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Miyazaki Mangoes - The World's Costliest Mango

Miyazaki mangoes are no conventional natural product. Christened Taiyo no Tamago (Egg of the Sun), the ruby-toned natural product initially filled in southern Japan's Miyazaki Prefecture, is all around as dear as gold in the global market.

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Miyazaki mangoes- Miyazaki mangoes are no conventional natural product. Christened Taiyo no Tamago (Egg of the Sun), the ruby-toned natural product initially filled in southern Japan's Miyazaki Prefecture, is all around as dear as gold in the globalmarket.
A couple of mangoes were as of late unloaded for $3000; purchasing a mango will normally hamper you by $50.
Red-orange colored miyazaki mangoes aligned in a tray
Red-orange colored miyazaki mangoes aligned in a tray

What Are Miyazaki Mangoes?

The Miyazaki mango is a sort of "Irwin" mangoes known for their exceptional ruby red tone.
Unique in relation to the yellow "pelican mango" that is broadly filled in Southeast Asia, the Miyazaki mangoes have the second biggest creation in Japan after Okinawa.
They need to pass severe principles prior to being dispersed on the lookout, the Miyazaki Local Products and Trade Promotion Center expressed.
“It’s like jelly. You can eat it along with its peel. The pulp just melts in the mouth and is exceptionally sweet,” an Indian farmer.
In 2019, a couple of premium mangoes from Miyazaki Prefecture brought a record ¥500,000 at a nearby discount market breaking the past best of ¥400,000, The Japan Times detailed. So, the Miyazaki mangoes for sale are available but at a very high cost
To qualify, the natural product needs to meet severe rules. Just those mangoes that tumble off the tree are gathered. Of the gathered organic product, mangoes with the most noteworthy sugar content, gauging something like 350 grams with great, flawless skin are viewed as the best quality.
As per Atlas Obscura, the strong sticker price of the natural product is somewhat because of the work and care that goes into developing them.
Portraying the taste as“mango candy with hints of pineapple and coconut”, the site adds that the natural product has next to no stringiness and is very delicious.
Miyazaki mangoes hanging on a tree;miyazaki mangoes in a box
Miyazaki mangoes hanging on a tree;miyazaki mangoes in a box

Some Interesting Facts About Miyazaki Mangoes

Here is all that you want to be familiar with in the perfect assortment of mangoes from Japan:
  • As per Miyazaki neighborhood items and exchange advancement focus in Japan, these mangoes are developed during the pinnacle gathering between April and August.
  • Miyazaki mangoes are among the most costly on the planet and sold at ₹2.70 lakh per kilogram in the global market last year, as per the Japanese media reports.
  • The Miyazaki is a sort of "Irwin" mango which is not quite the same as the yellow "pelican mango" generally filled in Southeast Asia, as indicated by the Japanese exchange advancement focus.
  • Miyazaki's mangoes are transported all over Japan, and their creation volume is second in Japan after Okinawa.
  • The Miyazaki mangoes benefitsare wealthy in cancer prevention agents and contain beta-carotene and folic corrosive, which is perfect for individuals that need assistance with tired eyes, the rade advancement focus said. They additionally help in forestalling diminished vision.
  • Nearby newsreports say that the creation of mangoes began in Miyazaki in the late 70s and mid-80s. The city's warm climate, extended periods of time of daylight, and bountiful downpour made it workable for the ranchers in Miyazaki to go for mango cultivation, the reports said. It is currently the prevailing produce here.
  • The Miyazaki mangoes go through severe checking and testingbefore being traded across the island country. Those which pass the best norm, are designated "Eggs of the Sun".
  • These mangoes are much of the time flaring red and their shape seems to be dinosaur eggs.

Miyazaki: World's costliest mango, sold at ₹2.70 lakh per Kg| Ruby-coloured mango | Oneindia News

"I mean if they were hand animated by the man himself, I can understand the price. /s
I actually saw a vegetable auction when I went on a tour of the old Tokyo fish market. People buying were mostly middlemen sourcing the absolute best for use in high end restaurants according to the tour guide."
_Veefy (Reddit)
"I've heard some of these fruit are so expensive because the farmers grow them to perfection over multiple generations and only do it in small batches. Idk if that makes it worth the price, but I definitely want to try some."
_A6uh (Reddit)
"With that amount I’m paying for stupid mangoes, I would rather use that money on cheap food that can last me a month."
_weschoaz (Reddit)
Miyazaki mangoes grown in a greenhouse
Miyazaki mangoes grown in a greenhouse

People Also Ask

Why Miyazaki Mango Is So Expensive?

"The mangoes are sweet and grow up to a size similar to other mango varieties. It is their rarity that makes them so costly,” he tells The Better India. Strangely, the Miyazaki mango, developed on the Kyushu island of Japan, comes from the Irwin mangoes developed in Florida, USA.

Why Miyazaki Mango Is So Special?

This exceptional organic product gets the name 'Miyazaki' from the city in Japan principally where they are developed and reaped. One mango weighs around 350 grams, which is wealthy in cell reinforcements, beta-carotene, and folic corrosive. Additionally, these mangoes are developed during the pinnacle gathering season that falls between the long periods of April to August.


To get the ideal shade of the miyazaki mangoes, Japanese ranchers encompass the mangoes with little netsthat permit daylight to equally hit the skin to get the ruby red tone along with pad them when it tumbles from the tree.
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