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Night At The Museum Cast - From Ben Stiller To Robin Williams

"Night at the Museum" is a beloved film franchise that combines adventure, comedy, and fantasy. The success of these movies can be attributed, in large part, to the talented and diverse Night at the Museum cast that brought the magical world of the museum to life.

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"Night at the Museum" is a beloved film franchise that combines adventure, comedy, and fantasy. The success of these movies can be attributed, in large part, to the talented and diverse Night at the Museum castthat brought the magical world of the museum to life.
From the charismatic lead actor to the supporting ensemble, each member of the cast contributed to the series' charm and entertainmentvalue.
Throughout its numerous films, the Night at the Museum franchise has visited a variety of museums. These films explore the idea of a night guard witnessing the museum come to life at night, similar to how Toy Story depicts the lives of toys when children are not there. Of course, the fact that these figurines are all historical copies and are frequently dangerous complicates matters.

Quick Facts

RatingPG(Language|Brief Rude Humor|Mild Action)
GenreKids & family, Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure
Original LanguageEnglish
DirectorShawn Levy
ProducerChris Columbus, Shawn Levy, Michael Barnathan
WriterRobert Ben Garant, Thomas Lennon
Release Date (Theaters)Dec 22, 2006 Wide
Release Date (Streaming)Apr 24, 2007
Box Office (Gross USA)$113.7M
In this article, we delve into the exceptional Night at the Museum cast and highlight their memorable performances.

Ben Stiller As Larry Daley

Ben Stiller's portrayal of Larry Daley serves as the emotional anchor of the "Night at the Museum" series. As a struggling single father who takes up a job as a night guard at the Museum of Natural History, Stiller brings a relatable charm to the character. Larry's journey from an average guy thrown into a magical world to a hero seeking adventure and personal growth is deftly conveyed by Stiller's versatile acting abilities.
Stiller's comedic timing and physicality add a layer of humor to Larry's character, making him endearing to audiences of all ages. Whether he's engaging in amusing interactions with the museum's exhibits or displaying a mix of awe and bewilderment, Stiller's performance as Larry creates a strong connection between the fantastical elements of the story and the audience's own sense of wonder.
Beyond the comedy, Stiller brings depth and vulnerability to Larry's role, portraying his determination, resourcefulness, and underlying love for his son. Stiller's ability to balance humor with heartfelt moments gives the character an emotional resonance that grounds the fantastical elements of the films.

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb: Ben Stiller "Larry Daley" Premiere Interview | ScreenSlam

Robin Williams As Theodore Roosevelt

Robin Williams' portrayal of Theodore Roosevelt in the "Night at the Museum" series is a testament to his unparalleled talent as an actor. Williams effortlessly captures the essence of the iconic 26th President of the United States, infusing the character with his trademark warmth, wit, and wisdom.
As Larry's guide and mentor, Roosevelt becomes a source of inspiration and encouragement throughout the films. Williams' performance masterfully blends humor and gravitas, allowing audiences to witness Roosevelt's larger-than-life personality while still conveying a sense of approachability and empathy.
Williams' improvisational skills and quick wit shine through in his scenes, bringing Theodore Roosevelt to life in an unforgettable way. His chemistry with Stiller is evident, with their on-screen interactions creating some of the most memorable and heartwarming moments in the series.
Williams' performance as Roosevelt serves as a testament to his ability to engage and captivate audiences across generations. His charismatic portrayal adds a touch of magic and historical gravitas to the films, making Theodore Roosevelt an integral and beloved character in the "Night at the Museum" universe.

