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Police Officer Arrested A Minor For Making Fake Parking Tickets To Collect Money

A police officer arrested a minor for making fake parking tickets to collect money. According to the investigation, the 19-year-old is putting bogus fines on parked cars along the beach in Santa Cruz, California. The fake tickets had a QR code that the people who got them could scan to pay the fake fines.

Author:Raven Noir
Reviewer:Morgan Maverick
Dec 29, 2022
A police officer arrested a minor for making fake parking tickets to collect money. According to the investigation, the 19-year-old is putting bogus fines on parked cars along the beach in Santa Cruz, California. The fake tickets had a QR code that the people who got them could scan to pay the fake fines.
A quick response (QR) code is a sort of barcode that can be read by a digital device such as a cell phone. Damian Vela of Watsonville, California, was the culprit of the false parking ticket.
The teen was accused of unauthorized computer usage and attempted fraud. According to investigators, evidence for this swindle was discovered in his vehicle. In contrast, Vela reportedly denied receiving any payments when the police spoke with him on Thursday, according to a department press statement.
Investigators have no idea how many counterfeit dollars the adolescent placed in the cars or how many victims were able to pay for the fake tickets. The local authority also posted their discovery on social media. They captioned:
If you’ve received a parking ticket recently, check the fine print. Santa Cruz Police arrested a suspect for recently issuing fraudulent parking tickets in the city.- Santa Cruz Police
When a driver parks in an unapproved or restricted place, they commit a parking offense. The majority of parking violations are the consequence of a driver's inexperience.

Parking Violations To Avoid

Parking violations come in a variety of forms. Always obey the parking restrictions before parking your automobile to prevent parking violation fines and other punitive measures such as having your car taken away at your own expense. Here are some of the various sorts of parking violations to be aware of.

Double Parking

Double parking is a traffic infringement classified as a parking violation. It happens when one vehicle parallels another vehicle parked near a curb. Other drivers are inconvenienced by double parking, especially in an emergency.
When a route has only one lane, double parking might obstruct traffic movement. Avoid double parking at all costs because it just serves to inconvenience other law-abiding residents. It also results in a fine.

Parking In Handicap Spots

Handicapped parking spaces are designated for those with disabilities. To park in a handicapped slot, at least one of the people within the vehicle must be disabled. A permit and a sticker confirming that you are permitted to park in a handicapped space are also required.
If you are not handicapped and no one in your vehicle is, avoid parking in handicapped spaces. Illegally parked in a handicapped parking area is punishable by a substantial fine. If you abuse the permit, you may be penalized. A handicapped parking permit cannot be used unless the permit holder is present in the vehicle.

Parking Without A Zone Permit

Parking zones are limited or designated for usage by residents living nearby in certain regions, primarily residential. A mandatory fee is imposed if you park your car in a residential zoned parking space without the proper zone permit.

Parking On A Fire Lane Or Near A Fire Hydrant

If you park in a fire lane, you will be fined and your vehicle will be towed. These zones are identified by yellow slashed lines and signs. Parking within ten feet of a fire hydrant or along a painted curb should be avoided. Because emergencies can happen at any time, parking in a fire lane or within 10 feet of a fire hydrant is a significant parking offense that will result in a large fine.

Parking On A Sidewalk

Parking on a sidewalk is illegal since sidewalks are intended for pedestrians and, in some situations, bikes. Parking on a sidewalk forces pedestrians to abandon the guaranteed safety of a walkway and wind up on the roadway.

Final Words

This case is the most recent report of a parking ticket scam. In recent years, police agencies across the country, including Washington, D.C., Pensacola, Florida, and Jefferson City, Missouri, have urged drivers to be aware of parking ticket frauds. Scams can entail email or text messages, as well as the type of false tickets discovered on cars in Santa Cruz.
In 2017, Christopher Elliott, a consumer advocate and author of "How to Be the World's Smartest Traveler," told CBS MoneyWatch that technologies such as handheld printers make parking scams simpler to perpetrate and that drivers should be cautious.
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