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Man With Two Working Penises Left Women In Disbelief Until They Saw Them

Tank, a truck driver from Los Angeles, has opened up about his extraordinary life with a rare condition called diphallia, which means he was born with two penises. While this may initially sound intriguing, Tank shared that it came with its fair share of challenges. One might think having a spare penis could be advantageous, but the reality was far from glamorous. The man with two working penises left women in disbelief, until proof!

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Tank, a truck driver from Los Angeles, has opened up about his extraordinary life with a rare condition called diphallia, which means he was born with two penises. While this may initially sound intriguing, Tank shared that it came with its fair share of challenges. One might think having a spare penis could be advantageous, but the reality was far from glamorous. The man with two working penises left women in disbelief, until proof!

Double Trouble - Urination And Intimacy Challenges Faced By Tank

One major inconvenience Tank faced daily was urinating. Having to aim accurately with just one penis is a common struggle for many men, but having two made it an even more daunting task. He described it as "not fun" and a potential nightmare.
Beyond the bathroom complications, the condition also affected Tank's sexlife. He spoke about his experiences on the YouTube channel Soft White Underbelly and revealed that having two penises didn't necessarily make things more exciting in the bedroom. Tank, the man with two working penises left women in disbelief and for his partners, it often turned out to be uncomfortable or awkward during intimate moments.

Man Born With Two Penises interview-Tank-SWU Subscription Channel promo

While it may have been possible to use both penises during sex, Tank explained that it could be painful for both parties involved. Additionally, the presence of an unused penis could create discomfort. Many women he encountered didn't even believe him at first. However, once they witnessed the reality for themselves, they couldn't deny it.
Tank recalled:
Women didn’t believe it when I told them I had two d****, but then I took them to the room they’d see.- Tank, man with Diphallia
One peculiar aspect he disclosed was that even when using only one of the penises, he would still ejaculate from both, with the inactive one feeling as if it would 'explode'.
Despite the mixed experiences with his unique anatomy, Tank did find at least one partner who embraced his double endowment. This particular partner was thrilled with the idea and even proposed making a video together. Tank mentioned that such an opportunity could have been quite lucrative, considering her aspiration to become a porn star.
However, after weighing the pros and cons of living with two penises, Tank decided to undergo surgery to have one of them removed. Diphallia is a genetic condition and has implications beyond external appearance. Although it is treatable, it can lead to other pelvic health complications.
For Tank, the decision to have one penis removed was the best choice for his own well-being and the comfort of potential future partners. It was a significant step towards finding a more balanced and enjoyable life despite the challenges he faced due to his unique condition.

Quick Facts On The Male Genitalia

Considered every man's right-hand man from day one, the male genitalia holds a world of intriguing information that continues to astonish. From scientific and historical wonders to biological and sexual revelations, the penis boasts capabilities that often leave us amazed. Yet, despite its fundamental role in the circle of life, there remains a plethora of lesser-known facts about penises that might surprise you.
Let's delve into some quick facts about penises that will undoubtedly pique your curiosity:
  • Brief Orgasm Duration- On average, male orgasms last approximately 6 seconds, while women experience around 23 seconds. This variation is attributed to physiological and neurological differences in how each gender experiences pleasure.
  • Flexibility and Curiosity- About 1 in 400 men have the physical flexibility to engage in autoerotic practices, commonly referred to as self-pleasure. Interestingly, it is estimated that nearly all men have explored this aspect of their sexuality at some point in their lives, showcasing human curiosity and self-discovery.
  • Foreskin Philanthropy- Besides its primary role, foreskins have a practical application in skin grafts for burn victims. Remarkably, a single foreskin can contribute to grafting four acres of skin, demonstrating its potential therapeutic value.

Weird Facts About Male Foreskin

  • Penile Yoga- During sexual intercourse in the missionary position, the penis exhibits remarkable flexibility, capable of assuming a boomerang-like shape. This adaptability underscores the anatomical versatility during intimate moments.
  • Impact of Smoking- Smoking can impair erectile function by constricting blood vessels, reducing blood flow to the penis, and potentially decreasing its length by up to 1cm. Maintaining vascular health is crucial for overall sexual well-being.
  • Regal Casanova- King Fatefehi of Tonga, a historical figure, has been attributed with legendary status due to an impressive record of approximately 37,800 sexual encounters between 1770 and 1784. This intriguing historical account sheds light on human sexual behavior in different cultural contexts.
  • Debunking Foot Size Myth- Despite the popular belief linking foot size to penis size, scientific evidence does not support this notion. There is no substantial correlation between foot and penis measurements, dispelling the myth.
  • The Enigma of Diphallia- Diphallia, an extremely rare congenital condition, involves the presence of two functional penises. With only about 100 reported cases worldwide, this anatomical anomaly continues to be a subject of scientific fascination and investigation.
  • The Evolutionary Connection- During embryonic development, both males and females start with a clitoris. Hormonal influences later determine sexual differentiation, transforming the clitoris into a penis in males. This process underscores the shared origins of male and female reproductive structures.
  • Risks of Vigorous Masturbation- Engaging in intense self-stimulation can potentially lead to penile rupture, a rare but serious condition. Moderation and mindful sexual practices are essential to avoid potential injuries and ensure overall sexual well-being.
These intriguing facts shed light on the complexities of male genitalia, emphasizing the intersection of biology, anatomy, and human sexual behavior. Understanding the unique features and peculiarities of male genitalia provides valuable insights into the intricacies of human physiology and sexual health.
Now that we know all that, let's talk about what diphallia is and understand Tank's situation a bit more.