Night at the Museum - Theodore Roosevelt "Robin Williams"

Owen Wilson As Jedediah

Owen Wilson's portrayal of Jedediah, the miniature cowboy figurine, injects the "Night at the Museum" series with a delightful mix of humor and wit. Wilson's charismatic on-screen presence and impeccable comedic timing make Jedediah an instant fan favorite.
Wilson infuses the character with a larger-than-life personality, despite his pint-sized stature. Jedediah's cowboy charm, quick comebacks, and hilarious banter with other characters, particularly Octavius (played by Steve Coogan), create some of the most memorable comedic moments in the series.
Wilson's ability to deliver punchy one-liners and engage in physical comedy adds a layer of entertainment to Jedediah's character. His comedic chemistry with the rest of the cast enhances the ensemble dynamic, contributing to the overall comedic brilliance of the films.
Beyond the humor, Wilson's portrayal of Jedediah also brings a sense of loyalty and bravery to the character. Jedediah's unwavering support for his cowboy partner and his willingness to stand up for what he believes in make him a lovable and admirable presence in the "Night at the Museum" universe.

Cineworld exclusive interview: Owen Wilson on playing miniature cowboy Jedediah

Carla Gugino As Rebecca Hutman

Carla Gugino's portrayal of Rebecca Hutman, the museum curator in the "Night at the Museum" series, adds a grounded and intelligent presence amidst the fantastical elements of the films. Gugino's performance showcases her versatility as an actress and contributes to the depth of the storyline.
As Larry Daley's (played by Ben Stiller) potential love interest, Gugino brings a warmth and strong-willed demeanor to Rebecca's character. Her on-screen chemistry with Stiller creates a believable connection that adds emotional depth to the series.
Gugino's portrayal of Rebecca highlights her intelligence, resourcefulness, and dedication to her work. She embodies the role of a capable curator who is passionate about preserving history and ensuring the smooth operation of the museum.
In addition to her professional side, Gugino's performance also showcases the vulnerability and tenderness of Rebecca's character. Her portrayal reflects a genuine caring nature and compassion, especially in her interactions with Larry and his journey throughout the films.
Gugino's portrayal of Rebecca Hutman serves as a strong female presence in the "Night at the Museum" series. Her character is not only an integral part of the museum but also a supportive and empowering force in Larry's life.
Carla Gugino as Rebecca Hutman in Night at the Museum movie
Carla Gugino as Rebecca Hutman in Night at the Museum movie

Dan Stevens As Sir Lancelot

Dan Stevens' portrayal of Sir Lancelot adds excitement, humor, and adventure to the "Night at the Museum" series. Stevens infuses the character with a charismatic presence and a zest for action. His performance as the legendary knight showcases his range as an actor, displaying both physicality and comedic timing.
Stevens brings a sense of nobility and chivalry to Sir Lancelot, capturing the essence of the legendary figure with his regal posture and expressive acting. His delivery of Lancelot's knightly speeches and monologues evokes a sense of medieval grandeur, adding depth to the character's identity.
Furthermore, Stevens' comedic sensibilities shine through in his portrayal of Sir Lancelot. His ability to deliver comedic lines with perfect timing and bring physical comedy to the character adds a layer of humor to the films. Stevens' portrayal strikes a balance between the valiant hero and the comedic foil, providing memorable and entertaining moments throughout the series.

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb: Dan Stevens "Sir Lancelot" On Set Interview | ScreenSlam

Rami Malek As Ahkmenrah

Rami Malek's performance as Ahkmenrah, the Egyptian pharaoh, brings an air of mystery, wisdom, and vulnerability to the "Night at the Museum" franchise. Malek's portrayal beautifully captures the enigmatic nature of Ahkmenrah, highlighting his character's hidden depths and ancient origins.
Malek infuses Ahkmenrah with a quiet strength and regality, portraying the pharaoh as a dignified and wise leader. His performance showcases the struggle of a trapped soul seeking freedom and a connection to the modern world. Malek's ability to convey complex emotions through subtle expressions and nuances adds emotional depth to the character.
Ahkmenrah's interactions with the other exhibits, particularly Larry Daley (played by Ben Stiller), showcase Malek's chemistry with his co-stars. The bond between Ahkmenrah and Larry, as well as the emotional journey of the pharaoh, provide poignant and heartfelt moments in the series.
Malek's portrayal of Ahkmenrah demonstrates his versatility as an actor, capturing the essence of a historical figure while imbuing the character with contemporary relevance. His nuanced performance contributes to the overall magical atmosphere of the films, making Ahkmenrah a beloved and memorable part of the "Night at the Museum" universe.

