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Police Are Not Looking For Suspects In The AquaDom’s Terrorizing Explosion

The police are not looking for suspects in the aquadom’s terrorizing explosion on Friday. When the Radisson Blu hotel exploded, a million liters of saltwater leaked out and flooded the hotel and the streets around it. Hundreds of fish were killed, and two people were hurt as a result of falling glass.

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The police are not looking for suspects in the aquadom’s terrorizing explosionon Friday. When the Radisson Blu hotel exploded, a million liters of saltwater leaked out and flooded the hotel and the streets around it. Hundreds of fish were killed, and two people were hurt as a result of falling glass.
A police source told local newsoutlets that there was no evidence that the explosion in the 52-foot-high aquarium was the result of a planned attack. They have also used social media to disprove a tweet from a fake account that asks the public for help finding suspects in the case.
A tweet from the official account of the Berlin Police Department states that they firmly disassociate themselves from the fabricated post and have requested that individuals refrain from sharing it further. There has been some conjecture that the cold temperatures, which dipped to as low as negative 6C overnight on Friday, may have produced a break in the tank, which led to the explosion that occurred. The inquiry into the actual cause of the incident is still underway.
Here's a photo taken after the terrifying explosion at the Aquadome. The photo shows that there was a lot of debris on the ground. There are also officials outside the building who are looking into the cause of the explosion.
Officials are walking outside the establishment
Officials are walking outside the establishment
Senator for the Interior in Berlin, Iris Spranger, said that the first signs point to "material fatigue" as the cause. Reynolds Polymer Technology, a US company that helped develop the tank, says it will send a team to look into the leak but that it is too early to say what caused it.
Moreover, the explosion killed the majority of the 1,500 fish maintained in the aquarium, although some of them made it out alive and were transported. The power outage that followed the event put hundreds more fish held in the basement for breeding purposes at risk, but they have since all been relocated to safety. Help for Animals in Need, an animal rights group, has started an online petition against the building of a new aquarium.
Mayor Franziska Giffey said the tank released a "virtual tsunami" of water, but the early morning timing saved many lives. One of the witnesses stated:
I only heard a very loud noise and saw that the big aquarium had broken. Then I looked outside and saw that there was a lot of furniture lying on the street and then I realized that the aquarium had burst and things had been dragged out. [But] despite all the destruction, we were still very lucky,- Mayor Franziska Giffey

Giant Aquarium In Berlin With 1,500 Fish Collapse

Giant Berlin hotel aquarium with 1,500 fish explodes - BBC News

YouTube users expressed mixed emotions about the incident. One comment said: One comment said: "The amount of structural engineering that goes into making one of these things is eye-watering. Just one tiny mistake over time can cascade into something like this happening. So many beautiful fish gone too."
The second comment reads:
This aquarium was truly a magnificent piece of engineering. I stayed at the Radisson several years ago in a room which aligned with the top of the tank. Not thinking one morning, I flung open the curtains, naked as a new born babe, only to be looking eye to eye with a diver cleaning the inside of the tank. The things those divers must have seen over the years!- Richard Hunter, Youtube user
The third comment said:
Being subjected to such a sudden drop in temperature would've been a real shock! One report said that - 10C temps overnight may have caused the tank to crack. Apparently some fish in the bottom of the tank have survived along with some of those that ended up in the basement!- Stevie-Ray

Final Words

According to Berlin's fire department, the water caused two minor injuries due to glass cuts, as well as damage to the hotel that has yet to be assessed. The explosion at the aquarium caused a flood that spread to Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse, one of the busiest streets in the German city. The building has now been confirmed safe by inspectors.
Sea Life Berlin's official website said the following:
Due to the recently reported incident in regards to the AquaDom, SEA LIFE Berlin is unfortunately temporarily closed. You can reschedule your online tickets here (free of charge). We ask for your understanding and will announce as soon as we are open again.- Sea Life Berlin
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