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Minnesota Man Wanted By Police Dies After Hiding In A Basement Freezer

A chilling incident occurred when a Minnesota man wanted by police dies after hiding in a basement freezer that could only be opened from the outside. The incident, which unfolded in Minnesota, highlights the desperate measures some individuals resort to in an attempt to evade authorities. This detailed account examines the circumstances surrounding the incident, shedding light on the tragic outcome and the implications it carries.

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A chilling incident occurred when a Minnesota man wanted by police dies after hiding in a basement freezerthat could only be opened from the outside. The incident, which unfolded in Minnesota, highlights the desperate measures some individuals resort to in an attempt to evade authorities. This detailed account examines the circumstances surrounding the incident, shedding light on the tragic outcome and the implications it carries.

The Incident

Brandon Lee Buschman, who was 34 years old, was found in a chest freezer in the basement of an empty house on June 26. He was said to have been hiding from local police.
The man in question, Brandon Lee Buschman, was a suspect sought by law enforcement. Faced with imminent arrest, Buschman made the ill-fated decision to hide in a freezer located in a residence. The Minnesota man wanted by police dies after hiding in a basement freezer.
The chest freezer, specifically designed to open from the outside, became an unintentional death trap. When discovered, Buschman was unresponsive, and attempts to revive him were unsuccessful. The tragedy has sparked public discourse regarding the desperate actions individuals may take to avoid arrest and the risks associated with such behavior.
The Midwest Medical Examiner's Officer said that the man who was found in the freezer on June 26 was Brandon Lee Buschman, who was 34 years old. The Gilbert Police Department sent out a press statement about this last week.
Buschman had a warrant out for his arrest, which police said, and witnesses saw him run away from the upstairs of his Biwabik home when they heard that police were close.
The chest freezer is an older model with a locking device on the outside, according to the Gilbert Police Department, which works with the city of Biwabik, where the death happened.
“When closed, the freezer is not capable of being pushed open from inside,”police said in a newsstatement.
When he went inside, the freezer wasn't working because the electricity hadn't been hooked up to the house since April 2022. Police say that no one has lived there since February 2023.
Police said that Buschman went down to the basement of the house and "on his own" went into the freezer. He was stuck inside the freezer because he couldn't open it from the inside.
It's still not clear how long Buschman had been in the freezer, but Techar said that detectives were "continuing to narrow down the timeline of the last time Buschman was seen alive."
Police said in a news statement:
Investigators located a metal lawn ornament rod that was inserted from inside of the freezer towards the latching mechanism. The rod was jammed between the gasket and manufactured edge, preventing the rod from being able to manipulate the latching mechanism from the inside.
During the autopsy, the Midwest Medical Examiner's Office found "no evidence of trauma or injury," the police said.
Still, no one knows when Buschman went into the freezer or how long he was there before his body was found.
Lt. Chelsea Trucano told the Duluth News Tribune:
The reports from the individuals were very unclear to us as to exactly when it was that Buschman had fled. We are continuing to work on some additional investigation to narrow if that means it was this year or last year and will provide that information at a later date once it is narrowed to a better timeline.- Lt. Chelsea Trucano
The investigation is being led by the Gilbert Police Department, which has a deal with the city of Biwabik. Help has come from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office, and the police forces in East Range, Chisholm, and Babbitt.
Brandon Lee Buschman
Brandon Lee Buschman
In the coming weeks, the police said, the final results from the autopsy will be made public. The copsalso didn't say what crime Buschman was wanted for.

Desperation And Decision-Making

The incident raises questions about the desperation and state of mind of individuals who resort to extreme measures when faced with the prospect of arrest. It serves as a reminder of the potential dangers that can arise from impulsive decision-making under duress.

The Role Of Law Enforcement

The tragedy prompts a discussion on the approach of law enforcement agencies in apprehending suspects. It is crucial for authorities to strike a balance between enforcing the law and ensuring the safety of all individuals involved. Evaluating protocols and strategies can help minimize the risks associated with fugitive apprehension.

Safety Measures And Design Considerations

The incident brings attention to the design and safety considerations of appliances, particularly those with potential confinement risks. Manufacturers and designers should assess potential hazards and implement safeguards to prevent accidental entrapment and tragic outcomes.

Mental Health And Crisis Intervention

Instances like these underscore the importance of addressing mental health issues and providing crisis intervention services. Understanding the psychological state of individuals who engage in desperate acts can inform proactive measures aimed at preventing such incidents and ensuring appropriate support is available.

Public Awareness And Education

The incident serves as a reminder to the public about the potential consequences of engaging in illegal activities and evading law enforcement. Heightened awareness and education regarding the risks associated with criminal behavior can discourage individuals from resorting to desperate measures.

