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Otter Smashes Visitor's IPhone Against Rock!

A visit to Lisbon Zoo, Portugal turned into a chaotic experience for one unlucky visitor who dropped their iPhone in an otter enclosure. Witnesses reported that an otter smashes visitor's iPhone against rock repeatedly, seemingly angered by the foreign object.

Author:Raven Noir
Reviewer:Morgan Maverick
Apr 28, 202318 Shares367 Views
A visit to Lisbon Zoo, Portugal turned into a chaotic experience for one unlucky visitor who dropped their iPhone in an otter enclosure. Witnesses reported that an otter smashes visitor's iPhone against rockrepeatedly, seemingly angered by the foreign object.

Otter Smashes Visitor's IPhone Against Rock Repeatedly

The incident was captured on video by several onlookers and shared on social media. One witness identified the phone as an iPhone 14, and it appeared that the otter was not a fan of the device.
In one video, the otter can be seen hitting and slamming the phone against a rock continuously. The otter then placed the phone on its body as it floated on the water before diving into the water with it.
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"And in the end, she was very pissed off, destroying the iPhone that the boy dropped in the water," said one witness. It was a shocking sight for visitors at the zoo who watched in disbelief as the otter continued to smash the phone against the rock.
Several videos taken from different angles showed the otter's aggressive behavior towards the iPhone. Some viewers speculated that the otter mistook the phone for a clam, which it was trying to bust open. "Poor dude thinks it's a clam to bust open, but he's so upset it's not working lol," one commenter wrote.
Despite the chaos caused by the otter, it was not a rare occurrence for zookeepers. Otters are known for their curious and mischievous behavior, and the zoo has had to deal with similar incidents in the past.
"It's not uncommon for otters to play with objects they find in their enclosure, especially if they're shiny or colorful," said a spokesperson for the zoo.
The zoo has since reminded visitors to be careful when near animal enclosures and to keep a safe distance. "We encourage our visitors to respect the boundaries of the animal enclosures and to avoid throwing any objects into them," the spokesperson said.


The incident has sparked a debate on social media about the safety of animals in captivity. Some users criticized the zoo for allowing visitors to get close enough to the animals to drop their phones into the enclosures. Others defended the zoo, pointing out that incidents like these were rare and that the animals were well taken care of.
In the end, the "otter chaos" at Lisbon Zoo was a reminder of the unpredictability of nature and the need for caution when interacting with wild animals, even in a controlled environment.
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