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Qatari Fans Were Caught Snapping Pics Of Former Miss Croatia At The World Cup

Qatari fans were caught snapping pics of former Miss Croatia at the world cup. Former Miss Croatia, whose name is Ivana Knöll, posted a picture of the scene on Instagram on Saturday. The model was wearing a red and white checkered top and leggings during Croatia's first match against Morocco.

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Qatari fans were caught snapping pics of former Miss Croatia at the world cup.Former Miss Croatia, whose name is Ivana Knöll, posted a picture of the scene on Instagram on Saturday. The model was wearing a red and white checkered top and leggings during Croatia's first match against Morocco.
People wearing pride colors have reportedly been prevented from getting into stadiums. One of the rules said that you had to cover your shoulders and knees.
But when a former Miss Croatia wore skimpy clothes to a stadium, no one said anything or tried to get her kicked out. Even though no one said anything, it is now being reported that the way she dressed caused a stir among the locals. But that's not what this story is about.
At the stadium, some smiling Qatari fans were seen ogling and taking photos of Knoll. On the other hand, fans had different ideas about what happened, but a well-known local said that the people who took pictures of the model did so because they didn't like what she was wearing.
She drew the attention of many local fans, as seen by the images that circulated online. One of the photographs that went online showed some happy fans photographing the model as she moved down the stands. Mr. Al-Jefairi defended what the men did and said:
Just for your info they take a photo not because they like her but because they don't like the way she is mis-dressed on regards to our culture. You can confirm this with any local Qatari Probably to report it- Mr. Al-tweet Jefairi
But his defense didn't convince many people online. Someone said we should admit that Qatari men aren't perfect. Another user made a joke that the guy who was caught taking pictures of the former Miss Croatia has a wife waiting at home with a hammer.
Ivana stated that if the Qatari clothing code had been imposed on her choices, she would have been very upset.
First I was thinking if the World Cup is happening there, they for sure will allow everything to make it comfortable for all fans without any of their restrictions. Then I heard about the rules and I was shocked. In the dress code, you're forbidden from showing your shoulders, knees, belly and neck. I was like 'omg I don’t even have clothes covering that at all.'- Former Miss Croatia, Ivana Knöll
She added: "I was super angry because if I'm not a Muslim and if we in Europe respect hijab and niqab, I think they need also to respect our way of life, our religion and in the end me wearing dresses, bikinis because I'm Catholic from Croatia who is here because of the World Cup."
Miss Croatia claimed that the locals had assured her that she could wear anything she pleased. Later, she added: "The whole country is speaking about it. Everybody knows me here, and I saw that I was accepted. I was never afraid to be arrested to be what I am. And if that deserves to be arrested, then arrest me."

Who Is Ivana Knöll?

Ivana Knöll was born on September 16, 1992, and is a model, Instagram star, and TikTok star from Croatia. She is best known for cheering on the Croatian soccer team at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. After the start of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, her name came up again.
Since she was a child, she has wished to be a model. According to media accounts, Knoll earned her elementary education at Yangon American International School.
She then enrolled at and graduated from Sveuilitete u Rijeci or the University of Rijeka. She began her modeling career at a young age. She is currently an established model and online star. She is a lovely girl with a great and cool personality in terms of body dimensions and physical attractiveness.
Ivana Knöll stands around 5 feet, 11 inches tall, and weighs approximately 58 kg. She is in good health and has a beautiful body shape. Her hair is black, and her eyes are brown. Knoll supports herself through her professional modeling career and apparel businesses. As a result, her net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

Final Thoughts

Reports said that Knoll made a lot of noise during the group stage matches by showing up in the stands in interesting clothes. But when asked about what she was wearing, she said she knew the rules about modesty in Qatar. The present laws in Qatar state that, in addition to extremely high fines, infractions of the dress code might result in prison time.
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