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Sassy And Savage Ex Quotes You Should Try

Do you want to give your ex a sarcastic message without being overt in order to let them realize what they've lost? Then, believe me, using social media is the best option available. Below is a list of savage ex quotes from nasty and fierce ex-girlfriends just for you.

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Nov 10, 2022139 Shares2K Views
Do you want to give your ex a sarcastic message without being overt in order to let them realize what they've lost? Then, believe me, using social media is the best option available. Below is a list of savage ex quotesfrom nasty and fierce ex-girlfriends just for you.
That's not all, though. These sayings can also help you get over a breakup by getting you to concentrate on all the benefits you are getting from it. Without further ado, here is a selection of the top crude Instagram captions and savage ex quotes.

Savage Ex Captions For Instagram And Quotes About Ex-Lovers

You can put these captions and quotes in your Instagram bio, put them in the caption of the photo you chose to dedicate to your ex, or, if you're feeling particularly bold, you can send it to them directly:
  • "Sometimes I laugh so hard at the fact that I loved you."
  • "Seeing your ex with someone uglier than you is what I need the most and that's awesome."
  • "Choosing my happiness and myself over a sh*t like you has been the best decision."
  • "You'll have a hard time finding someone who will tolerate your bullshit the same way I did."
  • "Your heart is smaller than my middle finger."
  • Just grin and remark, "That's the point," when your ex replies, "You'll never find somebody like me."
  • "Karma is currently finishing her drink and filing her nails. She promises to be there quickly."
  • "I don't give a damn about what you think of me; I don't give a damn about you."
  • "I'm grateful that you gave me a good heart but a devilish intellect."
  • "Are you telling her the same garbage that you told me?"
  • "I simply feel the need to bury my ex all the time because they are such a gem."
  • "The flowchart of your mental illness can be seen if you arrange all of your ex-lovers in a row."
  • "I'm delighted you cut off communication with me. It seems as though the trash removed itself."
  • "Being happy and living better."

Savage Quotes[ Savage Comebacks And Insults Quotes ]

People Also Ask

How Can I Make My Ex Jealous Quotes?

  • "I may be in bold, but you may be in italics."
  • "Shining brightly in the pitch-black night."
  • "I've freed myself."
  • "I become stronger by letting things go."
  • "The present is far better than the past, and life continues on."
  • "Do you want a brownie or love? ..."
  • "I'm free of tension, and I feel great."
  • "Your loss if you lose me."

How Can I Make Jealous My Ex?

  • Let them witness your enjoyment.
  • Be in a different group.
  • Neglect them.
  • Treat them and their friends with respect.
  • In front of other people, commend them.
  • Everything they email you or post, ignore.
  • Post frequently to your social media stories.

What Is The Best Message For Ex Who Is Toxic?

  • "I think it's best for me if you stop existing."
  • "Congratulations to my ex for finding someone who is equally worthless as he is."
  • "In order to look good on the inside as well, perhaps you might eat some cosmetics."


It often improves your life to move on and recover from a breakup. But what if you've since moved on and wanted to prove to your toxic ex that you've improved and become happier than before? Try these savage ex quotes to show your ex where he/she really belongs.
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