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People Are Unsure How To Drink A Pornstar Martini

With the pornstar martini being a sought-after drink during Happy Hour and one of the UK's top-selling cocktails, there is a prevalent issue that persists: people are unsure how to drink a pornstar martini.

Author:Morgan Maverick
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With the pornstar martini being a sought-after drink during Happy Hour and one of the UK's top-selling cocktails, there is a prevalent issue that persists: people are unsure how to drink a pornstar martini.
Abby Matthews, Director of The Cocktail Co, a producer of ready-to-drink cocktails, has shed light on the confusion surrounding the consumption of this beloved cocktail. According to her, the pornstar martini is a delightful blend of passionfruit, vanilla, vodka, and citrus, offering a sweet and tangy flavor profile. To enhance the experience, it is traditionally served with a Prosecco chaser and garnished with half a passionfruit.

How To Properly Enjoy A Pornstar Martini

Clarifying the role of the Prosecco shot, Abby explains that it should be sipped before indulging in the pornstar martini, serving as a palate cleanser. She emphasized the right process on how to make and consume it.
Pouring the Prosecco can actually ruin the flavors - it alters the taste as it unbalances how the ingredients complement each other- Abby Matthews, Director of The Cocktail Co
Therefore, the Prosecco should be enjoyed separately and not mixed with the cocktail.
Traditionally, a chaser is a milder drink consumed immediately before or after another beverage to refresh the palate. However, when it comes to pornstar martinis, the Prosecco shot serves a unique purpose. Abby highlights that this delightful concoction should be savored before taking a sip of the main cocktail.
The revelation puts an end to the debate on how to handle the Prosecco shot. Many individuals have been incorrectly downing it either before or after the cocktail or even attempting to combine the two. Abby's expertise dispels these misconceptions, leaving cocktail enthusiasts with a clear guideline for the proper enjoyment of a pornstar martini.
With this newfound knowledge, the ideal sequence of events is to first savor the Prosecco shot, allowing its refreshing qualities to cleanse the palate. This sets the stage for the main event—the pornstar martini. By separating the two, the flavors of the cocktail can be fully appreciated, creating a harmonious blend of the passionfruit, vanilla, vodka, and citrus notes.
Pornstar Martini
Pornstar Martini
Abby's advice resonates with both bartenders and patrons alike. It highlights the importance of understanding the intricate details of cocktail preparation and presentation. The revelation adds a touch of sophistication to the enjoyment of a pornstar martini, ensuring that each sip is experienced to its fullest potential.
So, the next time you find yourself face-to-face with this tantalizing cocktail, remember Abby's expert advice. Start by sipping the Prosecco shot, relishing its subtle effervescence and palate-cleansing effect. Then, with a cleansed palate, delve into the pornstar martini, allowing the flavors to dance on your tongue. By following this proper drinking sequence, you'll unlock the true essence of a pornstar martini and fully appreciate its exquisite blend of ingredients.


Abby Matthews has unveiled the secret to enjoying a pornstar martini in all its glory. The Prosecco shot should be sipped before indulging in the cocktail, serving as a palate cleanser rather than a mixer. This revelation brings a new level of sophistication and appreciation to the drinking experience, allowing cocktail enthusiasts to savor the intricate flavors of this beloved beverage. Cheers to Abby for clarifying the mystery and ensuring that each sip of a pornstar martini is an exquisite journey of taste and pleasure.
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