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Ferrule - Metal Part Of A Pencil

What is the metal part of a pencil known as? It is known as a ferrule. Prior to 1964, brass was used to make pencil eraser ferrules because it possessed the necessary strength to hold a pencil and its eraser.

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What is the metal part of a pencilknown as? It is known as a ferrule. Prior to 1964, brass was used to make pencil eraser ferrules because it possessed the necessary strength to hold a pencil and its eraser.
For a very long time, it has been common practice to include a little eraser on the end of pencils. The eraser is often attached to the pencil using a hollow metal cylinder that fits over the pencil, and the rubber eraser acts as an extension of it.
The cylindrical piece of metal, known as a pencil ferrule, is typically composed of brass or aluminum. Due to their greater robustness compared to aluminum, brass pencil ferrules are more frequently employed.
Although aluminum pencil ferrules offer outstanding visual qualities similar to those of brass, they have not been utilized very frequently because of their weak strength qualities.
The hollow aluminum pencil ferrule can easily be crushed between two fingers of one hand. This unfavorable trait increases the cost, creates a significant amount of waste in the following production processes, and reduces the utility of employing aluminum for this purpose.
Because aluminum ferrules were too readily crushed, pencil producers chose to make ferrules out of brass, which was more expensive.
Everything was altered when J.B. Ostrowski's started doing some experiments. By adding tiny serrations to the outside of the aluminum ferrule, Ostrowski reinforced it. This quick fix made aluminum a workable material for making ferrules.
The common pencil's manufacture cost was reduced thanks to the serrated aluminum ferrule. Pencils with the less expensive serrated ferrules could be mass-produced by manufacturers to be more reasonably priced than before. One could argue that Otrowski was a precursor to the yellow pencil people use today.
The serrated ferrule also improved the appearance of the pencil. The ferrules are designed the way they are because of Ostrowski.
The aluminum pencil ferrule can be strengthened by alloying it with metals of higher strength or by undergoing other expensive processing steps; however, these are undesirable due to the additional costs associated with the alloying additions or more expensive processes.

People Also Ask

What Is The Metal Part Of A Pencil Called?

The metal part of a pencil is called the ferrule.

What Are The Parts Of A Pencil?

  • A solid core of pigment.
  • Painted wooden body.
  • Ferrule.
  • Eraser.

What Is The Ferrule On A Pencil?

The ferrule of your pencil extends it, allowing you to use all of the graphite. The ferrule fits the most commonly used pencils with diameters between 7-8mm, including coloring, charcoal, pastel, and even cosmetic pencils.

What Is A Pencil Ferrule Made Of?

The metal ferrule that attaches to the end of the pencil and secures the eraser in place is made from aluminum.


An essential part of a contemporary pencil is the ferrule. The ferrule is the metal part of a pencil that connects the eraser to the body of the pencil. Originally, it was constructed of brass, which had the right amount of strength to support the pencil and eraser.
Due to a lack of metal during World WarII, cardboard and plastic were used to make ferrules. J.B. didn't become famous until 1964. Aluminum ferrules were invented by Ostrowski.
In order to prevent the soft aluminum from disfiguring, he fashioned it with two horizontal bands and several vertical ridges. The ferrule he created is still in use today.
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