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Memes About Pets And Animals - From Grumpy Cat To Doge

Explore a world of laughter and relatability with Memes About Pets And Animals. Dive into the whimsical humor and heartwarming moments shared by beloved pets and creatures. Discover the internet's favorite pet-themed memes and the playful rivalry between cats and dogs. Join the online community of animal lovers and find amusement in the quirks of our furry, feathered, and scaly companions.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of internet humor, one category that has consistently captured hearts and elicited laughter is the realm of memes about pets and animals. From the quirky behaviors of cats to the boundless enthusiasm of dogs, these memeshave become a beloved and integral part of online culture. They not only bring smiles to our faces but also offer a window into the charming and sometimes perplexing world of our furry, feathered, or scaly companions.
There's no doubting that humans and animals have a special affinity. These creatures have won us over and captivated our minds, from the faithful dogs who greet us at the entrance to the self-sufficient cats who proudly present us with their prey. Animals bring delight into our lives not only via their charming antics, but also through their intriguing and often ridiculous behavior.
The single best part of getting online is checking out what the world's furriest and funniest critters are up to, from the cutest puppies to the craziest cats.
Without further ado, here are some of the viral pet memes we could find, ranging from the well-known to the infamous to the simply hilarious. These hilarious animal memes will make you laugh until you cry.
In this exploration of memes about pets and animals, we will delve into the humor, relatability, and heartwarming moments that these memes bring to our digital screens.

Doge Meme

The "Doge" meme is an internet phenomenon that features a Shiba Inu dog with captions written in broken English and Comic Sans font. The captions often include phrases like "such wow," "much impress," and "so amaze." The image of the Shiba Inu is typically accompanied by the iconic doge face, which consists of raised eyebrows and a sideways glance.
This meme is known for its humorous and endearing depiction of the dog's internal monologue, making it appear as if the dog is sharing its thoughts and reactions to various situations. The "Doge" meme became a viral sensation and is often used to express enthusiasm, amazement, or sarcasm.
Famous Doge Meme
Famous Doge Meme

Grumpy Cat Meme

The "Grumpy Cat" meme features an image of a cat named Tardar Sauce with a perpetually grumpy or displeased expression on her face. This meme achieved widespread fame and became a beloved icon in the world of internet humor, specifically in the category of memes about pets and animals.
The hallmark of the "Grumpy Cat" meme is Tardar Sauce's unique facial expression, which appears as a permanent scowl. This distinctive look led to captions that typically conveyed sarcastic, cynical, or pessimistic sentiments. The juxtaposition of the cat's dour appearance with humorously negative or sardonic captions created a humorous and endearing online personality.
Grumpy Cat's fame extended far beyond the digital realm. She became a beloved figure in popular culture, making appearances in merchandise, books, and even a Lifetime movie titled "Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever." Her popularity stemmed from the universal appeal of her unimpressed expression, which resonated with people from all walks of life.
What set the "Grumpy Cat" meme apart was its ability to capture a range of emotions. Beyond just grumpiness, the meme was often used to express exasperation, annoyance, or disbelief. This versatility allowed internet users to apply the meme to a wide variety of situations, from humorous commentaries on everyday life to reactions to current events.
Grumpy Cat meme examples
Grumpy Cat meme examples

Cats Vs. Dogs Meme

The "Cats vs. Dogs Meme" is a popular meme theme that humorously compares and contrasts the behaviors, personalities, and characteristics of cats and dogs. This meme format plays on the long-standing and friendly rivalry between cat lovers and dog enthusiasts, presenting exaggerated stereotypes and relatable scenarios related to these two beloved pet species.
The humor in the "Cats vs. Dogs Meme" often arises from the playful and exaggerated depictions of cats and dogs as distinct personalities. These memes typically use images, captions, and text overlays to highlight the perceived differences between the two animal species. For example, cats are often portrayed as aloof, independent, and mysterious, while dogs are seen as loyal, enthusiastic, and sociable.
One of the key aspects of this meme format is its relatability to pet owners. Many people have experienced the unique quirks and behaviors of cats and dogs, and these memes capture those moments in a humorous and light-hearted way. Whether it's the way cats knead their paws or the exuberant greetings of dogs when their owners return home, these memes find humor in the familiar.
The "Cats vs. Dogs Meme" format also invites participation and engagement from internet users. Many variations of these memes allow individuals to share their own observations or preferences when it comes to cats and dogs. Whether someone identifies as a "cat person" or a "dog person," these memes provide a playful platform for expressing and debating one's pet preferences.
Overall, the "Cats vs. Dogs Meme" serves as a source of amusement and camaraderie among pet owners and animal lovers. It playfully highlights the endearing and sometimes puzzling qualities of cats and dogs while fostering a sense of community among those who appreciate the joys of pet ownership.
Cats Vs. Dogs meme template
Cats Vs. Dogs meme template

Confused Cat Meme

The "Confused Cat" meme features an image of a cat with a bewildered or perplexed expression. The cat appears to be staring at something unusual or confusing. This meme template is often used to represent moments of confusion or misunderstanding in a humorous way.
The humor in the "Confused Cat" meme lies in the relatability of the cat's expression to situations in which people find themselves perplexed or unable to comprehend what they are witnessing. The meme often includes captions that playfully describe the confusion or bemusement of the cat.
Confused Cat meme template
Confused Cat meme template

Cat Breading Meme

The "Cat Breading" meme involves the act of placing slices of bread with a hole cut out for the cat's face on a cat's head and photographing the result. The images typically show the cat with its head through the bread, creating a humorous and slightly absurd visual.
This meme format became popular due to its simplicity and the comical appearance of cats with bread "helmets." While it may seem unusual, the "Cat Breading" meme is a lighthearted and harmless form of pet humor. It doesn't cause harm to the cats involved, as the bread is usually quickly removed after taking the photo.
Cat Breading meme template
Cat Breading meme template

