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Pro B Fresh Reviews - Should You Try It Or Not?

Pro-B Fresh is a chewable probiotic supplement for your teeth that is made with specific probiotic strains to improve dental health. People have used it, let's check some of Pro B Fresh reviews.

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Reviewer:Dr. Felix Chaosphere
Dec 30, 2022122 Shares2.2K Views
Pro-B Fresh is a chewable probiotic supplement for your teeth that is made with specific probiotic strains to improve dental health. People have used it, let's check some of Pro B Fresh reviews.
A product like this is said to help those who are prone to cavities or who have poor brushing and flossing practices prevent the need for fillings, crowns, root canals, and other extra surgery brought on by cavities and gum disease.
You can determine if this supplement is a good strategy for you to safeguard your teeth and gums from disease by reading this review, which will explain how it functions.
Pro-B Fresh comes in bottles of 30 capsules each. You can either chew one capsule or dissolve it in water to take one daily. The components in each tablet you consume coat your tongue, gums, and teeth, whether you chew it or dissolve it.

Do Dental Probiotics ACTUALLY Work? 🤔

Ingredients - How Effective Are They?

The following active components and flavorings are present in every chewable form of Pro-B Fresh:
  • Paracasei, L.
  • Leuterotrophus acidophilus.
  • Salivarius L
  • Peppermint.
  • Spearmint.
The first four elements are "probiotics," which are in charge of preserving health in various bodily sections. Probiotics are probably associated with your digestive system, but oral health is a new field of study for them.

Pro B Reviews

Check out some of the Pro B Fresh reviews:
Jade W. says, "I ordered it in 2020 and to date I never received it. The funnything is the advert that pops on my screen while watching YouTube this morning August, 17th 2022, was showing one of my sister's YouTube content as part of their advertisement. Called her the wrong name and the wrong location too. I know you will be caught one day. Thieves."
Elizabeth says, "I would not buy this product and I haven’t even received it yet. They charged me an expediting fee of over $10.00 that I did not choose and did not show on my receipt after I bought the product. Not only was that charge taken out of my account, but a fee of $1.31 was on my bill with no explanation next to it what it was for. Horrible sneaky company."
Christa A, "I sadly can't give a review on this product as I never received it! The company is telling me to chase them up and are refusing to give me a refund until I have done so. I gave them a ref number from the post office of a formal complaint that I made about never receiving them, this should have been enough as proof but this wasn't enough for them! They should be chasing this order up for me, this is terrible customer service, do not order from them. Very poor customer service!"

People Also Ask

Do Pro Biotics Help Bad Breath?

The number of bacteria that caused bad breath was significantly reduced in 85% of those who took the probiotic.

What Are The Signs That Probiotics Are Working?

  • Fewer stomach aches.
  • Increased frequency of defecation.
  • Reduced bloating.
  • Enhanced slumber.
  • Improved mood, recall, and mental clarity.

How Long Do Pro Biotics Take To Work?

When taking probiotics for the first time, most people require two to three weeks to notice any real advantages.


The ingredients in Pro-B Fresh have some scientific evidence behind them. In several different tests, they’ve shown they can help reduce your symptoms resulting from gingivitis and periodontal diseases. But after these Pro B Fresh reviews, you might not want to try it.
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