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Pokimane is not only known for her gaming content but also for her collaborations with other content creators and her IRL (In Real Life) streams, where she shares aspects of her everyday life. Find out more about Pokimane onlyfans, career, net worth and how she’s living the dream!

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Imane Anys, known online as Pokimane, is a popular content creator and streamer. Pokimane is best known for her presence on platforms like Twitch and YouTube, where she engages with her audience through live streams and video content. She gained widespread popularity for her entertaining and interactive gaming streams, where she plays a variety of games.
Pokimane is not only known for her gaming content but also for her collaborations with other content creators and her IRL (In Real Life) streams, where she shares aspects of her everyday life. Find out more about Pokimane onlyfans, career, net worth and how she’s living the dream!

Quick Info About Pokimane

Full NameImane Anys
Date Of BirthMay 14, 1996
Date Of BirthMorocco

Pokimane Early Life And Education

Pokimane, whose real name is Imane Anys, was born on May 14, 1996, in Morocco. She later moved to Canada, where she spent much of her childhood and received her education. Details about her early life, family, and education have not been extensively disclosed by Pokimane, as she tends to keep her personal life relatively private.
Pokimane began her online presence by creating content on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Her rise to fame came through her engaging and entertaining livestreams, where she played video games and interacted with her audience. Over time, she became one of the most popular and recognizable personalities in the online gaming and streaming community.
While specific information about her educational background is not widely available, it is known that Pokimane attended McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. However, she has not publicly disclosed details about her field of study or the degree she pursued.
It's worth noting that Pokimane has spoken about the challenges of balancing her education with her growing online career, and she eventually made the decision to focus more on content creation. Keep in mind that details about her personal life are limited, as she values her privacy.

Career Of Pokimane

Pokimane wearing a black t-shirt
Pokimane wearing a black t-shirt
Pokimane, whose real name is Imane Anys, has had a successful career as a content creator, streamer, and online personality. Here's an overview of her career:
  • Twitch and Streaming -Pokimane gained prominence primarily through the live streaming platform Twitch. She began streaming in 2013, initially playing the game "League of Legends." Over the years, she diversified her content, playing various games and engaging with her audience through live chat.
  • YouTube Content -In addition to Twitch, Pokimane has a significant presence on YouTube. She creates content such as highlights from her Twitch streams, vlogs, and other videos. Her YouTube channel has millions of subscribers.
  • Gaming and Collaborations -Pokimane is known for her involvement in the gaming community. She has played a variety of games, including "League of Legends," "Fortnite," "Valorant," and "Among Us." She has collaborated with other popular streamers and content creators, contributing to the collaborative and social aspects of online gaming.
  • Social Media -Pokimane is active on various social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram, where she connects with her fans, shares updates about her life, and promotes her content.
  • Offline Ventures -Beyond online content creation, Pokimane has explored other ventures. She has been involved in sponsorships, partnerships, and endorsements with various brands. Additionally, she has participated in events and conventions related to gaming and online content creation.
  • McMaster University -While pursuing her career as a content creator, Pokimane attended McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. She has mentioned in interviews that she faced challenges balancing her education with her growing online presence, ultimately deciding to focus more on her content creation career.

Pokimane Car Collection

Pokimane features an intriguing assortment of automobiles, including:
Mercedes-Benz G-Class$370,000 USD
Audi Q2s$80,000 USD
Jaguar I-Pace$150,000 USD
Porsche Cayenne $260,000 USD

Pokimane's Watch Collection

Pokimane uses her massive Twitch and YouTube earnings to purchase a brand-new, high-end watch every few months. The following list includes a handful of Pokimane's timepieces.
Louis Vuitton $90,000 USD
Breitling $45,000 USD
Bremont $19,000 USD
Tiffany & Co. $15,000 USD

Pokimane Net Worth 2023

Pokimane's net worth is projected to be at USD 27 million as of 2023. The 27-year-old began his career as a Twitch broadcaster before moving on to create content for other platforms.
Pokimane Net Worth in 2023$27 Million
Pokimane Net Worth in 2022$21 Million
Pokimane Net Worth in 2021$19 Million
Pokimane Net Worth in 2020$17 Million
Pokimane Net Worth in 2019$16 Million
Pokimane Net Worth in 2018$15 Million

Sources Of Income

Pokimane taking a photo
Pokimane taking a photo
Pokimane's primary sources of revenue are her Twitch exclusivity deal, YouTube channels, contributions, products, and sponsorships. The streamer has her own talent management firm,, collaborates with the gaming apparel brand Cloak, and has made other unidentified investments over the years that have only helped to boost her earnings.