Surprised Pikachu Meme

The "Surprised Pikachu" meme features an image of the beloved Pokémon character Pikachu with a wide-eyed, shocked expression on its face. This meme has become a versatile and widely recognized format for expressing exaggerated surprise or astonishment in various internet contexts.
The humor in the "Surprised Pikachu" meme stems from the juxtaposition of Pikachu's iconic, cheerful demeanor with the comically exaggerated shock portrayed in the image. This meme format is often used to humorously comment on situations or outcomes that should have been predictable but still manage to catch someone by surprise.
One of the notable aspects of the "Surprised Pikachu" meme is its adaptability. Internet users can easily add their captions or text overlays to the image to create their own humorous and relatable expressions of shock or disbelief. This adaptability has contributed to the meme's enduring popularity and its ability to stay relevant in a rapidly changing meme landscape.
Additionally, the "Surprised Pikachu" meme's widespread recognition makes it a go-to choice for internet users seeking to convey their astonishment in a light-hearted and shareable manner. Whether it's used to comment on pop culture events, unexpected outcomes, or humorous personal anecdotes, this meme format continues to find new applications and variations in the online meme ecosystem.
Surprised Pikachu meme example
Surprised Pikachu meme example

Animals With Eyebrows Meme

The "Animals with Eyebrows" meme genre involves the humorous addition of eyebrows, usually drawn or edited, to various animal photos. These added eyebrows create expressive and often anthropomorphic facial features on animals, giving them a more human-like or comical appearance.
The humor in the "Animals with Eyebrows" meme lies in the contrast between the natural expressions of animals and the artificially added eyebrows. These modified images often depict animals with raised or furrowed brows, as if they are pondering deep thoughts or reacting to surprising events. The meme format allows for endless creativity and the opportunity to inject unexpected personality into familiar animal faces.
Dog with eyebrows meme
Dog with eyebrows meme

Cats On Glass Tables Meme

The "Cats on Glass Tables" meme theme involves capturing images of cats lying on transparent glass surfaces, such as tables or countertops. The unique aspect of these images is that they provide a view from below, allowing observers to see the cats from an unusual angle.
The humor in the "Cats on Glass Tables" meme often arises from the distorted appearance of the cats when viewed through the glass. Their bodies may appear flattened or stretched, leading to comical and surreal visual effects. Additionally, cats' curiosity and affinity for lounging on unusual surfaces make these images relatable and endearing to pet owners.
Two examples of Cats On Glass Tables meme
Two examples of Cats On Glass Tables meme

Cats In Small Boxes Meme

The "Cats in Small Boxes" meme theme centers around the amusing behavior of cats trying to fit themselves into containers that are far too small for their size. Whether it's shoeboxes, cardboard packaging, or other tight spaces, cats' determination to snugly occupy these small boxes creates comical and heartwarming moments.
The humor in the "Cats in Small Boxes" meme is derived from the cats' insistence on squeezing themselves into these confined spaces. Despite the impracticality of their choices, cats often appear content and comfortable once they've successfully nestled into the boxes. The meme captures the endearing and quirky nature of feline behavior.
Black cat in small box meme
Black cat in small box meme

Cats Stealing Dog Beds Meme

The "Cats StealingDog Beds" meme centers around the humorous and endearing phenomenon of cats choosing to occupy dog beds, even when there are perfectly suitable feline-sized alternatives available. This meme plays on the classic rivalry between cats and dogs and highlights the amusing behavior of cats asserting their dominance or asserting their presence in dog territory.
The humor in the "Cats Stealing Dog Beds" meme arises from the contrast in size between the cats and the dog beds. Despite being smaller, cats often manage to claim the larger dog beds, leaving dogs perplexed or displaced. The meme typically features photos of cats comfortably nestled in dog beds, sometimes with a smug or nonchalant expression.
The meme format often includes captions that humorously depict the cats' thought process or their motivations for choosing the dog beds over their own. It's as if the cats are sending a playful message that they can take over the dog's domain whenever they please, regardless of size differences.
What makes this meme particularly charming is the relatability factor for pet owners. Many cat owners can attest to their feline companions' quirky preferences, and the "Cats Stealing Dog Beds" meme captures these moments of feline independence and mischief.
Cats Stealing Dog Beds Meme example
Cats Stealing Dog Beds Meme example

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Animal-themed memes on social media?

Some popular cat memes include Grumpy Cat and Nyan Cat, while famous dog memes include Doge and "I Has a Hotdog."

How Do Memes About Pets And Animals Become Viral?

Memes featuring relatable or humorous pet behaviors often become viral when they strike a chord with internet users and are widely shared.

What Is The Significance Of Pet Memes In Internet Culture?

Pet memes provide lighthearted entertainmentand bring joy to people's lives. They also create a sense of community among pet owners.

How Do Pet Memes Impact Our Perception Of Animals?

Pet memes often humanize animals, making them more relatable and endearing to the online audience.
Recent trends include memes featuring pets reacting to unexpected sounds or objects, as well as humorous captions overlaid on animal photos.


As we conclude our journey through the world of memes about pets and animals, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the internet's love affair with our furry friends is boundless. These memes have not only entertained us but also united us in the shared experiences of pet ownership.
From cats with their aloofness to dogs with their unwavering loyalty, and from the adorable antics of hamsters to the majestic grace of big cats, these memes remind us of the unique and endearing qualities of the animal kingdom.
They offer a daily dose of humor, warmth, and relatability, making our online lives a little brighter. In a digital world filled with diverse content, memes about pets and animals stand as a testament to the enduring charm and universal appeal of our beloved animal companions.
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