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Paris Train Ride Leaves Woman Covered In Bed Bugs

Paris train ride leaves woman covered in bed bugs during Fashion Week. The city grapples with an unexpected infestation.

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Paris, long known as the city of love and lights, is famous for its glamorous Fashion Week which attracts big names from around the world. However, an alarming incident where a Paris train ride leaves woman covered in bed bugshas cast a shadow over the celebrations. This year, the fashion scene was taken by storm not just by haute couture, but also by an unwelcome and much tinier guest: bed bugs.

A Fashionable Nightmare

Some of the world's elite descended upon Paris for the celebrated Fashion Week. However, along with the glitz and glamour, they were met with a less enchanting experience. "If you’ve also been living under your bed sheetsand haven't heard, there’s been a major spread of bed bugsin the French capital," highlighted reports. These unsettling episodes of bed bugs were not limited to private spaces. Viral TikToks made the rounds, showcasing "the little creatures crawling on the seats of the Paris metro, buses and other public places."
As the extent of the issue unfolded, it became apparent this was not just a minor inconvenience. The deputy mayor of Paris labeled the bed bug infestation a 'scourge' and a ‘public health problem', bringing it to the attention of higher authorities and urging Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne to take action.
Amid the rising concern, individual stories began to emerge, highlighting the direct impact on visitors to the city. One such account where a Paris train ride leaves woman covered in bed bugs.
Influencer Jihoon on TikTok sharing her bed bug experience from riding a train in Paris.
Influencer Jihoon on TikTok sharing her bed bug experience from riding a train in Paris.
Notably, an unfortunate woman shared her ordeal of acquiring bed bugs after a simple train ride in Paris, lamenting they are now "all over her body."
Influencer Jihoon was among those caught in this unforeseen disruption. She has been sharing her Paris Fashion Week journey on social media platforms, and with the rapid dissemination of the bed bug news, her followers have become increasingly concerned. After sharing a video on TikTok of her dancing on the Metro, a well-meaning user commented, “Sweetie be careful because there’s some bed bugs on public transport!” But for Jihoon, the caution might have come a tad too late. In subsequent posts, she showcased inflamed red bite marks, exclaiming, “What the hell? It’s all over my leg, the other leg as well. It’s so frickin’ itchy and I’ve been checking all my bags to make sure I don’t carry any of them home.”
As more and more individuals chimed in on her situation, one particularly alarming comment stood out: “As someone who has dealt with bed bugs, those are not just from taking the Metro, they’re in your beds and clothes. Good luck.”
This sentiment was echoed by many, some suggesting it was perhaps her hotel that was the source, with others empathizing, saying, “Omg I feel itchy now.”
Further intensifying concerns, David Cain, a microbiologist and founder of Bed Bugs Ltd, provided an unsettling perspective: "I think there's probably a similar level of issue in London as there is in Paris at present. They're already on buses, trains, tubes, cinemas, doctor's surgeries, public spaces, hospitals."
This incident serves as a stark reminder that amidst the grandeur of events like Paris Fashion Week, unforeseen issues can arise, challenging even the most prepared city administrators and visitors alike.
Train seats on Eurostar320 London-Paris Standard Class
Train seats on Eurostar320 London-Paris Standard Class
The trend of travel, coupled with resistance to treatments, had left the city of Paris grappling with an infestation that threatened to impact its reputation as a top tourist destination. While many questioned the cause of this rapid spread, others were focused on understanding the intricacies of the problem and finding solutions.

The Origins Of The Outbreak

When seeking an explanation for the surge of bed bugs in Paris, one cannot overlook the city's status as a globalhub. Paris proudly held the title of the world’s most-visited city, with a whopping 44 million tourists in 2022. The inherent charm of the city, coupled with events such as the Paris Fashion Week, only amplified the influx of visitors.
However, according to ANSES, the French health and safety agency, the real culprits were not just the increased number of tourists. A potent combination of rising travel trends and the bed bugs' increasing resistance to insecticides contributed to the crisis. These weren't just your everyday bed bugs; they were "superbugs" - bed bugs that had evolved over time to develop defenses against chemicals typically used to eradicate them. As a result, these pesky invaders became an even more formidable challenge.
Despite the growing concerns, life in Paris continued. Tourists and locals alike sought answers on how to protect themselves from these unwanted critters.
Martin Seeley, CEO of MattressNextDay, offered advice on how to stay bed bug-free, especially for travelers. "When people arrive in their hotel room, many place their suitcase straight onto the bed... we would suggest keeping your suitcase off your bed." The reason? Bed bugs are most commonly found in that very location.
Beyond this, travelers were also encouraged to keep their soiled clothes separate. As Martin elaborates, "Research shows that bed bugs are more attracted to dirty clothes than to clean clothes. So, make sure to take a spare bag for your dirty clothing, and knot it each time you add to it."
The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) also highlighted the role of temperature in bed bug infestations. As the ideal environment for bed bugs is between 70-90°F, maintaining a cooler room at night became crucial.
The aftermath of travel is equally significant. Martin recommends unpacking on hard floors, as spotting bed bugs in the carpet becomes nearly impossible. Checking luggage thoroughly and washing all clothes, even the unworn ones, in hot water was advised. As the Bed Bug Specialist added, "Washing clothes at 60 degrees C for 30 minutes terminates all bed bugs and eggs."