Pokimane first agreed to a two-year exclusive deal with Twitch in 2020, and she then said that she would extend it until early 2022. Although Pokimane's contract details are unknown, considering her popularity on Twitch, rumors suggest that it is a multi-million dollar agreement.
To discourage huge payments, Pokimane put a $5 donation restriction on her Twitch broadcasts in 2022. Her current estimated monthly revenue from clients is around $25,000. Pokimane is also a part of the esteemed Partner program on the site. She may augment her income via this program from a number of sources, such as sponsorships and advertising money.


The Pokimane channel has over 800k views per month, according to Social Blade. It produces between USD 3.4k and USD 54.3k annually, or between USD 283 and USD 4.5k a month. To far, the channel has had over 400 million views.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Pokimane is the creative director and co-founder of the gaming apparel brand Cloak, a co-founder of the wildly successful content studio OfflineTV, and the proprietor of her own talent management firm,
Additionally, she has established a fund for students participating in the esportsprogram at UC Irvine. But none of her three sources of income have been disclosed to the public. Additionally, according to, Pokimane earned over $36k from 12 events throughout her Esports career. Since 2021, she has not taken part in any tournaments.

Other Endeavors

Throughout her career, Pokimane has had several offers of partnerships and sponsorship contracts. The streamer is excellent at making material, but she has declined to sign most of it. It was not in her best interest to accept a $3 million sponsorship offer, so she turned it down. At the moment, she has exclusive agreements with Postmates, HyperX, CashApp, NZXT, and HyperX.

Pokimane Expenditure

Pokimane smiling
Pokimane smiling
Pokimane mostly uses her revenue for her streaming company. on a recent interview, Pokimane said that she invests around $240,000 annually on her staff, as per YouTuber Graham Stephan. A group of video editors, an investment specialist, a business manager, a social media assistant, a talent agent, and a general manager make up this team.

Pokimane Onlyfans

Pokimane taking a sexy picture
Pokimane taking a sexy picture
Although Imane "Pokimane" Anys maintains that she has no interest in opening an OnlyFans account, the well-known streamer has recently acknowledged that she has given the idea some thought, candidly talking about the enormous amount of money she thinks it would bring in.
Several well-known Twitch broadcasters, such as Corinna Kopft, Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa, and Natalia "Alinity" Mogollon, have amassed substantial wealth using OnlyFans. Amouranth said explicitly that she makes up to $1.5 million a month from OnlyFans alone before quitting the adult video industry.

Pokimane's Boyfriend's Timeline

Owing to her enormous popularity, Pokimane has often been the focus of debates and gossip. One subject that never fails to ignite conjecture among her devoted following is her love life.
There have been rumors that she has been in several romances, despite her unwillingness to discuss personal connections. She has a brief dating history because of her reputation for leading a quiet life. Everything you need to know about Pokimane's dating history is provided here. A few of the connections are only conjectures.


The American Twitch streamer and YouTuber Fedmyster was said to be dating the Twitch broadcaster. In response to rumors circulating about Fedmyster, she accused him of harassing women. She warned that the man would disclose their relationship to his buddies. Despite Fedmyster's claims to the contrary, the two were never together.


The rumors that her lover was Twitch streamer Hasan Abi were supported by a lot of memes. But Pokimane rejected the notion, calling it repulsive. She constantly had to respond to rumors that she was involved in romantic relationships. Renowned political analyst and Twitch broadcaster HasanAbi. In the past, he has contributed columns to HuffPost and served as a broadcast journalist and producer for The Young Turks.

Meteos Bjergsen

Is Pokimane and Meteos Bjergsen a couple? Online rumors about their relationship were all that existed. In a video, Meteos spoke about their connection and said that while Pokimane is a great guy, they have never been romantically involved.

