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Man Shows What Happens After You Let Go Of A Helicopter Lever

In a striking video that has recently emerged on TikTok, helicopter pilot Dave Fishwick, renowned for his role in the true-life story inspiring Netflix's "Bank of Dave," has taken to the skies once again. However, this time, it's not to champion financial reform but to shed light on a potentially fatal scenario involving helicopters. The heart-stopping demonstration of the man shows what happens after you let go of a helicopter lever.

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In a striking video that has recently emerged on TikTok, helicopter pilot Dave Fishwick, renowned for his role in the true-life story inspiring Netflix's "Bank of Dave," has taken to the skies once again. However, this time, it's not to champion financial reform but to shed light on a potentially fatal scenario involving helicopters. The heart-stopping demonstration of the man shows what happens after you let go of a helicopter lever.

Man Shows What Happens After You Let Go Of A Helicopter Lever Mid-Flight

Dave Fishwick, who has spent countless hours mastering the art of helicopter piloting, delves into the unnerving dynamics that transpire when one dares to let go of the cyclic control – the joystick-like lever responsible for maneuvering the helicopter.
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The Helicopter Lever Demonstration

Fishwick, a seasoned helicopter pilot, uses his TikTok platform to educate viewers about the potential dangers of letting go of the cyclic control – a critical component in helicopter maneuvering. Through a vivid explanation and demonstration, he illustrates the dire consequences that can unfold when control is compromised. His emphasis on the cyclic control's pivotal role serves as a cautionary tale for aviation enthusiasts and novices alike.
The video, which serves as both an educational and cautionary tale, vividly shows the potentially catastrophic aftermath of such an action.
"Before I do that, I'm going to put my hand over it just in case. Are you ready? One, two, three...nothing,"

Maintaining Control

Dave explains in the video, his hand poised over the cyclic control. He gradually releases his grip, allowing the lever to return to its neutral position. However, what follows is a slow but discernible veering of the helicopter towards the right. Dave maintains control by quickly regaining hold of the cyclic lever, demonstrating that this particular action alone is not enough to send the aircraft spiraling out of control.
In an astute move, Dave emphasizes the significance of the cyclic control, essential for maintaining stability during flight. He points to another lever, the collective, located on his left. This secondary lever, he elucidates, can be momentarily released for tasks such as adjusting the flight map or activating equipment.
However, his tone becomes more serious as he underscores the critical distinction:
But if you let go of the cyclic for more than one second, the helicopter will end up on this [left] side or on that [right] side.- Dave Fishwick
The gravity of the situation intensifies as Dave issues a stark warning:
You can never, ever, ever let go of the cyclic control or you will die!- Dave Fishwick
Dave Fishwick in his viral video showing what 'not to do' or you will die in a helicopter.
Dave Fishwick in his viral video showing what 'not to do' or you will die in a helicopter.

The Delicate Balance

The unvarnished reality of the helicopter's vulnerability to control deviations becomes indisputable in the demonstration. It's a lesson that transcends the realm of aviation, encapsulating the delicate equilibrium between control and chaos.
Despite the ominous subject matter, Dave Fishwick's signature cheery demeanor doesn't waver. He concludes the video with a light-hearted sign-off: "See you next time everybody, goodbye!"
Fishwick's demonstration highlights the delicate equilibrium that defines safe helicopter flight. His ability to regain control swiftly after releasing the cyclic control underscores the pilot's role in maintaining stability. The lesson extends beyond aviation, reminding us of the intricate balance required to navigate challenges in various aspects of life.

Dave Fishwick's Multifaceted Persona

For those acquainted with Dave Fishwick, his identity transcends the role of a mere aviator – he's a financial visionary of extraordinary proportions. The year 2012 marked his meteoric rise to prominence, courtesy of a Channel 4 documentary that illuminated his audacious mission to overhaul the UK's entrenched banking system.
From humble beginnings as a minibus sales entrepreneur, Fishwick charted a groundbreaking path to becoming the architect behind Burnley Savings And Loans, a trailblazing private lending institution.
His audacious journey didn't merely turn heads; it ignited a wave of attention that couldn't be ignored. The aforementioned Channel 4 documentary served as the catalyst, thrusting Fishwick into the public spotlight. His daring proposition to reform the banking landscape resonated with the masses, and he soon found himself at the helm of Burnley Savings And Loans, a beacon of financial revolution.

