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Meet.Curve Reviews - A Brand That Offers Plus-Size Swimwear

A brand that offers cute swimwear with inclusive sizing options and trendy styles that don't make you look like your grandmother, with reasonable prices, is Meet.Curve. We've included some Meet.Curve reviews to make it easier for you to decide.

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Jan 13, 202335 Shares857 Views
A brand that offers cute swimwear with inclusive sizing options and trendy styles that don't make you look like your grandmother, with reasonable prices, is Meet.Curve. We've included some Meet.Curve reviewsto make it easier for you to decide.
Meet Curve appears to be a dream come true for anyone who has trouble finding good swimwear in sizes other than a size 0.
Continue reading the Meet.Curve reviews to learn more about this brand and whether it's worth the money or if it's too good to be true.

What Exactly Is The Meet Curve?

Meet Curve is an affordable online swimwear brand that offers everything from one-pieces to coverups. They are a size-inclusive brand, with a wide range of styles available in sizes 8 to 26.
Prices for a swimsuit typically range from $25 to $40, which is quite reasonable when compared to other top swimwear brands. They also have a fantastic sale section where you can find even more bargains.
Because Meet Curve is based in China, orders may take longer to arrive than you are used to. Most customers have to wait about three weeks for their orders to arrive, but it could take even longer.
It's also worth noting that the brand provides 15-day returns on unworn items, but customers must pay for return shipping. Because the brand is based in another country, this can be costly and may not be worth it depending on how many swimsuits you intend to order.
A girl wearing a blue-printed short dress; A girl wearing a pink and white short dress
A girl wearing a blue-printed short dress; A girl wearing a pink and white short dress

What Do Customers Think Of This Company?

Meet Curve has received 27 complaints in the last three years. This isn't bad, but there weren't many positive reviews on this platform either.
Nonetheless, based on over 11,000 reviews, the brand has a 4.53-star rating on Trustpilot. Overall, it appears that many people have had positive experiences with Meet Curve.
You can also find a lot of try-on hauls on YouTube, which can help you figure out which swimsuits you might be interested in and see what people have said about certain swimsuits.
One of the most common complaints is about shipping times, which come from customers who didn't realize the brand ships from China before they ordered.
Because they ship from overseas, you can expect to wait 3 weeks (or even more) for your order. You should not trust this brand for a special occasion. Customers also complained about Meet Curve customer service's slow or non-existent response times.
The sizing appears to be inconsistent for some other customers (often on the smaller side). They do have a measurement guide that can be useful, but it does not always appear to be accurate.
In general, they appear to be very similar to competing for overseas fast fashion brands. The prices are reasonable, but the quality and sizing are inconsistent.

Positive Reviews

Jotika P. says, "I bought the lace one piece in a Large size and it fit perfectly I could have gone for the medium. I was worried about the torso part being too short as per the reviews that's why I opted for a larger size but it was not a problem. It's good quality and looks amazing on me. I am an Australian size 14-16 usually. Thanks Meet Curve keep up the good work."
Heather B. says, "2 out of the three bathing suits fit perfectly! The other one was a little big. I'm super happy with how they look on me and will definitely shop here again!"
Nancy R. says, "Overall good experience. I didn't realize when I ordered that the swimsuits shipped from China, but was pleased I received my order in about two weeks. Nice quality swimsuits that looked just like the website photos. They were flattering and beautiful and I love the swimsuit I kept. So far, the return process is hassle-free. I wish the swimsuits had fit me better and hope in the future Meetcurve adds a "long torso" size option to their suits. Thanks!"

Negative Reviews

Mary Beth P. says, "Sizes aren't what I expected. 1 piece suits are very short. Cup sizes aren't proportional for sizes ordered.Shipping took 21 full days."
Tracy J. says, "It completely depends on if this is Canadian dollars or American dollars. If Canadian great. If not I am tired of American or Chinese companies advertising on Canadian Facebook in American dollars. If this is in American dollars and has to pass the border just cancel it. Thanks. Pretty sure American customers would not like being told after the fact that they are spending Canadian dollars."
Lindsay R. says, "I just wanted other customers to be aware of their return policy. You have only 15 days to request a return or exchange from the date received or your request will be denied. So you will have items that you won't wear. I should have checked the return policy but assumed I had 30 days. Just be aware when ordering. The items were going to be returned due to fit in length of the tops and bottoms."


If you are not satisfied with this brand, you can return your order. But, you must know about their return policy, so there might not be any problem.

Meet Curve Return Policy

  • All return/exchange items must be unworn, undamaged, and unwashed, with all original labels attached and in their original packaging.
  • Otherwise, the buyer is responsible for all fees incurred and there will be no refund.
  • Items may be returned or exchanged within 15 days of delivery. Please keep in mind that late requests will not be accepted.
  • Return/Exchange shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer (include the shipping fee for the order).
  • If your package contains missing or damaged items, please keep the outer package so that we can verify the information.
  • Meet Curve does not accept returned items that were sent back without first notifying us. Please keep in mind that the address on the package is not the return address. Their customer service team will provide you with a return address and instructions after you confirm with them.

People Also Ask

Where Does Meet Curve Ship From?

Meet Curve ships from the United States and Canada.

What Is The Meet Curve Sizing Range?

Meet Curve sizing ranges from M to 4XL.

What Is The Meet Curve Order Cancellation Policy?

  • They will provide a full refund for orders that need to be canceled but have not yet shipped.
  • If the orders have already been shipped, they will not accept cancellation requests. Please file a return request after receiving the package.
  • In most cases, you will receive your refund within 5 to 15 business days. (If you have not received your refund within 30 days, you can contact them via email.)


Overall, the brand isn't the worst, but it may not be as dependable as you'd hope based on the Meet.Curve reviews. Many customers are dissatisfied with customer service, returns, and slow shipping speeds.
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