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Man's £17,000 Dream Cruise Sets Sail Without Him - A Costly Vacation Nightmare

Are you dreaming of an adventure at sea with luxurious accommodations and endless entertainment? Me too! But one man's £17,000 dream cruise sets sail without him. Let's dive into why.

Author:Morgan Maverick
Reviewer:Professor Jhiz
Apr 24, 202311 Shares625 Views
Are you dreaming of an adventure at sea with luxurious accommodations and endless entertainment? Me too! But one man's £17,000 dream cruise sets sail without him. Let's dive into why.

Man's £17,000 Dream Cruise Sets Sail Without Him

A man’s £17,500 dream cruise turned into a nightmare after he was left stranded in the Philippines for weeks. Christopher Chapel, a retired youth worker from Swindon, Wiltshire, had paid for a round-the-world trip that set off earlier this year.
However, halfway through his trip, Chapel began to feel nausea and lightheadedness. He paid a visit to the ship’s doctor who told him he would not be allowed back on board and sent him away for some tests. By the time the tests had been carried out, the cruise had left the port, leaving Chapel stranded.
Chapel and his concerned niece, Karen Williams, contacted cruise organizers P&O and travel insurers Nationwide and were told that Chapel had a critical medical condition that made returning the absent passenger difficult. Doctors deemed him unfit to fly to Manila, so he took this part of the trip back by boat but could be brought the rest of the way by plane with medics escorting him. He finally arrived back in the UK on 7 April.
Chapel said, "The person who sent me away from the ship didn't even examine me and must have known that the hospital tests would have taken longer than the ship would be at the port. If there is a critical medical situation, as P&O keeps saying, why haven't I been told more about it or shown their medical report?
They have failed in their duty of care, first by leaving me on the island and now with all this secrecy about my health."
Chapel expressed his disappointment and frustration over the incident. "It seems like a comical cock-up. The doctors who brought me home were lovely, I could not fault them, though they weren't sure why they were required because they just gave me Diazepam to calm my nerves and there wasn't anything else wrong with me.
It does worry me, and I will book a full medical examination very soon, but I feel alright, just a little achy and feeble."
Chapel began feeling unwell when the ship docked on the island of Palawan on 4 March, and says the onboard doctor sent him to the hospital. By the time medics had carried out all their tests and given him some antibiotics for heatstroke, the cruise ship had already gone.
"It's been an absolute nightmare, and terrifying at times," he said. "I kept telling the nurses 'I need to get back to the ship' but they kept taking more tests and asking about my breathing difficulties and chest pains when I didn't have either of those symptoms. I don't know what they had been told by the P&O doctor.
When I went into a coma, I wondered if that was it, that might be the end, but I came around the next morning. I was then stuck in a hospital bed with nothing wrong with me; it was ludicrous. I should have been allowed back on board; it wasn't a serious health issue."
A P&O Cruises spokesman confirmed that they would cover the costs of returning Chapel’s luggage.
We are sorry that Mr. Chapel was unable to rejoin the ship due to his illness. The ship’s doctor did not feel it was appropriate for him to travel on board, and we fully supported this decision. Once he was well enough to travel, we arranged for his return to the UK with a medical escort. Our care team is in contact with Mr. Chapel and his family to provide assistance and answer any questions they may have.- P&O Cruises Spokesperson
In situations like this, travel insurance is very important. With travel insurance, passengers can protect themselves from unexpected events such as medical emergencies, flight cancellations, lost luggage, and more. It is always wise to research the best travel insurance options before embarking on a journey.
Christopher Chapel and his niece Karen Williams
Christopher Chapel and his niece Karen Williams

Understanding The Rules And Regulations Of Cruise Ships

The case of Christopher Chapel being left behind during his dream cruise highlights the importance of understanding the rules and regulations of cruise ships. Cruise ships operate under strict guidelines and regulations to ensure the safety and well-being of all passengers and crew on board. These guidelines cover a wide range of areas, including health and safety, security, and behavior on board.

Health And Safety Rules

Cruise ships operate under strict health and safety guidelines to protect the health and well-being of all passengers and crew on board. This includes measures such as regular cleaning and disinfection of public areas and cabins, as well as strict protocols for dealing with medical emergencies and outbreaks of illnesses like norovirus.
In addition, cruise ships often have rules around the consumption of food and drink to prevent the spread of illness. For example, passengers may be advised to avoid eating raw or undercooked foods and may be required to use hand sanitizers before entering dining areas.

Security Rules

Cruise ships also have strict security rules in place to ensure the safety of passengers and crew on board. This includes measures like passenger and luggage screening before boarding the ship, as well as strict access controls to restricted areas of the ship.
Passengers are typically required to carry their cruise ship identification card with them at all times, and may be required to pass through security checkpoints when boarding or leaving the ship at port stops.

Behavior Rules

In addition to health and safety and security rules, cruise ships also have rules around behavior on board. This includes policies around alcohol consumption, with limits on the amount of alcohol that can be brought on board, as well as rules around public intoxication and rowdy behavior.
Cruise ships also have dress codes for certain areas of the ship, such as formal dining areas or the onboard theatre. These dress codes may vary depending on the cruise line and the specific itinerary but may require passengers to dress in formal or semi-formal attire for certain events or activities.

Emergency Procedures

Finally, cruise ships have strict emergency procedures in place to ensure the safety of passengers and crew in the event of an emergency. This includes regular safety drills and briefings, as well as strict protocols for dealing with emergencies such as fires, flooding, or medical emergencies.
Passengers are typically required to attend safety drills at the beginning of the cruise, and may be required to participate in additional drills or briefings throughout the journey. It is important for passengers to follow the instructions of crew members during emergency situations to ensure the safety of everyone on board.

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People Also Ask

Cruise ships can sail to almost anywhere in the world that has a port, from tropical islands to historic cities to remote wilderness areas. Some popular cruise destinations include the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Alaska, Hawaii, and the South Pacific.

What Is The Environmental Impact Of Cruise Ships?

Cruise ships can have a significant impact on the environment, including air and water pollution, damage to marine ecosystems, and carbon emissions. However, many cruise lines are implementing sustainable practices, such as reducing waste and using cleaner fuels, to minimize their impact.

What Are Some Common Myths About Cruising?

There are many myths and misconceptions about cruising, such as that it's only for older people or that it's a luxury vacation that's out of reach for most people. In reality, there are cruises to suit all ages and budgets, and many offer a wide range of activities and amenities for passengers to enjoy.


In conclusion, being left behind on a cruise ship can be a nightmare, especially when you've spent a significant amount of money on the trip of a lifetime. The story of Christopher Chapel, the man's £17,000 dream cruise sets sail without him, highlights the importance of adequate communication between cruise operators and passengers, especially when it comes to medical issues.
While unexpected health complications can arise during any trip, it's crucial for cruise lines to have clear protocols in place for addressing these situations and ensuring that passengers are kept informed and cared for.
This unfortunate incident serves as a reminder for travelers to carefully review the terms and conditions of their vacation package, including cancellation policies and medical evacuation coverage, to avoid unexpected and costly setbacks.
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