% of women, on the other hand, may orgasm only from penetration. Other sorts of play can be incorporated to give variety and boost the chances of reaching orgasm.
Many women, for example, prefer the sensation of tongues or fingers on their clits. Other women might have better luck with vibrators.
Exploring various parts of the body, such as the breastsor the ass, or including foul conversation are all ways to boost pleasure by experimenting with different sensations. The pressure to perform might detract from a joyful experience for males.
A sex coach can help men focus on enjoying the procedure rather than worrying about the state of their erections.
There are various ways to bring pleasure with your hands or lips besides penetration. Surprisingly, concentrating less on your erection relieves pressure and makes it simpler to achieve. Sex becomes more varied and fascinating as a result, which benefits everyone.

Explore Your Sexual Interests

A Couple Discussing With A Sex Coach
A Couple Discussing With A Sex Coach
A sex coach can help you figure out what you actually want out of your sex life. Some people may have a clear idea of the problems they want to address.
Others, on the other hand, may not realize they are stuck or unsure of what to do if they feel stuck.
A sex coach can help you find desires and interests you didn't even realize you had and advise you how to explore them safely, explains Stella Harris, a trained sex & intimacy coach.
Physical and emotional safety are both important.
"Novelty can help you break out of a rut and open up fresh avenues for closeness and play." A sex coach can alleviate the anxiety that comes with trying new things.
There's a whole universe of playful fun and pleasure to be had when you're prepared to experiment and try new things, from anal play to rope bondage, Stella explains.

Communicate Your Desires

A Sex Coach Training A Couple
A Sex Coach Training A Couple
After you've decided what you want to investigate, the next step is to communicate your needs to a partner.
Whether you're interacting with a new relationship or an old one, sharing your desires necessitates vulnerability.
You must also think about the other person's demands as well as your own. Sex is a two-way street that involves compromise in order for both of you to be fulfilled.

The Top 7 Questions I Receive As A Sex Therapist

People Also Ask

How do you become a sex coach?

Because sex coaching is not officially regulated, all you need is a genuine desire to assist others in discovering their own sexual self, as well as a willingness to master the foundations of sexology and coaching. Sex coaching is a rapidly expanding field.

What is the difference between a sex coach and a sex therapist?

Both occupations, in general, deal with sex-related difficulties. The key distinction between the two is how these concerns are dealt with.
Sex therapists are better at diagnosing and treating long-term issues, whereas sex counselors provide short-term treatments and education while referring to sex therapists as necessary.

Can you be a sex coach without a degree?

Although many successful professional sex educators do not have a degree in the subject, it is an option, especially if you want to become a university professor.

How much is an sex coach?

The cost of hiring an intimacy coach varies. You have the option of charging a flat rate or charging per the hour. For example, you may charge $50 per hour for email tutoring or $300 for a 120-minute mock date session.


A Coach Talking To A Pacient
A Coach Talking To A Pacient
Once you've determined which sex coaching method is best for you, you'll need to choose whether a professional coach is available in your region or whether you should travel to meet with them.
You'll also want to determine if you can gain proper access to them. Sex surrogates, for example, require a referral from a licensed therapist.
Because sex is such a personal and vulnerable topic, finding someone with whom you feel comfortable is crucial.
You'll want to make sure they stress the importance of respecting your boundaries. Instead of reminding you that there is a "proper" way to be sexual, they should be supportive of your particular preferences.
Don't be afraid to request a phone consultation and make sure you get all of your questions answered completely.
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