What Is Diphallia?

Diphallia, a truly remarkable and exceedingly rare genetic condition, occurs when a male infant is born with two penises. This extraordinary occurrence was first documented in 1609 by the Swiss doctor Johannes Jacob Wecker, who encountered a cadaver exhibiting this unique anomaly. Since then, only around 100 cases of diphallia have been reported globally over the past 400+ years.
The manifestation of diphallia can vary, ranging from partial to complete penile duplication. In most cases, individuals with this condition have two penises of approximately the same size, situated side by side. Alternatively, some may have a larger penis above a second, smaller one, while others may experience duplication only affecting the head of the penis.

Diphallia Symptoms

Each case of diphallia is unique, leading to a wide range of manifestations. The extent of penile duplication can vary from partial to complete duplication. Most commonly, individuals with diphallia have two penises of similar size situated side by side. However, in some cases, one penis may be larger, located above a smaller one. Alternatively, duplication might be limited to the head of the penis.
Earlier classifications categorized diphallia into three types based on the extent of duplication:
  • Penile Duplication -Involving only the tip of the penis or the glans.
  • Bifid Phallus - With each penis has only one column of soft tissue (corpus cavernosum), rather than two, as seen in true diphallia.
  • Complete Diphallia - Featuring a complete duplication of the penis.
However, more recent classifications have streamlined the categorization into two types: true diphallia and bifid phallus.
In addition to penile manifestations, diphallia may coexist with other birth irregularities, such as cleft scrotum, hypospadias (abnormal urethral opening on the underside of the penis), duplicated urethras, and cryptorchidism (undescended testicles). Furthermore, affected individuals may experience abnormalities in the heart, kidneys, colorectal system, and skeletal structures.

Causes Of Diphallia

The underlying cause of diphallia lies in genetic irregularities that occur during fetal development. However, the specific factors leading to this condition remain largely unknown. Researchers have proposed that exposure to certain drugs, infections, or damage during the critical period of gestation (between the 23rd and 25th day) might contribute to diphallia. Nonetheless, due to its rarity, making definitive statements regarding its causes and risk factors is challenging.

Case Study: Diphallia Infant Boy born with 2 Penises

How Does Diphallia Affect A Male's Life?

Living with diphallia can pose various challenges for affected individuals. While many males can urinate through one or both penises and experience erections and ejaculation, the condition often correlates with an increased risk of poorly functioning kidney and colorectal systems. In some cases, infants with diphallia may face a higher risk of mortality due to infections, especially when associated with other birth irregularities.
However, the outlook for individuals with diphallia can be promising, particularly when the condition is not accompanied by severe abnormalities. Many males with diphallia can lead full and healthy lives, engaging in normal sexual activity and even fathering children.

When To Seek Medical Attention For Diphallia

Early detection and medical evaluation are crucial for individuals displaying signs and symptoms of diphallia. Although the condition itself may not cause immediate discomfort, it is essential to assess for potential related medical conditions, particularly those affecting the gastrointestinal system. Prompt medical attention enables healthcare professionals to develop appropriate treatment plans and provide the necessary support.

Diphallia Treatment

Surgery remains the primary treatment option for diphallia. However, not all cases require surgical intervention. The timing and extent of surgery depend on the specific nature of the penile duplication and the presence of other birth irregularities. The main objectives of surgery include ensuring normal urination, and erection capability, and reducing the risk of infections and structural abnormalities.
Since each case of diphallia is unique, the surgical process can be complex and may involve multiple procedures over time. Treatment may include addressing additional birth irregularities, such as hypospadias, duplicated urethras, and cryptorchidism.

A Life With Diphallia

Individuals born with diphallia face distinctive challenges, but they can also lead fulfilling lives with appropriate medical care and support. As medical science advances and our understanding of this rare genetic condition deepens, there is hope for improved management and outcomes for those born with this extraordinary anomaly.
In summary, diphallia remains a captivating and perplexing subject that pushes the boundaries of medical knowledge. Its rarity challenges researchers and medical practitioners to continue exploring its complexities and potential treatment avenues.
By shedding light on this unique genetic condition, we gain insight into the marvels and complexities of human development and the resilience of those living with extraordinary conditions like diphallia.

People Also Ask

How Many People Have Triphallia?

Triphallia is an extremely rare congenital anomaly, affecting only one in every 5–6 million live births. Affected patients may have only a rudimentary penis, supernumerary penile glans, or complete duplication or triplication of penises.

Is Hypospadias A Birth Defect?

Yes, hypospadias is a birth defect in boys wherein the opening of the urethra is not located at the tip of the penis. It occurs during weeks 8–14 of pregnancy when the urethra forms abnormally.

Can Hypospadias Be Cured?

Yes, hypospadias can be treated through surgery. With advancements in surgical methods, corrective procedures can be performed at an earlier age, depending on the specific case and the child's needs. Your healthcare provider will discuss the optimal timing for your child's surgery.


Tank, the man with two working penises left women in disbelief, showcasing the rare and fascinating nature of diphallia offers a unique glimpse into the rare aspects of human anatomy. The experiences shared underscore the importance of understanding and respecting individual differences, promoting a more compassionate society. Embracing diversity enriches our understanding of the human experience.
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