The Global Ramifications

The bed bug infestation wasn't confined to Paris. Reports from Sky News suggested that the United Kingdom, particularly London, might be grappling with a similar situation. The pest-control company Rentokill reported a staggering "65 percent increase in bed bug infestations from 2022 to 2023." This resurgence was attributed to the return of regular travel post-pandemic, which saw these superbugs as eager to traverse the globe as humans.
Transport companies like Eurostar didn't remain passive in this situation. They stepped up their cleaning measures, stating that "the textile surfaces on all of our trains are cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis... We also plan to introduce preventive treatment across our entire network."
The bed bug situation in Paris was a stark reminder of how interconnected our world is and how, in an age of rapid globalization, even the smallest creatures can have significant ripple effects. As Paris tackles its bed bug issue, cities worldwide must remain vigilant and proactive in their measures, ensuring that such infestations remain isolated incidents and not global epidemics.

The Bed Bug Threat Crosses The Channel

As the Parisian bed bug crisis continues to escalate, concerns are rising that the UK, particularly London, might soon find itself in the same predicament. Travelers returning from Paris might inadvertently be ushering in these unwanted stowaways.

The Eurostar Connection

Recent sightings of bed bugs on the modes of public transport in Paris have raised red flags about the possible transmission to neighboring countries, including the UK. The connection between these two major European cities, primarily through the Eurostar, has become a focal point of this concern.
David Cain, a renowned molecular biologist and founder of Bed Bugs Ltd, sheds light on the alarming situation. He revealed that bed bugs discovered in a London residence were linked back to Paris, with the occupants having traveled on the Eurostar merely a week prior. Cain emphasized that this isn't an isolated incident or a recent phenomenon. Over the past six years, Paris has been a recurring source, with even day-trippers inadvertently bringing these parasites back home.
To combat this looming threat, Eurostar has ramped up its preventive measures. The international rail company is amplifying its cleaning protocols. Among the initiatives are thorough hot water cleaning of upholstery and, upon request, additional disinfection treatments. Despite these measures, a spokesperson for Eurostar conveyed that such infestations on their trains are quite rare, yet they continue to prioritize the safety and well-being of their passengers.
Preventing Bed Bugs Checklist
Preventing Bed Bugs Checklist

Detecting And Combating Bed Bugs

For those who have either stayed in Paris or recently visited, it's essential to remain vigilant. Signs of a bed bug infestation might include:
  • Bites on skin areas exposed during sleep, such as the face, neck, and arms.
  • Traces of blood on bedding.
  • Brown spots on furniture, indicative of bed bug droppings.
Bed bug bites often manifest as raised, itchy marks, typically arranged in lines or clusters. Although these bites usually heal within a week, they can cause significant discomfort. The NHS recommends applying cool compresses on the affected regions, maintaining cleanliness, and importantly, resisting the urge to scratch the bites to prevent infections.
When it comes to tackling a full-blown infestation, it's crucial to recognize that these pests are becoming more resilient, with some strains showing resistance to common insecticides. Immediate action is recommended:
  • Contact local authorities or a professional pest control service.
  • Launder bedding and clothing at high temperatures (60°C) and follow with a hot tumble dry cycle.
  • If an infestation is suspected, seal the affected items in bags and place them in the freezer for at least three to four days.
  • Maintain a clutter-free environment, especially around sleeping areas.
  • Regularly clean the surroundings and always inspect luggage and clothing upon returning from trips.
As the bed bug situation unfolds, travelers and residents must adopt a proactive approach. While the situation in Paris serves as a cautionary tale, it's a collective responsibility to ensure that these critters don't find new homes elsewhere.


What Happened During The Paris Train Ride Incident Involving Bed Bugs?

A woman took a train ride in Paris and subsequently discovered that she was covered in bed bug bites. The incident highlighted the growing bed bug infestation problem in the city, which has affected various public spaces including the transportation system.

Are Bed Bugs A Widespread Problem In Paris?

Yes, in recent times, Paris has faced a notable bed bug crisis. Reports and viral videos have shown the pests in various public places, including the metro, buses, and even some hotels. The problem has been exacerbated by increased travel and the bugs' growing resistance to insecticides.

How Can Travelers Protect Themselves From Bed Bugs While In Paris?

Travelers are advised to avoid placing luggage on beds, check hotel mattresses and bed frames for signs of infestations, keep dirty clothes separate, and wash all clothing in hot water upon returning home. It's also recommended to inspect public transportation seats before sitting.

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

Bed bug bites often appear as raised, red welts that are itchy. They may be arranged in a line or grouped together. The bites often occur on areas of skin exposed while sleeping, such as the face, neck, and arms.

What Measures Are Being Taken By Parisian Authorities To Tackle The Bed Bug Issue?

Parisian authorities have labeled the bed bug infestation a 'public health problem'. Efforts are being made to raise awareness, and public transportation companies like Eurostar have intensified cleaning efforts, implementing preventative treatments on their trains.

Are Other Cities Experiencing Similar Bed Bug Problems?

The bed bug issue is not exclusive to Paris. With the resurgence of global travel post-pandemic, other major cities like London have also reported increased bed bug infestations. As these pests can easily hitch a ride on luggage or clothing, travelers play a significant role in their unintentional spread.


The incident where a Paris train ride leaves a woman covered in bed bugs serves as a significant reminder of the challenges posed by urban pests in our modern world. As cities continue to thrive and global travel becomes more prevalent, it's imperative for individuals and authorities alike to remain vigilant. The rapid spread of bed bugs in Paris not only affects residents but also impacts its global reputation as a leading tourist destination. It's a call to action for cities worldwide to implement preventive measures, ensuring the health and safety of both residents and visitors.
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