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People Jump Into Ocean To Escape Maui Wildfires, Hospitals Overwhelmed And 911 Cut Off

The picturesque landscapes of Maui have transformed into scenes of chaos and desperation as wildfires continue to ravage the island. People jump into ocean to escape Maui wildfires and escape the relentless flames.

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Aug 10, 202318K Shares419.3K Views
The picturesque landscapes of Maui have transformed into scenes of chaos and desperation as wildfires continue to ravage the island. People jump into ocean to escape Maui wildfiresand escape the relentless flames.
The magnitude of the disaster is highlighted by the fact that even emergency services are struggling to respond effectively. The fires, further intensified by the influence of Hurricane Dora, have severed vital communication lines, including the 911 emergency services, leaving residents in a state of isolation and vulnerability.

Communication Breakdown And Overwhelmed Hospitals

Hawaii's Lieutenant Governor, Sylvia Luke, expressed the dire situation succinctly, stating,
911 is down. Cell service is down. Phone service is down.- Sylvia Luke, Hawaii's Lieutenant Governor
The impact on the healthcare system has been profound, as hospitals on Maui are inundated with burn victims and individuals suffering from smoke inhalation. The sheer number of patients has strained the medical resources to their limits, rendering the situation critical.
The devastation extends beyond human lives, as power outages have plunged approximately 14,000 homes and businesses into darkness, according to
The flames, propelled by erratic winds and challenging terrain, have proven unpredictable and uncontrollable. Maui County officials warn of the fire's erratic behavior, stating that it can swiftly traverse long distances and encroach upon communities unexpectedly.
Local resident Clint Hansen captured the unfolding nightmare on camera, revealing the ferocity of the wildfires as they consumed the area north of Kihei. Hansen's footage illustrated the stark reality, with Lahaina, a once-thriving town, now devastated by the inferno.
People, desperate to escape the encroaching flames, resorted to leaping into the ocean, prompting Coast Guard rescues and appeals for private boat owners to assist in the evacuation efforts. The situation has been aptly described as apocalyptic, where the ocean has become a refuge from the flames.

People are jumping into the ocean to escape the Maui wildfires

Economic Impact And Ongoing Uncertainty

Amid the chaos, the fires have dealt a severe blow to the heart of Maui's tourism industry. Front Street, a bustling tourist hub in Lahaina, fell victim to the blaze, with buildings on both sides succumbing to the inferno.
Business owner Alan Dickar described the destruction, stating:
Buildings on both sides were engulfed. There were no fire trucks at that point; I think the fire department was overwhelmed.- Alan Dickar
The loss of this crucial business district could have far-reaching economic consequences for the island.
As Hurricane Dora's powerful force influenced the wildfires' behavior, uncertainty looms over the disaster's trajectory. The combination of Dora's influence and a high-pressure system has unleashed intense and damaging winds, exacerbating the fire's spread.
The National Weather Service warned of winds reaching speeds of up to 60 mph, coupled with dangerously low humidity levels, creating a volatile environment for the firefighting efforts.

Effects of Hurricane Dora across Maui, Big Island

Swift Action And Unity In Adversity

Hawaii's Lt. Gov. Sylvia Luke took swift action by issuing an emergency proclamation, activating the Hawaiʻi National Guard to provide support to emergency responders battling the blazes. With Governor Josh Green's support, Luke emphasized the significance of prioritizing the residents' safety and well-being.
The impact of Hurricane Dora is not confined to Maui alone. In the continental US, Cedar Park, Texas, witnessed its own brush fire disaster, where a fire consumed an apartment building, damaged others, and led to evacuations. The fire's extent covered about 50 acres in the Austin suburb, underscoring the widespread danger of wildfires in various regions.


As the wildfires continue to wreak havoc in Maui, the collective efforts of emergency responders, community members, and the National Guard remain vital in containing and eventually extinguishing the flames. The island's resilience is being tested, but the unity displayed in the face of adversity demonstrates the strength of the human spirit.
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