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Pigs In A Blanket Aldi - Why Do People Like Them?

Not only is Aldi currently selling a quick and easy version of pigs in a blanket Aldi range in the freezing section, but Aldi's Everything Franks in a Blanket version has been further enhanced

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Jun 05, 202217 Shares544 Views
Not only Aldi is currently selling a quick and easy version of pigs in a blanket Aldirange in the freezing section, but also "Aldi's Everything Franks in a Blanket" version has been further enhanced by adding delicious all-bagel seasonings and crispy shortbread to the product.
The Franks (product) sells for $ 3.99 in a box of about 12 mini dogs.
Many Aldi shoppers were big fans of this item, saying that flaky skins and unique seasonings made delicious snacks.
Many Aldi fans on social media were skeptical that the frozen pigs in blankets were really worth the price, even though they could be easily duplicated at home at a fraction of the cost.
Pigs In A Blanket on a grey surface
Pigs In A Blanket on a grey surface
Popular Instagram account @aldifavoritefinds asked his followers the following questions about pigs in blankets Aldi range, "Everything Frank's in a Blanket $3.99 @aldiusa. Will you grab these or will you grab the ingredients to make them yourself?
"Normally I would grab the frozen ready made item but in this case I would probably just buy the crescent rolls, little cocktail sausages, and Everything bagel seasoning."
This is a viable Aldi hack. In December 2020, three types of bagel seasonings were introduced on Aldi shelves. So you can use them to create a home version of pigs in a blanket.
But not all shoppers were excited about this product. Only a few people are of the opinion that they are really expensive like a follower @leeniliz agreed and posted.
"Cheaper to make my own! Which I've been doing...using mini kielbasa, crescent roll dough and bagel seasoning."
However, some Aldi shoppers felt that blanket-wrapped Apetitos pigs should not be dismissed so lightly.
User @stephanie_ann_h writes, "The crust is a flaky pastry crust!!! Definitely try these before making them yourself! The crust on these is the best part — idk any crescent rolls like these!"
And some, like @ julharakal, have found the convenience of the frozen version of Aldi to be superior. "These were a great in the air fryer too! Definitely easy to make homemade but the ease of this was definitely something I'd buy again for a quick game day snack!"
Pigs In A Blanket served with sauce and green salad on a blue plate
Pigs In A Blanket served with sauce and green salad on a blue plate

Aldi's Announced New Range Of Pigs In A Blanket Aldi Range In 2021

The supermarkets announced the long-awaited pigs in a blanket Aldi whole new range in October 2021.
For 2022, a new range will also be announced but you have to wait for some time. Till then, let's dig into the last year's range and items of Aldi's. So, you can have a better idea of what to expect or what not to.
In 2021 Christmas, "Aldi has gone pig", with an ever-larger range of delicious foods, packed with exciting new merchandise such as stags in quilts and pigs in a blanket, and festive pizzas are back.
The Pigs in Blanket Aldi Range has defeated Yorkshire Pudding and proved to be the number one choice for Christmas ornaments in the country last year.
First, there was Aldi's new award-winning specially selected pig product(£3.99, 456g), which won the "Best Pigs in Blankets" at last year's Quality Food Awards (QFA).
The bite-sized piglet is placed on a "bed" of apple and honey sausage meat, surrounded by a "pillow" of cranberries and covered with a "blanket" of smoked bacon to form a gorgeous turkey side dish.

Happy Little Christmas With Pigs In A Blanket Aldi Range

Aldi's new specially selected stags in a quilt (£2.49, 240g) are made from British venison and pork cranberry tiporata wrapped in plenty of striped British bacon.
The specially selected Honey Glazed Chorizo ​​(£2.49, 170g) wrapped in pancetta, launched on November 26th, 2021, was highly appreciated by the QFA.
The 10 small chorizo ​​piggies are hand-wrapped in a spicy slice of pancetta with a sweet honey glaze.
In response to the popular demand of, the Scorpion Chilli Pigs in Blankets (£1.99, 240g) were introduced which are perfect for anyone who wants to spice up their Christmas dinner.
Aldi launched a specially selected festive pizza with a pig cover (£3.49, 535g) which is also available in stores. Made from Italian sourdough, lovingly hand-stretched by an artisan baker. and baked in a traditional wood-burning oven, pizza is worth the price.
Delicious pizzas include pigs in a blanket with Aldi's signature Romansauce, maple glaze British turkey, garlic and herb-injected British pork, creamy mozzarella cheese, and sweet cranberry sauce.
Pigs In A Blanket served on a light purple plate
Pigs In A Blanket served on a light purple plate
Aldi introduces Specially Selected Pigs in Blankets, which have piglets perched atop an apple and honey meat bed, cranberry pillows, and curled under a smoked blanket.
At this year's Quality Food Awards (QFA), Aldi's NEW Pigs in Blankets received 'Best Pigs in Blankets,' as well as 'Christmas Retailer of the Year.'
Aldi has announced the arrival of three award-winning porky delicacies, Pigs in Blankets, Stags in Quilts, and Chilli Pigs in Blankets, as part of their seasonal food line, starting at £2.29 last year.
Aldi has improved their sausage/pork offering last year, not just wrapping them in a warm blanket, but putting them into a warm bed!

What Can You Expect In The 2022 Aldi Christmas Menu?

After taking into consideration last year's items of Aldi, you can expect something bigger. Aldi never disappoints its customers. NEVER. If you are a customer of Aldi, you know that. Let's just wait together for THAT day when Aldi announces its 2022 menu.
OMG!!! I am hungry.

Where To Buy Pigs In A Blanket?

Well, there are a lot of options, the best pigs in blankets are given below.
  • Aldi pigs in a blanket range
  • Tesco pigs in blankets range
  • m&s pigs in blankets range

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People Also Ask

Do Aldi Sell Pigs In Blankets?

Yes, they sell pigs in a blanket. They offer a whole range of those appetizers like Butcher's Select 12 Pigs In Blankets 222g, Aldi, Stags in Quilts, and Chilli Pigs in Blankets, etc.

Do People Like Pigs In A Blanket Aldi Range?

Yes, but customers are divided. Most of them think they are worth the price while some say you can make them at home at half of the cost.

Is Aldi Christmas Menu 2022 Announced?

No, it is not announced yet. But, will be announced soon.


If you like baking, the pig in the blanket should be relatively fast and easy to recreate in your kitchen, but if you are looking for an appetizer that will make your dinner or date night special, and you don't have the time or skill to make this dish, pigs in a blanket Aldi range may be exactly what you're looking for.
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