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Mother Discovers Baby With 20 Face Scratches In Melbourne Childcare

A Melbourne childcare center is under scrutiny after a 10-week-old baby boy was severely scratched by another child, leaving his face covered in more than 20 bloody marks. The mother discovers baby with 20 face scratches in Melbourne childcare and cannot believe that another child did it.

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A Melbourne childcare center is under scrutiny after a 10-week-old baby boy was severely scratched by another child, leaving his face covered in more than 20 bloody marks. The mother discovers baby with 20 face scratches in Melbourne childcareand cannot believe that another child did it.

Distressed Mother Discovers Baby With 20 Face Scratches In Melbourne Childcare

The distressed mother, Rachel, received a call from Only About Children Melbourne Central last month, informing her of an incident involving her son, Noah, during a routine nappy change.
Upon arriving at the center with her partner, they were shocked and devastated to find their infant son with deep scratches across his delicate face.
Infant with deep scratches across his delicate face
Infant with deep scratches across his delicate face
"We were both in tears. We couldn't believe such a horrible thing could happen to our boy," Rachel emotionally expressed to 7NEWSthrough a translator.
Concerned for Noah's well-being, the family rushed him to Box Hill Hospital, where doctors carefully examined and treated his wounds. Medical professionals were astounded by the severity of the scratches and ensured that Noah's eyes and brain had not sustained any damage.
Overwhelmed with anguish, Rachel shared, "I feel lots of pain in my heart. I don't even want to click the images (of Noah injured)."
The distraught mother demanded answers from Only About Children Melbourne Central, where a staff member informed her that another child had scratched Noah while an educator was preoccupied with changing another child's nappy.
Only About Children Melbourne Central
Only About Children Melbourne Central
Only About Children Melbourne Central declined to comment on the incident when approached by 7NEWSbut did issue an apology letter to the family. However, the apology fails to alleviate the family's trauma, and Rachel revealed that they have not allowed Noah to return to the childcare center since the incident occurred.
The Victorian Department of Education acknowledged the incident and confirmed that the center had implemented policy changes as a response. A spokesperson stated:
The service has put in place measures to address this incident, including reviewing its procedures at nappy change times to include an additional educator at these times. The department takes the safety, security, and well-being of every child extremely seriously.
Rachel remains unsatisfied with the explanation provided by the childcare center, considering the extent of Noah's injuries.
We just can't accept this explanation because there were more than 20 scratches on Noah's face. How could this happen accidentally?- Rachel, The 10 week old's Mom
While the daycare center insists it was an accident, Rachel's husband suspects child abuse.
My husband says that this was definitely not an accident; this was child abuse.- Rachel, The 10 week old's Mom
In addition to seeking compensation, Rachel hopes to bring attention to the incident and ensure that such incidents are prevented in the future. The Department of Education has initiated an investigation into the matter, and steps are being taken to improve safety protocols within the center.
The distressing images of Noah's injured face have circulated widely, provoking strong reactions from the public. Social media users expressed shock and disbelief that a toddler and a 10-week-old baby were left unsupervised together.
Many questioned the supervision practices at the center, with one user stating:
How is a toddler and a 10-week-old under supervision in the same area?
Another commenter shared:
So heartbreaking! So traumatized for us mums!
As the investigation continues, it is hoped that lessons will be learned from this distressing incident, leading to improved safety measures and increased vigilance to protect the well-being of children in childcare settings.

An Overview Of Child Care Centers In Australia

When parents express their need for child care, it is common for them to seek out child care centers as their preferred option. In Australia, child care centers are the most popular formal child care setting, as revealed by the 2017 Child Care Survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
The survey highlighted that 37% of children under the age of 12 were enrolled in child care centers, followed by outside school hours care for school-aged children at 15%.
Child care centers provide regular care on a full-time or part-time basis, typically in purpose-built or adapted facilities. These centers can be found in various locations, including standalone establishments, schools, shopping centers, or office blocks.
They are operated by different entities such as private operators, local councils, community organizations, employers, and non-profit organizations.
Child care centers generally operate from early morning to early evening, typically between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm on weekdays. Some centers may have extended hours or offer care on weekends.
These centers cater to children aged from birth to five years old, accommodating children of different age groups within the same center. The ratios of staff to children are regulated by state government guidelines to ensure appropriate care.
In recent years, childcare centers have undergone improvements through the implementation of the National Quality Framework (NQF) by the Australian government.
National Quality Framework (NQF) by the Australian Government
National Quality Framework (NQF) by the Australian Government
The NQF has standardized and enhanced the ratios of educators to children across the country. Additionally, some centers offer additional types of child care services such as sessional care for morning or afternoon sessions, extended hours care outside regular operating hours, and outside school hours care for before and after school.
The cost of child care in centers can vary based on factors such as:
  • geographical location
  • required hours of care
  • additional services like meals and nappies (if provided)
New South Wales (NSW) is generally associated with higher costs, while Tasmania tends to offer more affordable options. Eligible families can access various forms of government assistance, including the Single Child Care Subsidy, to help alleviate the costs of child care.
Child care centers provide a combination of education, care, and recreational programs tailored to different age groups.
These programs include activities such as:
  • arts and crafts
  • cooking
  • drama
  • dance
  • excursions
  • music
  • reading
  • sports
Children also have supervised playtime with toys, outdoor equipment, and sensory activities involving water and sand. The stimulating environment of childcare centers contributes to children's overall development.
When searching for a suitable child care center, it is advisable to visit multiple centers to observe their operations and interactions between staff and children.
Factors to consider include:
  • location
  • cost
  • availability
  • staff qualifications
  • center alignment with your child's needs and interests.
Parental involvement and effective communication with the center are also important aspects to ensure a positive experience for both the child and the family.

