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PCNOK - Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma

Patient Care Network of Oklahoma, or PCNOK for short, is a company that offers patient care and links individuals with healthcare professionals. The network links patients with 19 healthcare facilities in southwest Kansas and northeast Oklahoma.

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Patient Care Network of Oklahoma, or PCNOKfor short, is a company that offers patient care and links individuals with healthcare professionals. The network links patients with 19 healthcare facilities in southwest Kansas and northeast Oklahoma.
It works together with community behavioral health organizations and community health centers in Oklahoma. Since its establishment in 2014, it has expanded to become one of the biggest patient care networks in the nation.
A wide range of health-related subjects are covered by the network, including cancer, diabetes, heart health, sexual health, immunizations, and more. Members of this group can go to the website to ask medical experts questions and get direct answers.
They can also find tools to support their health, such as food planning and exercise advice. Patients in northeast Oklahoma and southwest Kansas who are looking for information on a variety of health-related issues will greatly benefit from PCNOK.
The goal of the PCNOK is to provide coordinated, high-quality patient care using shared resources and information technology.
By exchanging best practices, working together on research initiatives, and offering training to healthcare professionals, the network strives to improve the standard of patient care. Members can share resources and expertise through partnerships.
The participants, for instance, can work together on projects that aim to raise the standard of patient care. Also, member hospitals can work with other hospitals to make it easier for patients to get care.

How Does PNOK Oklahoma Work?

Patient Care Network makes high-quality healthcare accessible, enables doctors to visit more patients, and lowers medical expenses for patients. Oklahoma doctors can save time by accessing all patient information in one location through the network.
As a result, doctors can spend more time with each patient and concentrate on giving them the finest care. Having access to more doctors and receiving better care can also be advantageous for patients.
Oklahomans can use the network to select the best doctor for them and skip lengthy wait times. Also, patients can rest easy knowing that their medical bills will be paid for even if they aren't at home or can't see a doctor.

People Also Ask

What Is The Role Of PCNOK In The Field Of Digital Health?

PCNOK is thought of as a key component of assistance for patients with chronic illnesses and plays a significant role in the field of digital health. It offers patients complete rehabilitation treatments as well as health counseling.

When Was PCNOK Founded?

PCNOK was started in 2014, and since then it has grown to be one of the largest patient care networks in the country.

What Are The Benefits Of PCNOK For Patients?

  • Patients are constantly observed and cared for by PCNOK.
  • It promotes security and a solid connection throughout the therapeutic process.
  • In urgent medical crises, patients gain autonomy to control their health issues and preserve their lives.
  • It promotes therapy and comes after the patient adopts a healthy lifestyle.


The Community Behavioral Health Organizations and Community Health Centers of Oklahoma have joined forces to form the Patient Care Network.
Members include a Certified Community Behavioral Health Center, a Comprehensive Community Addiction Recovery Center, and 19 of the 22 health facilities in Oklahoma.
PCNOK seeks to achieve the triple goal of health care reform toward better care, healthier people, and smarter money by acting as a clinically integrated network. On behalf of its members, the organization also supports common business interests like group buying.
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