Appliance Safety Considerations And Preventing Accidental Entrapment

Appliance safety is a paramount concern in households and public spaces. Ensuring that appliances are designed and operated with safety in mind is crucial to prevent accidents and potential harm.
One significant aspect of appliance safety is preventing accidental entrapment, which can pose severe risks, including suffocation, injury, or even death. This article delves into the importance of appliance safety considerations and explores preventive measures to avoid accidental entrapment.

Understanding Entrapment Risks

Accidental entrapment can occur in various household appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, and ovens. Young children, vulnerable individuals, or even adults in distress can become trapped inside these appliances, resulting in life-threatening situations. The risks include suffocation, exposure to extreme temperatures, or physical injury.

Appliance Safety Considerations

Manufacturers play a crucial role in ensuring appliance safety by implementing various design features and safety standards. Here are some key considerations for appliance safety:
  • Locking Mechanisms - Appliances that pose entrapment risks should have secure locking mechanisms that prevent unintended access. For instance, freezers or refrigerators can be equipped with latch systems that can only be opened from the outside, preventing accidental entrapment.
  • Child Safety Features -Appliances should incorporate child safety features, such as child locks or tamper-resistant controls, to prevent young children from inadvertently activating or accessing them. These features can help mitigate the risk of accidents or entrapment when children are present.
  • Warning Labels and User Manuals - Clear and visible warning labels should be affixed to appliances, highlighting potential entrapment hazards and providing safety instructions. Additionally, user manuals should include detailed guidance on proper usage, potential risks, and safety precautions to ensure users understand the appliance's safe operation.
  • Ventilation and Airflow - Appliances that can potentially trap individuals should have adequate ventilation to ensure a continuous supply of fresh air. This consideration is particularly important in appliances like dryers, which may have small spaces that could limit air circulation if blocked.
Chest freezer in a kitchen
Chest freezer in a kitchen

Preventive Measures To Avoid Accidental Entrapment

While manufacturers play a significant role in ensuring appliance safety, individuals must also take preventive measures to minimize the risk of accidental entrapment:
  • Regular Maintenance -Regularly inspect and maintain appliances to ensure they are in good working condition. Check for any broken or faulty components that could increase the risk of entrapment, and promptly repair or replace them.
  • Secure Storage - Keep appliances that pose entrapment risks securely stored or locked when not in use. This prevents unauthorized access and reduces the likelihood of accidents, especially in households with young children or vulnerable individuals.
  • Supervise Children - Supervise children closely when appliances are in use, particularly those that may attract their curiosity. Teach them about the potential dangers associated with appliances and instruct them to never play or hide inside them.
  • Education and Awareness -Educate household members, including children, about appliance safety and the risks of accidental entrapment. Promote awareness of potential hazards and emphasize the importance of responsible and safe appliance use.
  • Emergency Preparedness -In the event of accidental entrapment, it is crucial to be prepared and know the appropriate actions to take. Keep emergency contact numbers readily available, and educate household members on how to respond in such situations. Quick and informed responses can potentially save lives.
Appliance safety considerations and preventing accidental entrapment are critical aspects of maintaining a safe household or public environment. By implementing proper appliance safety measures, including secure locking mechanisms, child safety features, warning labels, and adequate ventilation, manufacturers can reduce the risks of accidental entrapment.
Individuals should also be proactive in practicing preventive measures, such as regular maintenance, secure storage, supervision of children, education, and emergency preparedness.
By collectively addressing appliance safety concerns, we can mitigate the risks associated with accidental entrapment and ensure the well-being of individuals in their everyday interactions with appliances.

People Also Ask

What Happened To The Man Who Hid In A Freezer To Evade Authorities?

The man, Brandon Lee Buschman, tragically died after hiding in a freezer that could only be opened from the outside.

Why Did The Man Choose To Hide In A Freezer?

The man, who was wanted by the police, made the decision to hide in the freezer in a desperate attempt to evade authorities.

How Did The Man Become Trapped In The Freezer?

The freezer in question was designed to only open from the outside, inadvertently trapping the man inside when he sought refuge.

What Are The Implications Of This Incident?

The incident raises questions about the desperation of individuals facing arrest, the role of law enforcement in apprehending suspects, appliance safety considerations, mental health support, and the importance of public awareness and education regarding the risks associated with criminal behavior.

How Can Similar Tragedies Be Prevented In The Future?

To prevent similar incidents, it is important to address mental health issues, provide crisis intervention services, assess appliance safety considerations, evaluate law enforcement protocols, and promote public awareness about the potential consequences of engaging in illegal activities.


Minnesota man wanted by police dies after hiding in a basement freezer. This is a distressing incident that raises important considerations. It sheds light on the desperate actions some individuals may take when facing arrest and the risks associated with such behavior.
The incident serves as a reminder of the need for balanced law enforcement practices, mental health support, appliance safety considerations, public awareness, and proactive measures aimed at preventing similar tragedies. By addressing these issues, society can work toward minimizing the risks and creating a safer environment for all.
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