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Putin Meets With African Leaders To Discuss Ukraine Peace Plan

In a high-profile diplomatic effort, Putin meets with African leaders to discuss Ukraine peace plan. The meeting aimed to gather support and engage African countries in finding a resolution to the crisis.

Author:Raven Noir
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Jun 19, 202346.3K Shares701.9K Views
In a high-profile diplomatic effort, Putin meets with African leaders to discuss Ukraine peace plan. The meeting aimed to gather support and engage African countries in finding a resolution to the crisis.
However, despite the diplomatic efforts, the discussions concluded with no visible progress toward resolving the Ukraineconflict.
Putin meets with African leaders to discuss Ukraine's peace plan. The presidents of Comoros, Senegal, South Africa, and Zambia, as well as Egypt's prime minister and senior envoys from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda, visited Ukraine in an effort to help end the nearly 16-month-old conflict.
The meeting between President Putin and African leaders took place in Russia and focused on finding a peaceful resolution to the Ukraine crisis. The discussions were held against the backdrop of an escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine, marked by territorial disputes and heightened tensions.
The involvement of African leaders indicated an attempt to gather international support for Russia's position and potentially explore diplomatic avenues to end the conflict.
After the three-hour meeting, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that the Africans' peace plan consisted of ten elements, but "was not formulated on paper."
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said:
The peace initiative proposed by African countries is very difficult to implement, difficult to compare positions, But President Putin has shown interest in considering it. He spoke about our position. Not all provisions can be correlated with the main elements of our position, but this does not mean that we do not need to continue working.- Dmitry Peskov
Lavrov said:
The main conclusion, in my opinion, from today’s conversation is that our partners from the African Union have shown an understanding of the true causes of the crisis that was created by the West, and have shown an understanding that it is necessary to get out of this situation on the basis of addressing these underlying causes.- Sergey Lavrov
Despite the meeting and the expressed concerns of African leaders, no visible progress was achieved in terms of finding a concrete resolution to the Ukraine conflict. This indicates that the talks ended without any significant breakthrough or agreement on a peace plan.
The challenges involved in resolving the conflict, such as differing geopolitical interests, complex historical factors, and entrenched positions, likely contributed to the lack of progress.
The conflict in Ukraine involves multiple stakeholders and globalpowers, making it a highly intricate issue. The diverging interests of various countries and the complexities of the conflict itself make reaching a consensus a difficult task.
Furthermore, the report suggests that the meeting might have been more symbolic than substantive, as the primary focus was to engage African leaders and demonstrate Russia's diplomatic outreach.


Putin meets with African leaders to discuss Ukraine peace plan. This showcased diplomatic efforts to engage international stakeholders in finding a resolution to the conflict. While the talks provided an opportunity for African leaders to express their concerns and support for Ukraine, no visible progress was made towards ending the conflict.
The complex nature of the conflict and the diverging interests of involved parties continue to pose significant challenges to achieving a peaceful resolution. The meeting served as a platform for diplomatic engagement, but substantial efforts will be required to make meaningful progress in resolving the Ukraine crisis.
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