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Nilda Roman Perez - Héctor Lavoe's Wife Who Died In A Tragic Accident

Nilda Roman Perez was married to Hector Lavoe, a renowned salsa performer. She was well known as Puchi. Cuban-American activist Nilda Roman Perez fought for the Cuban Revolution. Hector Lavoe, a well-known singer, died in 1993, leaving his wife, Nilda Puchi Lavoe, by herself. Until she too went away in 2002, his wife continued to live as a single widow for a very long time.

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Nilda Roman Perezwas married to Hector Lavoe, a renowned salsa performer. She was well known as Puchi. Cuban-American activist Nilda RomanPerez fought for the Cuban Revolution.
Hector Lavoe, a well-known singer, died in 1993, leaving his wife, Nilda Puchi Lavoe, by herself. Until she too went away in 2002, his wife continued to live as a single widow for a very long time.
Nine years after her husband, in 2002, Nilda Roman Perez, also known as Nilda Lavoe, Hector Lavoe's wife, passed away. Her full name prior to marriage was Nilda Puchi Roman Perez, and she died at the age of 52.
While filming the documentary "El Cantante" on her late spouse, she tragically passed away after falling from her 14th storey window. She had experienced significant brain injury.
The parents of Hector Lavoe Jr. were Hector Lavoe and Nilda Roman Perez. In 1969, Hector Jr. also passed dead after being unintentionally shot by his father's friend. Lavoe was the stepfather of Leslie, Nilda's daughter.
BornOctober 1, 1947
DiedMay 2, 2002
LocationBronx, New York
Cause of DeathHead injuries sustained in an accidental fall
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseHector Lavoe
Children2 (Leslie Perez and Hector Jr.)
She arrived in the country in 1961 after leaving Cuba, where she was born in 1932. She belonged to both the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five and the Communist Party USA.
Perez was a fervent supporter of Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution. She had faith that Cuba would experience freedom and democracy as a result of the Revolution. She also thought that the Cuban people ought to defend their Revolution against American efforts to topple the country's leadership.
Let's have a look at Hector Lavoe's life.

Hector Lavoe

His parents, Francisca (Pachita) Martnez and Luis Pérez, welcomed him into the world on September 30, 1946, in Ponce, Puerto Rico. For the singer, who grew up in a household of musically interested people, it was in fact a question of inheritance.
His mother had a distinctive singing voice, while his father was an excellent guitarist. Hector followed in his parents' footsteps and made a career out of his love of music.
His interest in music grew when he attended the Juan Morel Campos Public School of Music. He quickly dropped out of school and started on the path to a singing career after being influenced by Daniel Santos and Jess Sanchez Erazo.
Hector Lavoe smiling
Hector Lavoe smiling

Nilda Puchi Biography

When Nilda "Puchi" Lavoe fell out of a window at her residence in 2002, she was 52 years old. We'll discuss what little is known about her life outside of her marriage to well-known salsa musician Hector Lavoe and what is known about her untimely death.
Nilda became pregnant after getting married to Hector. It was Hector's second child, and according to legend, Nilda informed him of her pregnancy the night before his first child's christening.
Soon after, the two got married, and they remained so until Hector Lavoe died. During that time, the couple went through a lot of traumas, and both of them battled drug addiction.
Hector and Puchi's kid was murdered by a firearms accident over the course of their marriage, and a fire destroyed their first home. To escape the flames, they both had to leap out of a window, and as a result, each of them had a fractured leg.
In Puerto Rico, Nilda's mother was fatally murdered at about the same time. Hector made an attempt at suicide in 1988 by jumping from a 9th floor window after receiving an AIDS diagnosis.
Héctor Lavoe fell from the ninth floor of the Regency del Condado Hotel on June 26, 1988. Everyone was shocked to see the musician with his wife on the floor.
According to urban legend, either he had a vision in which his son appeared to him at the hotel window and caused him to jump, or his wife Puchi pushed him after an argument. Others, on the other hand, affirm that it was the reason why his show in Puerto Rico was canceled.
Lavoe would confess the truth months later. "I jumped in because I had an argument with Puchi… He was screwing me since the night before, we argued and I told him: 'If you keep screwing around, I'm going to jump (…) But they still don't want me up there…'"According to the book "Every head is a world: The story of Héctor Lavoe," reported by the reporter Torres Torres who spoke with him.
In the end, he died of AIDS in 1993. Nilda remained a resident of New York up until her passing. Nilda Lavoe sought to spread the word about her husband's life story after his passing. Nilda brought a screenplay to Jennifer Lopez's production firm, and they recounted her husband's story and cast J-Lo as her in the movie.
In order to gather Nilda's story for the movie, actress Jennifer Lopez worked with her to record interviews. Many of these recordings were used in the finished version of "El Cantante."
Through the perspective of his wife, "El Cantante" told the tale of Hector Lavoe, one of the most well-known singers in the salsa scene. The movie, which was released in 2007, made considerable use of their relationship.
Eight million dollars were made by the film globally, and it garnered mixed reviews. Hector's longtime companion Willie Colón said of the film: “The real story was about Hector fighting the obstacles of a non-supportive industry that took advantage of entertainers with his charisma and talent. Instead they did another movie about two Puerto Rican junkies.”
Nilda Puchi with her husband Hector Lavoe
Nilda Puchi with her husband Hector Lavoe

