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Max Hocus Pocus - Former Child Star Is Now An Entrepreneur

Max Hocus Pocus is a teenager who has been shown to hate Halloween in the Hocus Pocus show. Max Denison is the protagonist of the Halloween comedy fantasy movie Hocus Pocus.

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Max Hocus Pocusis a teenager who has been shown to hate Halloween in the Hocus Pocus show. Max Denison, portrayed by Omri Katz, is the protagonist of the Halloween comedy fantasy movie Hocus Pocus.
The eerie family comedy Hocus Pocus was released in 1993 and is still popular and widely quoted today.
Contrary to what you might have imagined, this Halloween classic actually hit the theater first in July 1993.
At that time, viewers first confront Max (Omri Katz) and his sister Dani (Thora Birch) with three Sanderson witches played by Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy.
But when he accidentally revived the Sanderson Sisters, Max and his friends forcibly withdrew their progress and stopped them forever.
Max Hocus Pocus in a classroom
Max Hocus Pocus in a classroom



Max is shown as a youthful teenager and he is seen to be able to grow into a dark teenager.
He is not only stubborn but brave and caring for others (as in the situation of Thackely Binks), determined and wise (as shown when trying to defeat Sanderson's sisters).


Max Dennison age is 14-years with brown hair and green eyes. He has fair skin, first wearing a blindfolded shirt (to entertain his teacher Miss Olin), then a blue shirt and a brown jacket in jeans.

The Role Of Max Hocus Pocus In The Movie

Initially, Max is angry because he and his family have just moved from Los Angeles, California to Salem, Massachusetts.
He misses his friends and isn't exactly the same as his classmates who believe in supernatural myths.
One of the particular classmates he's crazy about is Allison.
Max is shown to rather hate Halloween and does not believe in magic or supernatural power, believing Halloween to simply be a tactic of confectionery companies to make additional money.
Max Hocus Pocus writing something; Max Hocus Pocus wearing a brown-grey jacket
Max Hocus Pocus writing something; Max Hocus Pocus wearing a brown-grey jacket
Thus, he is not happy at having to take Dani trick-or-treating, thus taking his anger out on Dani, causing her to be upset with him, but Max apologizes and she forgives him after some time.
When visiting the Sanderson sisters' house with Dani and Allison, he cynically lights the black flame candle, not believing it will resurrect the Sanderson sisters, against Dani and Allison's desires.
However, he is astounded when his lighting of the candle does indeed resurrect the sisters and thus is compelled to fightand defeat them before sunrise with the help of Dani, Allison, and Thackery Binx.
He is shown to be rather devious when dealing with the sisters; he utilizes their lack of understanding and knowledge of the 20th century and tricks them into believing he is a wizard who can call for "the burning rain of death" (in reality water from fire sprinkles) and that Allison's car headlights are in fact an indication of early sunrise.
During the final battle in the graveyard with the Sanderson sisters to release Dani from Winifred's clutch, he consumes a potion of life and is exposed to the absorption of life.
Just as Winifred is trying to take her vitality, she touches the sanctuary of the graveyard, petrifying it for its inherent filth, becoming green dust at sunrise, and Max can live.
After the trials are over, Allison and Max Hocus Pocus are officially in a relationship.
Max Hocus Pocus standing in a classroom
Max Hocus Pocus standing in a classroom

Katz Quit Acting After Hocus Pocus

Omri Katz appeared in many different projects as a kid and a teenager, but his role in Hocus Pocus is still most notable thanks to the film's lasting charm. But it was also his last one.
After 18 years in the business, Katz left his acting career behind. To see what he's been doing now and how he's stayed close with his Hocus Pocus and other fellow actors, keep reading.

What Happened To Max From Hocus Pocus?

Former Child Star is now an entrepreneur. Katz announced last year that it will open an online cannabis-based clothing store, The Mary Danksters.
It officially opened in September 2020.
"Lots of people wondering what I`ve been up to," he wrote on Instagram in March 2020. "Being a member of the cannabis community for almost 20 years now and jumping thru hoops of fire to get here I'm proud to announce our online apparel store… I'm so proud of what we've created so Come show your love and support."
On the official website, Katz states that they are "ambassadors of the cannabis culture, with deep roots within the traditional cannabis community" and represent "positivity" and" unity. "
Some of the products sold by The Mary Danksters are T-shirts, hoodies, and hats, many with the company logo.

Hocus Pocus Max Fails

People Also Ask

Who Was Max In Hocus Pocus?

Max Hocus Pocus is portrayed by actor Omri Katz. It is one of his most-loved shows till now.

Is Hocus Pocus Too Scary For A 5-Year-Old?

As listed by Common Sense Media, the best age compromise for Hokaspocas seems to be 11 years old in the end. However, it does not automatically mean that it is too scary for all children under the age of five. To be honest, this movie is best left to the discretion of my parents.


Max Hocus Pocus is now a businessman. Do you have any idea about that? Do let us know in the comment section below.
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