Night at the Museum | "Mummy" Clip featuring Rami Malek | Fox Family Entertainment

Mickey Rooney As Gus

Mickey Rooney's portrayal of Gus, one of the night guards in the museum, adds a playful and lively energy to the films. Rooney's veteran talent shines through in his performance, showcasing his ability to captivate audiences with his presence and comedic timing.
As Gus, Rooney brings a sense of childlike wonder and enthusiasm to the role. His infectious energy and mischievous nature make Gus a lovable and memorable character. Rooney's comedic delivery and physicality add depth to the humor, creating memorable moments that elicit laughter from audiences.
Rooney's portrayal of Gus also exhibits a genuine camaraderie with the other characters, particularly with Bill Cobbs' Reginald. Their on-screen chemistry and comedic timing create a dynamic duo that adds levity and heart to the films.

Night at the Museum - Gus

Bill Cobbs As Reginald

Bill Cobbs' portrayal of Reginald, the other night guard in the museum, complements Mickey Rooney's Gus perfectly. Cobbs' calm and composed demeanor serve as a contrast to Gus' exuberance, creating a comedic balance between the two characters.
As Reginald, Cobbs brings a grounded presence to the films, often serving as the voice of reason and providing a sense of stability amidst the magical chaos. His dry wit and subtle humor add depth to the character, contributing to the overall comedic brilliance of the series.
Cobbs' performance as Reginald also showcases a warm and caring nature, particularly in his interactions with the exhibits and his friendship with Gus. His portrayal embodies the wisdom and experience of an older generation, adding a sense of wisdom and guidance to the story.
The chemistry between Mickey Rooney and Bill Cobbs as Gus and Reginald creates a genuine and endearing friendship on screen. Their comedic banter, mutual support, and shared adventures provide heartwarming moments that resonate with audiences.
Bill Cobbs as Reginald in Night at the Museum movie
Bill Cobbs as Reginald in Night at the Museum movie

People Also Ask

Who Played The Lead Role In The "Night At The Museum" Movies?

Ben Stiller played the lead role of Larry Daley in the "Night at the Museum" movies.

Which Actor Portrayed Theodore Roosevelt In The "Night At The Museum" Series?

The late Robin Williams portrayed Theodore Roosevelt in the "Night at the Museum" series.

Who Played The Character Jedediah, The Tiny Cowboy Figurine In "Night At The Museum"?

Owen Wilson played the character Jedediah, the tiny cowboy figurine, in the "Night at the Museum" movies.

Which Actress Portrayed The Character Of Rebecca Hutman, The Museum Curator In The Night At The Museum (film Series)?

Carla Gugino portrayed the character of Rebecca Hutman, the museum curator, in the "Night at the Museum" series.

Who Were Some Of The Notable Supporting Actors In The "Night At The Museum" Movies?

Notable supporting actors in the "Night at the Museum" series include Dick Van Dyke, Ricky Gervais, Rami Malek, Mickey Rooney, Bill Cobbs, and Dan Stevens.

What Is The Name Of Night At The Museum 4?

Its full name is Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again (2022).


The "Night at the Museum" series captivated audiences with its enchanting premise and delightful blend of adventure and comedy. The exceptional Night at the Museum cast played a crucial role in bringing the magical world of the museum to life.
From Ben Stiller's endearing portrayal of Larry Daley to Robin Williams' heartfelt performance as Theodore Roosevelt, each member of the cast contributed to the series' success.
Their chemistry, comedic timing, and memorable characterizations elevated the films and made them cherished favorites among audiences of all ages. The cast of "Night at the Museum" created a cinematic experience that will continue to entertain and inspire for years to come.
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