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Maplestory Reboot Breakdown Of Levels And Some Items 2022

This Maplestory Reboot breakdown is about some items and some levels. It does not cover all the aspects but ONLY the important ones. This will work for the majority of classes on the Reboot version.

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Nov 12, 2022124 Shares2.2K Views
This Maplestory Reboot breakdownis about some items and some levels. It does not cover all the aspects but ONLY the important ones. This will work for the majority of classes on the Reboot version.
But what is a Reboot server/version? Reboot is a server where Nexon has eliminated the majority of the game's pay-to-win features; things often bought with NX (Nexon Cash/Premium Currency) on regular servers are now only available for purchase with mesos on Reboot.
Additionally, items like the Marvel Machine and Philosopher's Books are not included in the reboot. In order to make up for the lack of scrolling and extra potentials, Reboot also scales bonus%damage based on level.

Maplestory Reboot Beginner Guide

Reboot players should rigorously follow the Maplestory Reboot breakdown guide offered below and avoid attempting to train against monsters more than 5 levels above their character level unless they are rushing a character with pre-selected gear and potion bonuses.
This is due to the fact that you will inflict less damage in these circumstances, which is especially dangerous on Reboot servers where this damage penalty is more severe.

Silent Swamp, Copper Drake 65 - Swamp Victoria Island

This is a popular training map that is well known and can make finding a free channel on populated servers such as Reboot difficult, so those reading this as a MapleStory Reboot leveling guide will need to take that into consideration. It is also listed on the Maple Guide and is located at level 60 circle.
The flat platforms that players can go across and then use the secret portal to return to the top to restart the cycle are what give it its popularity. Moving one map to the right, which is still a good place to train, is an option if all channels are already packed.
Ilji, who is on a quest to kill Drakes for more experience, can be found in Sleepywood right outside of this map portal, so take note of that. Every character you play in MapleStory should have enough Copper Drakes to meet the stamp requirements for the Maple Guide (250), since this permanent teleport to Sleepywood is a great way to move around the world as your account grows.

Maple Guide - Ninja Castle 170

A must-have because the boss will reward you with a 30-day toad pet if you make three successful attempts per day, making the completion stamp extremely useful. This is the free alternative to pursue if you're on Reboot or Normal servers seeking an easy-to-obtain MapleStory pet outside of Hard Hilla. Be aware that this material has a maze phase, so it's best to use a Ninja Castle guide.

Reboot Maplestory Leveling Guide

Level 150 - 160

As you approach the point where MapleStory's early game ends, you may anticipate that the training's complexity will gradually increase.
You can continue finishing any of the dungeon material from the level range above during this level range, and you can take on any monster with a level of 150 or higher from that content (Three Doors has some of the best options).
From this point on, you might discoverthat you need to stick to the earlier places suggested in this training guide if you are playing MapleStory on a new account or have a low-geared mule. This is especially true for players who have just completed the Reboot, as monster HP curves go up dramatically after this point.

Level 160 - 170

For the strongest MapleStory classes and accounts, there are a variety of boss alternatives that become easier as your hyper skills activate. This includes previously difficult obstacles such as Von Leon, Horntail, and Normal Root Abyss.
Don't forget to use Monster Park every day with diligence while working on the leveling guide regions below. You should continue practicing at the previous training grounds until you reach level 162, and if you are on Reboot, you can anticipate staying there even longer.

People Also Ask

Should I Do Reboot MapleStory?

Reboot is good for players that like having a structured way to move their characters forward. Most of the time, Reboot players have a clearer path because they can't buy items on the Auction House to speed up their progress.

What Is The Difference Between MapleStory Reboot And Normal?

Reboot characters start out with more inventory slots that are unlocked and more beginner items whereas the Normal one does not feature this.

Is Reboot Pay To Win MapleStory?

Yes, it's very pay-to-win; in fact, using the pet system, it's pay-to-win on the Reboot server as well. You still need to purchase pet skills.


Due to the lack of account-wide bonuses, it is not uncommon for MapleStory Reboot players who use the above Maplestory Reboot breakdown guide to encounter enemies that are a level range below.
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