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Poketwo - A Discord Pokemon Game Bot Designed Just Like The Original Pokecord

Pokétwo gives Discord access to the Pokémon world. Catch Pokémon that spawn at random on your servers, trade them to grow your collection, engage in competitive battles with friends to earn rewards, and more. all open source and free to play.

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Pokétwo givesDiscord access to the Pokémon world. Catch Pokémon that spawn at random on your servers, trade them to grow your collection, engage in competitive battles with friends to earn rewards, and more. all open source and free to play.
Users can take advantage of playing Pokemon on the platform thanks to a fun Discord bot named Poketwo.
It is a bot that enables you to catch Pokemon that happen to randomly arrive on your servers. The competition to see who can catch that Pokemon first can then be set up between you and other players on your server.
PokeTwo, a Pokemon gaming bot for Discord, was developed to emulate the first Pokecord (RIP).
It is the closest thing to Pokecord although MewBot and PokeMeow are more of their own things. If you know how to play Pokecord, PokeTwo is virtually ready for you.
Perhaps the coolest aspect of the Poketwo bot is its capacity to simulate Pokemon battles on Discord. You can choose three Pokemon to battle against the three Pokemon of another trainer, just like in real life.
These battles contain animated graphics that change according to the Pokemon you are using, unlike other Discord games. Let's read the post to find out how to set up the Poketwo Discord Bot, use its commands, and use it to play Poketwo.
Screenshot of PokeTwo website
Screenshot of PokeTwo website


Catch & Collect Pokemon

Pokemon will sporadically appear when you speak in your server. Join a competition with other server users to see who can get it first!
Continue catching to grow your collection and advance toward finishing the Pokédex. Catch rare, legendary, and mythological Pokémon to impress your friends!

Sell And Trade Pokémon

Want a rare Pokémon bad enough? Trying to expand your own collection? Anywhere, at any moment, you can trade with other gamers!
On the international market, where a wide range of Pokémon are constantly added, you may also purchase and sell.

Compete Against Pokémon

Bring together your three strongest Pokémon and engage in a tactical and skill-based battle with other trainers.
With colourful, editable visuals, the bot supports 3v3 Pokémon battles utilising actual Pokémon game moves.
The Poketwo Discord commands listed below can be used on your servers.

Poketwo Commands

  • Start your Pokemon adventure using p!startto get going.
  • Choose your starting Pokemon with p!pick <Starter Name>.
  • Poketwo Commands are listed when you type p!help.

Commands Relating To Pokemon

  • P!catch, sometimes known asp!c, captures a wild Pokemon as it spawns.
  • Gives a tip about the wild Pokemon with p!hintor p!h.
  • Command p!pokemon indicates the Pokemon's Pokemon Number.
  • Targets the Pokemon in search of a Shiny one using the command "p!shinyhunt ". Your chances of catching a shiny pokemon gradually rise with each new capture of this Pokemon.
  • If the specified conditions are met, p!evolve <Pokemon Name>evolves your pokemon.
  • Set a nickname for your current Pokemon using the command p!nickname <Nickname>.
  • Command p!order <Number|Level|IV|Pokedex>sorts the pokemon in your list in the chosen order. The Pokemon are sorted by number, not by Pokedex number, in the order in which they were captured.
  • Your active Pokemon is set to the number you enter when you type p!select <Pokemon Name>.
  • All of the player's caught and uncaught Pokemon are shown in the p!pokedex.
  • Command p!release <Pokemon Number>releases that Pokemon.
  • Release all of your Pokemon by typing p!release.
  • Command p!unmegarolls back a Mega Evolution. Megas are regarded as primals.
  • Get information on all of your Pokemon with p!info.

Pokemon Fights Against Other Users

  • Battle the User who you @'d with the command p!battle <@User>or p!duel <@User>.
  • Add up to 3 Pokemon for the Battle with the p!battle add <Pokemon Number>command.
  • Command p!battle cancel ends the currently ongoing Battle.
  • Your Pokemon can learn a move from the available ones by using the command "p!learn <Move Name>".
  • Command p!moveinfo <Move Name>displays details regarding a specific move.
  • Displays the current moveset and available moves for your active Pokemon with the command p!moves <Pokemon>.
  • Comamnd p!moveset <Pokemon>shows all of your Pokémon's moves and how to learn them.


  • Command p!auction <channel>switch the channel to the auctions.
  • If the user votes for Poketwo Discord Bot on, p!dailyor p!votewill receive a Mystery Box.
  • If your current Pokemon has embed colours, you can change them with the command p!embedcolor.
  • Command p!eventsearches for information on current events.
  • When viewing a multiple page item, p!nextor p!n& p!backor p!bscroll to the next and previous pages, respectively.
  • Command p!open <normal|great|ultra|master> [amt]opens the boxes with the given amount and rarity (amt).
  • Command p!prefix <value>changes the default command prefix to the value specified by the user.
  • Command p!profileshows the player's profile.
  • Disables level-up notifications on the server with p!seversilence. If you do, the Bot will DM you.
  • Tells the time of day via p!time.

Adding Poketwo To Discord

The Poketwo Discord bot's functionality and functionalities have already been shown. The procedure for adding the bot to Discord will be covered next.
  • Find Poketwo by going to the webpage for the bot or
  • Once you've located the bot, click on it and then choose "Invite."
  • A popup to log into your account will appear. Add your login information for the Discord account that manages the server where the bot will be added.
  • Once logged in, choose the server where you want to add the bot and click "Continue."
  • After reviewing the permissions shown on the screen, click "Authorize."
  • You will receive the "Authorized" message after you have finished the process and the captcha, which will confirm that Poketwo has been added to your server.
  • You are now prepared to begin utilising the bot at this stage.
  • So, launch the desktop version of the Discord programme and go to the server where you created the bot.
  • The p!start command can be used to launch the game.
  • Type the p!help command to view other commands and their descriptions.
  • You'll adore how simple it is to use the Poketwo bot.

Poketwo Discord Bot - Getting Started Guide/Tutorial - Install, Invite, Setup

People Also Ask

Which Is Better Poketwo Or Pokecord?

Poketwo is one of the top Pokemon bots on the market. After the well-known Pokecord bot was shut down, this Pokemon bot gained popularity. Many Pokecord substitutes attempt to deliver a similar experience, but Poketwo is currently the finest.

Does Poketwo Cost Money?

No, PokeTwo is completely free.

How Do You Spawn Pokemon In Poketwo?

To get Pokemon to spawn, say hello in a general chat channel and start a conversation. If you purchase incense, which generates a Pokemon every 20 seconds for an hour, that is the only exception. Play PokeMeow or Myuu if all you want to do is get Pokemon to show up.

What Is The Poketwo Pokemon List?

  • Mew.
  • Celebi.
  • Jirachi.
  • Deoxys.
  • Phione.
  • Manaphy.
  • Darkrai.


One of the numerous Discord servers that people can add to their accounts is poketwo. The Poketwo bot tries to replicate the Pokemon experience for Discord users, allowing them to trade, battle, and catch random Pokemon on their server.
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