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Ronda - A Town City Known As City Of Dreams In Spain

Ronda, Spain is a mountain ridge city in Spain's Malaga area that is set decisively over a profound crevasse.

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Ronda- Ronda, Spain is a mountain ridge city in Spain's Malagaarea that is set decisively over a profound crevasse. This chasm (El Tajo) isolates the city's fifteenth-century new town from its old town, dating to Moorish rule.
Puente Nuevo, a stone extension traversing the canyon, has a post offering sees. New town's Plaza de Toros, an incredible eighteenth-century bullring, is one of the city's most unmistakable tourist spots.
Around the city are stays of ancient settlements dating to the Neolithic Age, including the stone artistic creations of Cueva de la Pileta.
Ronda was, in any case, first settled by the early Celts, who called it Arunda in the 6th century BC.
Later Phoenician pilgrimslaid down a good foundation for themselves close by to establish Acinipo (at times alluded to as Ronda la Vieja, Old Ronda).
The ongoing Ronda is of Romanorigins, having been established as a braced post in the Second Punic War, by Scipio Africanus.
Ronda got the title of the city at the hour of Julius Caesar.

Visiting Ronda, Spain

Here is a complete guide for living in Ronda Spainand why should you visit this town in southern Spain.

It's Parted In Half By The El Tajo Gorge

Ronda brags about one of the most exceptional areas in Spain, sitting as it in all actuality does on each side of the 100-meter (328-foot)profound El Tajo gorge.
There is a great strolling to be delighted in this fantastic split in the scene: from the old town, an emotional way brings you directly down to the lower part of El Tajo, to the foot of the powerful "New Bridge" that traverses the gully.
Its most well-known fascination is the "New Bridge."
At last, Ronda, Spain bridgefinished in 1793 following forty years of development, the startling yet lovely Puente Nuevo is Ronda's most popular fascination.
It associates El Mercadillo (The Market), the fresher area of town, with La Ciudad (The Town), the old Moorish quarter, and is, essentially, amazing to view. So perilous was its development that 50 laborers lost their lives all the while.
Waterfall beneath bridges on the mountains of Ronda town in Spain
Waterfall beneath bridges on the mountains of Ronda town in Spain

It's Saturated With Bullfighting

Ronda is the origination of the cutting-edge Spanish bullfight and the old neighborhood of its most noteworthy tradition.
It was here, during the eighteenth hundred years, that Francisco Romero confronted the bull by walking interestingly, rather than riding a horse.
Today, two of the most well-known specialists of the style spearheaded by Romero are Cayetano and Francisco Rivera Ordoñez, whose granddad highlighted in Hemingway's A Dangerous Summer.

There's A Noteworthy Bullring

As is fitting for someplace as saturated with the bulls as Ronda, the town is home to a delightful bullring. Dating from 1785, this rich, neo-old style structure is Spain's most establishedsquare de toros: it was planned by Martín de Aldehuela, the commended modeler likewise behind Ronda's dazzling New Bridge.
Each August, it is the setting for the well-known Goyesca bullfightin which the Ordoñez siblings perform.
An empty bullring of Ronda town in Spain
An empty bullring of Ronda town in Spain

Keep An Eye Out For The "Coño" Balconies

Walking around the Paseo E Hemingway, you'll pass various galleries that drape sharply over the edge of the Tajo gorge.
These are referred to in Spanish shoptalk as "Balcons Coños", in light of the fact that when you peer down you'll need to shout "Coño!" (which in a real sense interpreted as an extremely impolite word in English, yet at once it's utilized generously in Spanish). Venture onto one yourself and you'll see the reason why.
A crowd of people enjoying at the Coños balcony
A crowd of people enjoying at the Coños balcony
"WOW! Just looked it up on Google maps. Gotta add Ronda, Spain to my go to list! Thanks!"
_HeraAgathon (Reddit)
"I love this particular view of the place. Most views are just of the bridge taken from below which makes it look like it's in the middle of nowhere. And then you look above and are like "oh. hello, city.""
"On the hidden side in the ravine, behind that large building, halfway down there is a restaurant. From the terrace the view is awesome, and food was also quite good. Basically anywhere in the city the food was great."
_Dukatka (Reddit)
"You can really understand why it's called the City of Dreams. Such a beautiful place, I feel grateful to have been able to visit."
_JingleJangleJung (Reddit)
"The drive to get there from the coast is one of the most beautiful and scary I have ever taken. We saw several vehicles off the road, partway down cliffs, that obviously failed to make the sharp turns. The town was worth the trip!"
_MapsOfAstronomics (Reddit)

People Also Ask

Is Ronda Spain Worth Visiting?

Ronda is a memorable town with emotional history additionally known to be the origin of bullfighting. In any case, nowadays it offers significantly more laid-back air with incredible climbing open doors, loads of touring as well as extraordinary eateries and tapas bars. Ronda is perhaps the most established town in Spain

What Is Ronda Spain Known For?

Ronda is known to be the origination of bullfighting. Inherent 1785 by a similar designer who constructed the Puente Nuevo("New Bridge" in English), it can have 5,000 observers. Probably the best matador in Spain established the bullfighting school of Ronda

Is Ronda A Good Place To Live?

Assuming that you are thinking about a transition to the Malaga region and need to live in a socially rich climate, away from the ex-pat life of the Costa del Sol, a transition to Ronda is an extraordinary decision. There is something about Ronda that stirs enthusiasm in everybody that visits.
Fond of some beautiful landscapes, we have more like this diamond beachor this Iranian pointwhere the forest meets the desert.


In the event that you are simply needing to visit the actual town, Ronda Spain, 2 entire days are all that could possibly be needed. If you have any desire to see more towns and investigate the region via vehicle then there is a lot to do. The train ride down to Algeciras merits the outing for the view, albeit not much to see in Algeciras.
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