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Miles Davis IV - Son Of Famous American Musician Miles Davis

Miles Davis's second son, Miles Davis Jr., died at the age of 65. Muhammad Abdullah, formerly known as Miles Davis IV, died as a result of complications from a cardiac condition.

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Miles Davis's second son, Miles Davis Jr., died at the age of 65. Muhammad Abdullah, formerly known as Miles Davis IV, died as a result of complications from a cardiac condition.
Let's have a look at his father, Miles Davis.

Miles Davis

Miles Davis felt he was one of the greatest artists of all time. "I've altered the musicfive or six times," he once said. Davis was not conceited; rather, he was humble.
To decode his DNA, he must understand the structure of cool jazz, hard bop, modal jazz, and even hip hop and rock. Davis was the maestro of social music, creating the soundtrack to a fashionable existence for five decades.
Davis was not simply heard. He was noticed; he was fashionable and suave, with a lovely face to match. Despite this, Columbia Records did not use him on the original 1957 sleeve of his own "Miles Ahead" record.
In truth, his appearance was the issue: he had a dark complexion. Instead, a Caucasian woman and child aboard a boujee boat signified the marriage of jazz and world music on "Miles Ahead.

Miles Davis Family Mourns The Passing Of Miles Davis IV

Muhammad Abdullah Davis, the son of world-famous music icon, Miles Davis and Irene Cawthon Davis-Oliver, has died. Previously known as Miles Davis IV, he was affectionately known as "Squeaky" by family and friends.
His sister, Cheryl, has paid tribute to her late sibling in a statement that reads, "My brother was a gentle soul. He was very smart and knowledgeable about the world around him. He was also an historian. He smiled often and had wisdom."
"With heavy hearts we wish Muhammad a peaceful transition. We love you!​"his half-brother Erin says.
Abdullah, 65, who served in the US Navy, died as a result of complications from a cardiac condition. To honor his Muslim faith, his service will be led by an Imam.
"He was more like a brother to me. He lived with us in Chicago for a short time. I remember going to his Little League baseball games. I also remember his cool European racing bike Uncle Miles sent him! I love you Squeaky!"says Vince Wilburn, Jr.
"My uncle was a good man. He had a gentle, caring personality and always had a smile. He was also very devout,"says Paul Scott, nephew.
"We were the youngest. As children, Miles Jr. was my playmate. He was my best friend. He had a gentle soul,"explains Raymelle Davis, her sister.
"I loved him and will forever miss Miles Dewey Davis, IV "Squeaky."said Joseph Davis, nephew.
"Uncle Miles was a faithful servant of God and God must have had a position for him in heaven. That’s why he took him so suddenly," said Khalid Davis, nephew.

People Also Ask

What Happened To Miles Davis IV?

Miles Davis IV died as a result of complications from a heart condition.

What Was Miles Davis IV Cause Of Death?

Miles Davis IV died due to a heart attack.

What Was Miles Davis Net Worth?

The net worth of Miles Davis, father of Miles Davis IV, was $19 million.


Abdullah, who served in the United States Navy as a young man, was laid to rest on Thursday at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri (22 Oct 2015). In respect of his Muslim religion, the service was led by an Imam. Abdullah died 14 years after his father, who died in 1991.
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