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President Obama Kept These Lucky Charms In His Pocket During His Campaign

President Obama kept these lucky charms in his pocket during his campaign, he revealed this in an interview with Youtube personalities.

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President Obama kept these lucky charms in his pocket during his campaign. The former president told three YouTube stars about this in 2016 during separate interviews.
One of his interviewers had asked him ahead of time to bring something important to talk about.
He stated that reaching inside his pocket can be helpful when he is feeling exhausted or disheartened.
Snapshot of the interview video in which Obama was showing his lucky charm to Youtube interviewer
Snapshot of the interview video in which Obama was showing his lucky charm to Youtube interviewer
When he's having a difficult day, he reminds himself that he can overcome anything.
If I feel tired, or I feel discouraged sometimes, I can kind of reach into my pocket and say yeah, that's something I can overcome, because somebody gave me this privilege to work on these issues that are going to affect them. I better get back to work.
During separate conversations with three different YouTube personalities Ingrid Nilsen, Adande Thorne, and Destin Sandlin the president revealed the information to the public.
A request had been made in advance by one of his interviewers for Barack Obama to bring a significant item and talk about it during the interview.

Lucky Charms Of Obama

President Obama kept these lucky charms in his pocket during his campaign. When asked, Obama pulled quite the assortment from the right pocket of his pants including:
  • Rosary beads from Pope Francis.
  • A tiny Buddha.
  • A metal poker chip that he said came from a bald biker with a handlebar mustache that he met in Iowa in 2007.
  • A Coptic cross from Ethiopia.
  • And a statuette of the Hindu god Hanuman.
Obama said,
I carry these around all the time. I'm not that superstitious, so it's not like I think I necessarily have to have them on me at all times.
Obama told Ingrid Nilsen of LA, "but I'll pick out a few remind me of all the people I've met along the way and the stories they told me."
Obama possesses an excessive amount of mementos for him to be able to carry all of them around with him.
On the website for sharing videos, you can find her under the alias "Missglamorazzi."
Rosary beads, metal poker chip, hindu God hanuman, and the coptic cross in a man's hands
Rosary beads, metal poker chip, hindu God hanuman, and the coptic cross in a man's hands

More About The Interview

The interviews were conducted as part of an ongoing campaign by the White House to reach a variety of audiences and maintain discussion of topics brought up in the State of the Union address that took place on Tuesday.
Adande Thorne, a fan of video games who lives in Orlando, Florida, and goes by the online handle "sWooZie," and Destin Sandlin, a resident of Alabama who is interested in science and creates educational videos, were the other two individuals who interviewed Obama.
Sandlin, who stated that he worked in a civilian capacity for the Department of Defense, posed a question to Obama regarding the properties of "Obamium," a made-up material that was supposedly named after him.
President Obama photoshopped portrait
President Obama photoshopped portrait
Obama said,
I would want it to be stable, I would want it to be a catalyst, but one that didn't get too hot or too cold, and hopefully, it would be one that was useful to humanity, that we could actually use and wasn't just some shiny object.
President Obama has stated that "The Martian," starring Matt Damon, was his favorite movie of 2016.
The new "Star Wars" movie, "The Force Awakens," has not yet been watched by him.
When "sWooZie" asked President Obama who he thought would win a rap duel between the rappers Drake and Kendrick Lamar, the president selected Lamar as the victor.
He described Drake as an "excellent entertainer," but he believed that Kendrick Lamar's album "To Pimp a Butterfly" was the finest one released in 2016.
The previous year, President Obama lauded Kendrick Lamar's song "How Much a Dollar Costs."

Obama Reveals Lucky Charms During Interview

A Reddit userChunkyTaco22 said, "That's a bit of a collection and I bet each one has meaning to him, probably from someone important. Neat af"
Reddit user Googar said, "I been listening to him read his book and he mentioned that he kept gifts from people wishing him luck and he had like, a shitload, and every morning he would select like 5 of them to carry with him to remind him of the people he represented and maybe to bring luck."


President Obama kept these lucky charms in his pocket during his campaign and the former president stated that he always took the gifts with him everywhere he went since they served as a constant reminder of the trust that people had placed in him to work on matters that were important to them.
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