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Met Police Officer Says She Was 'Unaware' That Her Husband Was A Drug Dealer

A Met police officer says she was 'unaware' that her husband was a drug dealer. Officer Rasvinder Agalliu lived in a £5,000-a-month rental home, drove a £70,000 Audi, and wore a lot of designer clothes, even though he only made the salary of a police constable.

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Dec 14, 202280 Shares1K Views
A Met police officer says she was 'unaware' that her husband was a drug dealer. Officer Rasvinder Agalliu lived in a £5,000-a-month rental home, drove a £70,000 Audi, and wore a lot of designer clothes, even though she only made the salary of a police constable.
She also said that she thought her husband, Julian Agalliu, could pay for their expensive tastes by working as a private chef for football players, where he allegedly made between £1,000 and £4,000 per week in cash.
However, it turns out that Julian was also a significant drug trafficker who sold cocaine and cannabis over the illicit messaging service Encrochat.
The National Crime Agency broke into the illegal messaging platform Encrochat and found messages from his alias, "Nicemoon." This led to the discovery of his illegal side business.
Police launched a raid at Agalliu and Julian's residence in Enfield, north London, in June 2020 after receiving messages that included gun trades and packages of cocaine totaling 100 kg, disguised as the timepiece brand Hublot.
Detectives discovered digital scales, cocaine, and more than £15,000 in cash there. Additionally, a Louis Vuitton box and a Met radio that had been allocated to a former officer as well as Agalliu's David Lloyd gym card and bags contained evidence of cocaine use.
That Met police officer says she was 'unaware' that her husband was a drug dealer. Agalliu said she didn't know about the cocaine that was discovered in the bedroom since she didn't sleep there and that the radio had been given to her without changing the name.
She said the scales and cash were things she'd never seen, that the gym card was one she believed she'd misplaced, and that the drugs might have been planted by someone who attended a recent party.
Agalliu was terminated from the force after the case went before a disciplinary panel because they didn't think she was unaware of her husband's operation.
Given that her spouse failed to pay taxes on his income, they came to the conclusion that she was "more likely than not to have had a good knowledge" of where he acquired his money.
The panel explained their position in their conclusion, saying:
The clear inference we draw from the evidence presented is that on the balance of probabilities, [Julian Agalliu] is a class A drug user and is measuring drugs and it is inconceivable his wife would not know.
Agalliu was found guilty of numerous counts of gross misconduct and fired at Woolwich Crown Court on Friday, while Julian was found guilty of conspiring to distribute drugs (9 December). On February 9, he will receive a sentence for his offenses.


Met police officer says she was 'unaware' that her husband was a drug dealer after drugs, scales, and £15,000 were found in their home. The panel claimed her explanation was unconvincing and came to the conclusion that she "must have been aware' of one or more illegal goods in her house.
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