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Monopoly World Champion Shares Tips And Tricks To Win The Game

If you want to learn the key to winning at Monopoly, listen to the monopoly world champion gamer's advise. Many people don't know about this but Hasbro hosts the recognized Monopoly World Championship. Since the inaugural tournament was conducted in 1973, the intervals between them have generally gotten longer.

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If you want to learn the key to winning at Monopoly, listen to the monopoly world championgamer's advice. Many people don't know about this but Hasbro hosts the recognized Monopoly World Championship.
Since the inaugural tournament was conducted in 1973, the intervals between them have generally gotten longer. It is held every 4 to 6 years. The final competition took place in 2015; the 2021 championship was postponed owing to the coronavirus.
The current holder is Nicolo Falcone, a lawyer from Venice, Italy.
He competed in the World Championships for the first time in 2015 in Macau, China, and took home $20,580, which is equal to the face value of all the money in the game's bank.

Nicolo Falcone And Monopoly

Nicolo Falcone is the latest monopoly champion. He shares his journey:
I used to play Monopoly with my dad and brother every Sunday throughout the winter when I was a child growing up in Venice. They were so amazing that I typically lost and broke down in tears.
They served as my mentors. I continued this behavior as an adult. I used to go skiing in the Dolomites with my buddies in the winter. There, where the sun sets early, we played Monopoly in the evenings.
I was a capable competitor. When I was 30 years old and serving as a lawyer for the Venice City Council, a pop-up banner asking, "Are you excellent at Monopoly?" arrived on my computer one day in 2014. A trip for two to the 2015 globalchampionships in Macau, China, was up for grabs.
First, I clicked and registered for a local competition in Spilimbergo, which is located 60 miles northeast of Venice. My friends and I went together. Before the competition, one of them drank alcohol and played for two hours while wearing sunglasses and in silence. Despite this, they were still able to win. I came in third.
The next year in Milan, we both earned spots in the Italian national championship. The competition lasted for two days. All of my matches were losses on the first day, but I started winning on the second. Because she had work the following morning, my then-girlfriend Lisa, who is now my wife, wanted to return to Venice, but I told her "I'm sorry, I'm winning.
Nicolo Falcone giving instructions in monopoly championship
Nicolo Falcone giving instructions in monopoly championship
I had won the national title by 8 o'clock. Two round-trip tickets to that same year's world championship in China were included in my reward. I was performing in front of a replica of St. Mark's bell tower while we were performing in Macau at a massive hotel called the Venetian.
I can see the real one from my bedroom, so that was strange. The ambiance was fantastic. There were 27 players there, along with spectators, media members, players' friends and parents from different parts of the world. It was a true family occasion.
No swearing was permitted. A straightforward game is monopoly. Not chess, that. Since I am familiar with the tricks, I would definitely prevail if we played Monopoly together, but since everyone in the world championship is, too, fortune and luck play a significant role.

Monopoly World Championship Prize

He took home the $20,580 first-place reward in that event, which represents the total face value of the game's bankroll. As word spread about his victory, he started receiving calls from individuals all around the world.
He also started pursuing my love of stand-up comedy, creating a performance based on my Monopoly competition experiences. International invitations to compete in games have come my way.
Nicolo Falcone holding mic in his stand-up comedy show
Nicolo Falcone holding mic in his stand-up comedy show
Monopoly is taken very seriously in Japan. When he got there, he had Cristiano Ronaldo-like feelings. He had private chefs take me to dinners at restaurants in skyscrapers and competed in bouts against former world champions.

Tips By The Great Champion Nicolo Falcone

He shares his wise tips and tricks:
When people ask me for advice, I advise them to purchase three homes on each property once they have the entire set.
In addition, he says that jail is initially your enemy but becomes your best buddy later on in the game.
By that time, if you get arrested, stay there as long as you can since you can get money from your properties but you can't pay other players all over the board.
There are also "heat maps" for Monopoly, which display the locations that are visited most frequently.
Read the regulations as well.
You will succeed if you fully understand them.
For instance, you are not limited to purchasing and building homes solely during your turn.
While playing Monopoly can take hours, the game that won me the global championship was finished in under 47 minutes. Not because I am the Maradona of Monopoly, but more because I am aware of the regulations.
The game shouldn't go for five hours. The championship win altered my entire life. I began my employment at Comedy Central.
I've learned that when I visit foreign countries and make contact with comedy clubs, if I claim to be the Monopoly world champion and to have worked with Comedy Central, someone will arrange a seat for me.
I was asked to interview James May for the television program Our Man in Italy when he came out to shoot here. Every four to six years are dedicated to the world championships.

Monopoly World Championship Winners

Nicolo Falcone

The latest Monopoly world champion is an Italian named Nicolo Falcone. He prevailed in the most recent competition, which took place in 2015, making him the acknowledged best Monopoly player in the world right now. At the final table, he triumphed over former world champion Bjorn Halvard Knappskog.
Only two of the fourteen world champions have been Americans. Those victories occurred in the first two competitions, each of which had just four competitors - three of whom were from North America!

Brian Nuttall

Brian Nuttall, the UK champion, was invited to the 1973 Monopoly World Championship game. This invitation was given to Gyles Brandreth, a TV host and former member of the British parliament, who was the 1974 European champion and also hailed from the UK.
After competing in the 1990s Monopoly World Championships, he entered politics. 63 nations from around the world have sent representatives to the Monopoly World Championships so far. About one-third of the world's officially recognized nations are represented by this.
Nicolo Falcone receiving award after winning the monopoly championship
Nicolo Falcone receiving award after winning the monopoly championship

People Also Ask

Who Is The Current Monopoly World Champion?

The current Monopoly world champion is Nicolo Falcone, of Italy. He won the last tournament held in 2015, meaning he is officially recognized as the current world's best Monopoly player.

When Was The First Monopoly Championship?

The first MONOPOLY World Championship took place in 1973 at the Grossinger's Resort in the Catskills in New York. Three competitors from around the US and the British Champion took part, and Californian Lee Bayrd won the championships.

Is Monopoly A Skill Or A Luck?

Monopoly is a game of both luck and skills, as it involves a combination of people skills, some luck, as well as strategy. One cannot win Monopoly purely based on luck as the player has to make wise decisions on how to handle their money and investments after the roll of the dice has made a few decisions for them.


To win the game, the latest Monopoly World Champion, stated that first, you should know all the rules and regulations of the game, then lie other tips and tricks. The tournament usually takes place every four to six years, but the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the cancellation of the 2021 edition.
While the next date is still to be determined, Nicolo stated, "When the time comes, I hope to win again. The championship has never been won twice."
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