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On Which Of Earth's Continents Will You Find Most Of The Planet's Fresh Water?

On which of earth's continents will you find most of the planet's fresh water? It is Antarctica. The water you use on a daily basis in your residences and workplaces is fresh water, not seawater.

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On which of earth's continents will you find most of the planet's fresh water?It is Antarctica. The water you use on a daily basis in your residences and workplaces is fresh water, not seawater.
Fresh water makes up only 3% of the water on Earth. Fresh water is found around the planet in a variety of places, some close by and others on the other side of the globe.
The majority of the water on Earth, 97% of it salty and only 3% fresh, has low levels of dissolved salts and other total dissolved solids. Glaciers and ice caps hold close to 69 percent of the total.
The other 1% is made up of surface water and other sources, while another 30% is groundwater that is stored in rock cracks and underground soil. 87 percent of the water that is regarded as surface water is found in lakes, 11 percent is found in marshes, and 2 percent is found in rivers.
On which of earth's continents will you find most of the planet's fresh water? Nearly 90% of the fresh water on Earth's surface is stored in the Antarctic ice sheet. Approximately 8.7 million square miles make up the ice sheet.
Large amounts of fresh water are also present in the Greenland ice sheet. More than 99 percent of the freshwater ice on the planet is contained in these two ice sheets.
10% of the world's landmass is covered by glaciers and ice caps. Over 68% of the world's freshwater is found in these regions, which are concentrated in Greenland and Antarctica.
Unfortunately, the majority of these resources are not easily accessible to humans and are spread out far from where people live. 96% of the world's frozen freshwater is located at the South and North Poles, with the remaining 4% dispersed throughout 550,000 km of glaciers and mountainous icecaps that are roughly 180,000 km in size.

People Also Ask

Which Continents Have The Most Fresh Water?

Antarctica has the most fresh water content.

Where Is The Most Fresh Water On Earth?

Icecaps and glaciers contain over 68% of the fresh water on Earth, and groundwater makes up just over 30%.

Who Has The Most Fresh Water In The World?

Brazil has the highest freshwater reserves in the world, which make up about 12% of all freshwater resources worldwide. Simply put, 70% of all freshwater in this nation is found in the Amazon region.

What Is The Percentage Of Drinkable Water On Earth?

Freshwater makes up only 3% of the total amount of water on Earth. Only 1.2 percent of that can be used as drinking water.

What Is The Use Of Most Of The Freshwater On Earth?

More than 70% of freshwater is used for agriculture in the majority of the world's regions.


Saline seawater from the globaloceans makes up the majority of Earth's crust and atmosphere; freshwater makes up about 2.5% of the planet's water supply.
The Earth appears blue from space and is frequently referred to as the "blue planet" and the Pale Blue Dot because the oceans, which make up around 71% of its surface, reflect blue light.
On which of earth's continents will you find most of the planet's fresh water? The Antarctic ice sheet, a sheet of ice that is typically at least 1.6 km (1.0 mi) thick, covers around 98% of Antarctica. 90% of the world's ice (and thus 70% of the world's fresh water) is found in this continent.
Over 68 percent of the fresh water on Earth is found in ice caps and glaciers, while just over 30 percent is found in groundwater, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.
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