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Paris Streets Flooded With Mattresses Amid Bedbug Surge

Paris streets flooded with mattresses amid bedbug surge. The city's escalating infestation becomes evident, with discarded beds lining iconic avenues.

Author:Raven Noir
Reviewer:Morgan Maverick
Oct 12, 202312.4K Shares198K Views
A troubling scene emerged from Paris when a video showcased multiple mattresses, both new and old, discarded on Rue Saint Lazare in the city's 9th district. Paris streets flooded with mattresses amid bedbug surge, bringing attention to a growing issue. This street, which houses numerous hotels, has become emblematic of a larger problem. The mattresses may have been discarded due to the recent bedbug infestation that has taken over Paris.
Aarya Bondge, an 18-year-old fashion student, captured the unexpected scene on video. “I don’t know if it was bedbugs … They might have been throwing out their mattresses because of that,” she expressed to SWNS.
Further highlighting the extent of the problem, Bondge pointed out, “Line 6 of the metro is still terrible," referring to the public's aversion to using the seats due to the bedbug issue. "I would still rather stand for an hour than touch the seats,” she continued.
TikTok video about Paris with many mattresses outdoors.
TikTok video about Paris with many mattresses outdoors.

Public Health Crisis

While this video serves as a stark visual of the escalating problem, this bedbug infestation isn't just a passing inconvenience. Fox NewsDigital reports that the crisis has risen to a public health concern. So much so that the government has launched a globalaction plan, in effect until 2024, to counter the rampant spread of bedbugs in French residences. Yet, homes aren't the sole spaces under siege.
Social media users have pointed out the presence of bedbugs in public spaces like gyms and movie theaters. Alarmingly, even a hospital reported an infestation this past May.
A study from the Journal of Infectious Diseases brought forth even more distressing news: bedbugs may possess the capability to acquire and transmit methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a form of bacteria that can trigger grave infections, commonly known as staph infections.
As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), even though this study utilized artificial feeders and not actual humans, the potential threat from the bacteria remains high.
Dr. Bruce Hirsch, a physician specializing in infectious diseases at Northwell Health in Manhasset, New York, recently commented on this issue to Fox News Digital. "There have been previous associations of exposure to bedbug to MRSA outbreaks, though very unusual," he mentioned.
Dr. Hirsch emphasized the prevalence of Staph bacteria, especially around facial areas and beddings. His advice for the public was straightforward: maintain cleanliness both personally and in one's immediate environment.
For those suspecting bedbug presence, the CDC offers guidance. Typical indications of these pests include bite marks on the face, neck, arms, and other areas post-slumber. Should these signs manifest, reaching out to a pest control specialist is the recommended course of action.
Paris's fight against bedbugsunderscores the city's commitment to public health, yet the journey remains challenging. With global attention on the matter, the hope is for a swift resolution, ensuring the safety and comfort of its residents and countless visitors.


In light of the shocking visuals from Rue Saint Lazare, it's clear that Paris is grappling with a significant bedbug crisis. As the city seeks solutions, the discarded mattresses stand as a stark reminder of the challenges ahead, emphasizing the urgent need for comprehensive interventions.
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