Cameron McKay (Fitz)

There were rumors that the Twitch broadcaster was dating Fitz, also known as GoodGuyFitz, Cameron McKay. He is a YouTuber and Twitch broadcaster from New Zealand who is well-known for his humorous gaming videos.
Fitz made a lighthearted remark about their rumored connection on Twitter, which sparked further remarks about him dating the Twitch celebrity. Pokimane had to set the record straight over a drama that was intended to be a jest.

Kevin Kim

Pokimane briefly showed off a guy seated next to her during one of her live feeds; he purposefully avoided looking into the camera. Fans speculated that it may be Kevin Kim, a friend of Pokimane's who has often appeared in her broadcasts and is said to be her lover, even though she didn't reveal his identify.
Rather than confirming or refuting the rumors, Pokimane and Kevin voiced their uneasiness with nameless persons inquiring about their personal life when they were questioned about their relationship status. Despite their reaction, a lot of fans persisted in wanting them to be together, and the video gave her supporters new hope that they may be romantically involved.

Less Known Facts About Pokimane

Pokimane having fun
Pokimane having fun
  • Gaming Beginnings -Pokimane's gaming journey started with a Nintendo 64, and "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" was one of the first games she played.
  • Economics Background -Before diving into content creation, she initially pursued a degree in chemical engineering but later switched to a major in economics.
  • Early Alias -She used to go by the username "Pokelawls" when she first started her online gaming ventures.
  • Early Twitch Days -In the early days of her Twitch career, she sometimes streamed under a blanket due to shyness.
  • Love for Animals -Pokimane is an animal lover and has a cat named Mimi. She occasionally shares moments with Mimi on her social media.
  • First Game Console -Her first-ever game console was a PlayStation 1, a gift from her parents.
  • Fitness Enthusiast -She has expressed an interest in fitness and has occasionally shared snippets of her workout routines.
  • Canada's Sweetheart -In 2020, Pokimane was awarded the title of "Canada's Sweetheart" by the Canadian Gaming Awards.
  • Artistic Talents -Pokimane has shown her artistic side by sharing drawings and doodles on her social media accounts.
  • Tech Savvy -She built her own gaming PC, showcasing both her gaming and technical skills.
  • Book Recommendations -Pokimane has recommended various books to her audience, spanning different genres.
  • Favorite Cuisine -Sushi is one of her favorite foods, and she has occasionally shared her sushi cravings on social media.
  • Voice Acting -Pokimane did a voice acting cameo in the animated series "RWBY" by Rooster Teeth.
  • Hidden Talent -She can play the piano and has shared short clips of her playing on social media.
  • YouTube Origins -Pokimane's first YouTube channel, "Pokimane," was created in 2011. It features her early content, including vlogs and gaming videos.

Pokimane Controversies

  • DMCA Takedowns -In 2020, Pokimane, along with many other content creators, faced challenges related to Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedowns on Twitch. Several streamers, including Pokimane, received copyright strikes for using unlicensed musicin their streams. This led to discussions within the streaming community about the impact of DMCA regulations on content creation.
  • Donation Cap -In 2020, Pokimane announced that she would be putting a cap on the amount of money viewers could donate to her during a single stream. This decision sparked discussions about the culture of large donations on Twitch and the potential impact on both content creators and their viewers.

Pokimane Onlyfans - FAQs

How Did Pokimane Get Into Content Creation?

Pokimane started creating content on YouTube and later gained popularity through her Twitch livestreams, showcasing her gaming and interactive content.

Does Pokimane Have Artistic Talents?

Yes, Pokimane Has Shown Her Artistic Side By Sharing Drawings And Doodles On Her Social Media Accounts.

What Awards Has Pokimane Won?

In 2020, Pokimane was awarded the title of "Canada's Sweetheart" by the Canadian Gaming Awards.


In conclusion, Pokimane, also known as Imane Anys, is a popular content creator and streamer known for her engaging live streams on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Born in Morocco and later moving to Canada, Pokimane has built a successful career through her entertaining gaming content, collaborations with other creators, and her active presence on social media.
While she has achieved widespread popularity, Pokimane has also faced challenges and controversies, such as issues related to DMCA takedowns and decisions like implementing a donation cap on her Twitch streams. Despite any controversies, her impact on the gaming and streaming community remains significant.
Pokimane's personal life, including details about her relationships, is kept private, as she values a certain level of privacy. For the latest information on Pokimane's career, personal life, and any recent developments, it's recommended to check her official social media accounts and channels.
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