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Norwegian Prison Cells - Cells That Look Like University Dorm Rooms

Norwegian prison cells - The most extreme sentence in Norway, in any event, for homicide, is 21 years.

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Norwegian prison cells- The most extreme sentence in Norway, in any event, for homicide, is 21 years. Since most detainees will ultimately get back to society, Norwegian prisons emulate the rest of the world however much as could be expected to set them up for the opportunity.
At Halden, Norwegian prison cells incorporate en-suite washrooms with fired tiles, smaller-than-usual refrigerators, and level-screen TVs. Authorities say sleeker TVs bear the cost of detainees less space to conceal drugs and other stashes.
Halden Prison(Norwegian: Halden fengsel) is the most extreme security jail in Halden, Norway. It has three primary units and no customary security gadgets. The second-biggest jail in Norway, it was laid out in 2010 with an emphasis on restoration; its plan recreates life outside the jail.
Among different exercises, sports and musicare accessible to the detainees, who associate with the unarmed staff to make a feeling of the local area. Adulated for its altruistic circumstances, Halden Prison has gotten the Arnstein Arneberg Awardfor its inside plan in 2010 and has been the subject of a narrative, yet has additionally gotten analysis for being excessively liberal.
 A man standing in a Norwegian prison cell
A man standing in a Norwegian prison cell

Outline Of Norwegian Prison Cell

Located in Halden, Østfold, Norway, Halden Prison was built for over 10 years at a cost of 1.5 billion Norwegian kroner ($252 million/£138 million/€150 million).
The prison received its first inmates on March 1, 2010, and was officially opened on April 8 by the Norwegian King Harald V.
It is Norway's second-largest prison with a capacity of 248–252 prisoners[ and a site of 75 acres (30 ha).
As a maximum-security prison, it hosts dangerous as well as highly dangerous criminals, such as rapists, murderers, and child molesters.
They compose half of the population, while a third of the residents are drug offenders. Sexoffenders, who may face violence from other inmates, and prisoners who require close psychiatric or medical supervision, are located in Unit A, a restrictive and separated area.
There is also aspecial unit (C8) focused on addiction recovery. Most inmates live in Units B and C, which are freer and have mixed cell blocks.
Halden Prison receives both domestic and international criminals; as only around three-fifths of the prisoners are Norwegians (as of 2015), both Norwegian and English are used, and the prison has English teachers.
However, fluency in Norwegian is a requirement to live in C8, because group and individual counseling are conducted in Norwegian.
There are no conventional security devices, such as barbed tape, electric fences, towers, or snipers.
However, there is safety glass, a 6 m × 1,500 m (20 ft × 4,921 ft) concrete and steel wall, and a system of tunnels that guards use to walk through the prison.
Although there are surveillance cameras on the prison grounds, they are not present in the cells, the cell hallways, the common rooms, the classrooms, and most of the workshops.
While there is little violence reported, almost exclusively in Unit A, officers try to prevent it. If two inmates have a dispute, they engage in a mediation sessionunder staff supervision. If mediation fails, repeated misbehavior or rule violations are punished with cell confinement or prison transference.
An inside shot of a Norwegian prison cell and its bathroom
An inside shot of a Norwegian prison cell and its bathroom

People Also Ask

How Big Is A Prison Cell In Norway?

Prison cells vary in size internationally from 2 m2 (22 sq ft) in Guinea, 3 m2 (32 sq ft) in Poland, 9 m2 (97 sq ft) in Germany to 10 m2 (110 sq ft) in Norway. and 12 m2 (130 sq ft) in Switzerland.

What Do Prisons In Norway Look Like?

Remembered for Norwegian jail rooms are wooden furnishings, work areas, a full arrangement of bed sheets, a level screen TV, and a private restroom and shower.
Detainees can likewise look over a scope of exercises and work choices, which differ from one jail to another.

What Are Nordic Prison Cells?

Instead of an overly cramped prison cell, the Nordic cell offers a cozy, neat, apartment-style comfort with enough space to move around. “Nordic prison cells look like $3,000 apartments in San Francisco,” read the tweet by Darrell Owens.

Why Are Prisons In Norway So Nice?

Norway has consistently ranked number oneon a number of lists entailing the best, most comfortable prisons in the world.
Since the 1990s, Norway's prison system has evolved into spaces that represent comfort, healing, and inclusivity.

Go Inside One Of The Most Humane Prisons In The World | Sunday TODAY

"This looks better than the room I had at uni for a year"
_incredible-poop (Reddit)
"I live in a brand new student apartment in Norway. This prison cell is better lol."
_frontyer707 (Reddit)
"Cause people might burn their workplace down just to go to prison"
_Gaflonzelschemerno (Reddit)
"Oddly enough this looks like every dorm room I have ever seen"
_Lazy-Laugh2597 (Reddit)
"My 1st thought was “Much nicer than my daughter’s dorm room.” Considering how expensive and disgusting that dorm was, and how much tuition was at that school, maybe I should have sent my daughter to jail in Norway."
_Connect_Office8072 (Reddit)
"There's good reason for comfortable living during incarceration. The opportunity not to move about freely but regain one's personal perspective and contemplate morality is much more likely within these conditions.
American prisons are nothing but detention and punishment centers, fueling a heavy recidivism rate with fear and illogical, unnecessary force.
P.S. Thank you for the awards! <3"
_seyaat (Reddit)
Check out this weird building in Barcelonathat is known as the 'house of bones'.


With an emphasis on recovery, Norwegian prison cells were intended to mimic a town so the detainees can view themselves as a feature of society. The public authority trusts that the more modest the distinction between life inside and outside the jail, the simpler the change from jail to opportunity.
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