Identifying And Addressing Daycare Abuse And Neglect

Childcare centers play a crucial role in providing a safe and nurturing environment for children. However, it is essential to acknowledge the possibility of daycare abuse and neglect, which can leave children vulnerable to physical, emotional, or sexual harm.

Recognizing Child Abuse and Neglect

As parents and guardians, it is vital to be vigilant in recognizing the signs of abuse and taking appropriate action to protect the well-being of our children. By understanding the different forms of abuse that can occur in daycare settings and being aware of the warning signs, we can ensure the safety and security of our children.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse in daycare settings involves intentionally causing physical harm to a child. Signs of physical abuse may manifest as unexplained bruises, scratches, or injuries on the child's body, particularly in areas such as the wrists, arms, buttocks, neck, shoulders, or back of the legs.
Children who exhibit fear or flinch at sudden movements or raised hands may also indicate physical abuse.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse in daycare settings refers to any form of inappropriate sexual behavior or exploitation directed toward a child. It is crucial to be attentive to signs that may indicate sexual abuse, such as advanced sexual knowledge beyond the child's age, recurring nightmares, regression in behavior, or unusual fears.
Children who display excessive interest in sexual behaviors or exhibit changes in their behavior and mood may be experiencing sexual abuse.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse in daycare settings involves actions or behaviors that harm a child's emotional well-being. This may include constant criticism, belittling, or humiliation.
Children who experience emotional abuse may exhibit changes in behavior, such as becoming withdrawn, depressed, or showing signs of guilt or shame. They may also display aggressive behaviors, such as kicking, biting, or scratching.


Neglect in daycare settings occurs when a child's basic needs, such as food, drink, hygiene, or supervision, are consistently unmet. Signs of neglect may include children frequently appearing hungry or thirsty at pick-up time, persistent soiled diapers or long-lasting diaper rashes, and children appearing malnourished or inadequately cared for.
Neglected children may also exhibit developmental delays or demonstrate a lack of emotional bonding and attachment.
Recognizing signs of daycare abuse and neglect is crucial for parents and guardians to protect their children's well-being. If any warning signs are present, it is essential to take immediate action.
This may involve documenting the signs, communicating with your child about their experiences, and reporting your concerns to the appropriate authorities, such as child protection agencies or law enforcement.

Choosing The Right Child Care Center

Choosing the right childcare center is an important step in preventing abuse and ensuring the safety of your child. Some key considerations when selecting a daycare facility include:
  • Look for centers that allow parents unrestricted access to visit and observe the premises, rather than imposing restrictions.
  • Inquire about the procedures and supervision during bathroom breaks to ensure the safety of children and minimize opportunities for abuse.
  • Ensure that the daycare center employs qualified and well-trained staff who have undergone thorough background checks, including screening for criminal history and emotional stability.
  • Determine who has access to the children within the facility, including bus drivers, janitors, and relatives of the daycare center staff, and ensure appropriate measures are in place to limit contact.
  • Discuss the center's discipline policies, including who administers discipline, the circumstances under which it is used, and the forms it takes, to ensure they align with your parenting values.
  • Regularly communicate with your child about their experiences at the daycare center, paying close attention to their behavior, emotions, and any incidents that may make the child uncomfortable.
By remaining alert to the signs of abuse, actively participating in your child's daycare experience, and maintaining open lines of communication, you can create a safe and secure environment for your child in a daycare setting.

Tips for Getting Childcare | How To Choose The Best Child Care For Your Baby - How To Survive?

If you suspect any form of abuse or neglect, it is crucial to take immediate action to protect your child and seek appropriate legal and support services.

People Also Ask

How Can Parents Advocate For Improved Safety Measures In Childcare Centers?

Parents can advocate for improved safety measures by engaging with the center's management, joining parent committees, and communicating their concerns to regulatory authorities.

What Resources Are Available For Parents To Educate Themselves About Daycare Abuse Prevention?

Parents can access resources such as government websites, non-profit organizations, and parenting books/workshops to learn about recognizing signs of abuse and implementing preventive measures.

How Can Childcare Centers Promote Transparency And Trust With Parents?

Childcare centers can promote transparency by allowing parents to visit anytime, providing regular updates through newsletters or meetings, and establishing channels for feedback and concerns.


In conclusion, the safety and well-being of children in childcare centers are of utmost importance. The incident where a mother discovers baby with 20 face scratches in melbourne childcare center serves as a reminder of the need for vigilance and proactive measures to prevent abuse and neglect in such environments.
It is crucial for parents and guardians to recognize the signs of daycare abuse, including physical, sexual, emotional, and neglectful behaviors, and take immediate action if any concerns arise. Choosing the right childcare center that prioritizes safety, employs qualified staff, and promotes open communication is essential to ensure a secure and nurturing environment for our children.
By actively participating in our child's daycare experience and maintaining a strong connection with them, we can better protect them from harm and provide the support they need to thrive.
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