Nilda Roman Perez Career History

Nilda Román Pérez, widely known as the wife of the late salsa legend Héctor Lavoe, had a notable career history that encompassed her involvement in the music industry and her contributions to preserving the legacy of her husband. While her career may not have been as extensively documented as Héctor Lavoe's, her involvement and support in his musical journey played a significant role in his success.
Nilda Román Pérez was an active participant in the salsa music scene during the 1960s and 1970s, which was a pivotal era for the genre's growth and popularity. She shared a deep love and passion for music, particularly salsa, and her support and encouragement were instrumental in Héctor Lavoe's rise to fame as one of the most influential salsa singers of all time.
As Héctor Lavoe's wife, Nilda Román Pérez was not only a devoted partner but also an integral part of his career. She provided emotional support and stability during his artistic journey, which was often marked by both triumphs and personal struggles. Nilda stood by Héctor's side, offering guidance and encouragement as he navigated the demanding music industry and worked towards achieving his dreams.
Throughout their marriage, Nilda Román Pérez also played a crucial role in managing Héctor Lavoe's affairs and helping him navigate the various aspects of his career. This included organizing performances, coordinating schedules, and managing contractual obligations. Her dedication and involvement allowed Héctor to focus on his artistry and develop his unique style, contributing to his success as a renowned salsa vocalist.
Moreover, Nilda Román Pérez's unwavering support extended beyond the stage. She provided a loving and stable environment for Héctor and their family, which was essential given the challenges he faced due to his personal struggles. Her role as a wife and partner helped Héctor Lavoe find solace and strength in difficult times, enabling him to continue making music and inspiring audiences around the world.
After Héctor Lavoe's untimely passing in 1993, Nilda Román Pérez dedicated herself to preserving his musical legacy and ensuring that his contributions to salsa music would not be forgotten. She actively participated in tributes, concerts, and events that honored Héctor's memory, working closely with fans, musicians, and industry professionals to keep his music alive.
Nilda Román Pérez's efforts included collaborations with biographers, filmmakers, and other artists interested in telling the story of Héctor Lavoe's life and career. She provided valuable insights and personal anecdotes, sharing her unique perspective on their shared experiences. Her involvement in such projects helped shed light on Héctor Lavoe's legacy, allowing fans and future generations to appreciate the profound impact he had on salsa music.
While Nilda Román Pérez's career history may be less prominent compared to that of her late husband, her contributions as a supportive partner, manager, and preserver of Héctor Lavoe's musical legacy cannot be overlooked. Her dedication, love, and involvement in his career played a vital role in shaping his success and ensuring his enduring influence on the world of salsa music.
Nilda Román Pérez's career history is intertwined with her role as Héctor Lavoe's wife and partner. Her support, involvement, and commitment to preserving his legacy as a salsa legend have contributed to the enduring impact of his music. Nilda Román Pérez's contributions as an instrumental figure in Héctor Lavoe's career serve as a testament to her significance and the role she played in the world of salsa music.

Héctor Lavoe And His Wife Nilda Roman Perez Cause Of Death

Lavoe used an infected needle at the start of 1988 and later discovered he had AIDS. By that point, his wife had given up on him because she was weary of helping him battle his heroin addiction.
Lavoe, who had made so much money via his successes, was left in utter desolation and isolation.
At Queens Memorial Hospital, Héctor Lavoe passed away on June 29, 1993, five years later. Just as he requested, his remains were returned to his birthplace, Puerto Rico.
A few days after having open heart surgery, Nilda Roman Perez tried to jump down a staircase but lost her balance and fell to the ground. She was living alone in the house she shared with her life partner. Additionally, she had bronchial asthma but that was not the cause of her death.
Nilda Román Pérez passed away in New York City in 2002 as a result of an accident that occurred in her Bronx residence. The well-known "Puchi" lies down close to the well-known salsa singer and her son Héctor.
Only a few weeks before she passed away, she gave a lengthy interview in which she detailed her relationship with Lavoe. The original screenwriters of "El Cantante" later utilized this interview as the inspiration for the film.

People Also Ask

Who Was Hector Lavoe Married To?

Hector Lavoe was married to Nilda Roman Perez aka Puchi Lavoe.

Is Nilda Roman Perez Still Alive?

No, Nilda Roman Perez died in a tragic accident.

How Did Héctor Lavoe Wife Nilda Roman Perez Died?

Nilda Roman Perez fell from the 14th floor while shooting. She suffered from head trauma and eventually died there.

When Did Nilda Roman Perez Die?

Nilda Roman Perez died in May 2002.


Nilda Roman Perez, also known as Puchi Lavoe, passed away in 2002 after falling out of an apartment window. When she passed away, she was 52 years old. Her full name at birth was Nilda Puchi Roman Perez, and she was married to the well-known salsa artist Hector Levoe.
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