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Pennsylvania Man Arrested After Selling Human Body Parts On Facebook

A Pennsylvania man arrested after selling human body parts on Facebook. When did this happen? It happened in August 2022.

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Aug 22, 2022157 Shares2.4K Views
When did this happen? It happened in August 2022.
When people said that body parts were being sold out of a house in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, the police started looking into it right away.
Jeremy Pauley, a man with tattoos and piercing on his face
Jeremy Pauley, a man with tattoos and piercing on his face
Jeremy Pauley, age 40, a Pennsylvania man arrested after selling human body parts on Facebook.
He was charged with felony dealing in proceeds of illegal activity, felony receiving stolen property, misdemeanor receiving stolen property, and misdemeanor abuse of a corpse.
This prompted them to search Jeremy Pauley's house in July, and what they discovered there resembles a scene from a horror movie.
He was arrested and released on $50,000 bail.
Former president of the Arkansas Funeral Directors Association, Scott Berna, called the situation "worrisome."
Every time you hear something that contradicts everything in you, it is shocking, he said.
Gallons of human remains were discovered after Pennsylvania police carried out a search warrant.
Berna stated that he hoped the investigation would clarify the circumstances. He declared,
We should absolutely investigate it and identify the person responsible and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.
They found a lot of human remains in his house, like 15 gallons of organs in buckets, three full skeletons, and 15 to 20 human skulls.
Court documents from the investigation show that Pauley is thought to have bought the body parts from a woman in Arkansas through Facebook.
He allegedly obtained the following items from her for $4,000:
  • A half-head.
  • A full head, but without the skill cap.
  • Three heads with a cap of brains.
  • A liver.
  • A heart.
  • A lung
  • Two kidneys.
  • The entire female pelvis.
  • Skin with a nipple on it.
  • Four hands.
Police say Pauley told them he bought two orders of body parts from Scott.
He said he was a collector of "oddities" and got them legally.

Arkansas woman accused of selling human body parts on Facebook

However, Pauley is accused of selling the remains to a third party for profit.
The FBI is currently intercepting these shipments.
Pauley was taken into custody and accused of dealing with the money from illegal activities, getting stolen things, and mistreating a dead body.
When the FBI in Arkansas became involved, they learned that these remains had allegedly been taken from a morgue.
Seán McCormack, the district attorney for Cumberland County, declared:
This is one of the most bizarre investigations I have encountered in my thirty-three years as a prosecutor. Just when I think I have seen it all, a case like this comes around.


A Pennsylvania man arrested after selling human body parts on Facebook by Pennsylvania police and FBI was also involved in this case.
A man like him should be given the worst punishment but on August 18, he was released after posting a $50,000 bond.
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