Bank Of Dave

The narrative of Fishwick's evolution didn't halt at conventional television. The story of Burnley Savings And Loans was documented in riveting detail through the Channel 4 series aptly named "Bank of Dave."
This captivating series shed light on Fishwick's tireless efforts to introduce a paradigm shift to traditional lending practices. As viewers tuned in, they witnessed his unwavering commitment to empower local businesses and bridge the gap left by bigger financial institutions.
Yet, the tale didn't conclude on television screens alone. Fishwick's pursuit of financial inclusivity and empowerment journeyed further, finding its way to Netflixsubscribers. The documentary's migration to this globalplatform extended the reach of Fishwick's message, magnifying his impact and inspiring individuals well beyond his immediate sphere of influence.

Aviation Twist

Fishwick's distinctive identity extends far beyond the cockpit. His recent dive into helicopter videos serves as a testament to his unyielding curiosity and fearless embrace of new challenges. The financial crusader of yesteryears has seamlessly transitioned into an aviation enthusiast of today, illustrating his ability to navigate diverse realms with equal fervor and determination.

Bank of Dave | Official Trailer HD

Dave Fishwick's Reflections

Adding to the richness of his story, Dave Fishwick reveals insights that reflect his holistic approach to life's challenges in his interview with BuzzFeed.
When you get in a helicopter, the things trying to kill you from the minute you switch it on and I've been flying them for 27 years!- Dave Fishwick
He said it with emphasizes, his words resonating with both experience and caution. He underscores the critical nature of respect for the machine and the environment it navigates.
He insists, highlighting that a helicopter demands undivided attention.
He stresses that distractions have no place in the cockpit.
You've got to treat it with a huge amount of respect.- Dave Fishwick
You cannot just jump into it and think that you can think about business problems or think about what you're doing that night, or who you're meeting later that day.- Dave Fishwick
His insight reveals the unwavering commitment demanded by flight – a commitment that doesn't permit room for divided focus.
You're focusing 100% on keeping yourself up there and alive.- Dave Fishwick
Dave explains, the dedication palpable in his voice. It's a sentiment that speaks to the magic of flight, the harmony of staying afloat against all odds.
Dave Fishwick's journey has been one of unorthodox ventures and bold initiatives. In 2011, he pivoted to the financial sector, setting up his own bank in Burnley. The purpose was clear – to support local businesses facing the uphill battle of securing loans from larger financial institutions. This audacious step was emblematic of his approach to challenges – a trait that persists in his recent foray into the world of helicopters.
While his helicopter videos command attention, Dave's TikTok presence offers a more comprehensive picture of his endeavors. Beyond sharing his aerial exploits, he uses the platform to celebrate his successes, both in business and on television. His multifaceted persona shines through, resonating with audiences who are drawn to his authenticity and versatility.
Reflecting on his journey into helicopter videos, Dave's candor shines through. as he explains in an interview with BuzzFeed News.
I just thought a few weeks ago, 'Do you know what? I'm gonna make some videos about flying' and that's what I did. Within a few weeks, I've ended up getting 24 million views and I've only just started.- Dave Fishwick
His words capture the essence of his creative spirit – spontaneous, adventurous, and unafraid to explore new avenues. The outcome speaks for itself, as his videos garnered a staggering 24 million views in a remarkably short span. It's a testament to his ability to connect with audiences across different domains.
As Dave Fishwick's helicopter escapades continue to unfold online, they serve as more than just captivating visual spectacles. They embody the spirit of embracing challenges, the pursuit of mastery, and the art of engaging storytelling. From navigating the complexities of banking reform to maneuvering the intricacies of flight controls, Dave's journey continues to captivate and inspire, one TikTok view at a time.

Key Takeaways

From Dave Fishwick's gripping TikTok video, we can gather important lessons about flying helicopters:
  • Hold Tight - He shows us how crucial it is to hold on to the joystick-like lever (cyclic control) to keep the helicopter steady.
  • Stay Focused - Dave's quick reactions remind us that staying focused is vital, just like how a pilot needs to pay attention to the controls.
  • Adapt Quickly - The way he regains control teaches us to adapt fast when things change suddenly.
Beyond flying, Dave Fishwick's video teaches us:
  • Balance Matters - Just like he balances the helicopter, we need to find balance in our lives between control and randomness.
  • Face New Things - Dave's helicopter venture encourages us to try new things fearlessly, just like he switched from finance to flight.
  • Many Sides to Us - His ability to be both a financial expert and a helicopter enthusiast shows that we can have many interests and skills.

People Also Ask

Can A Normal Person Fly A Helicopter?

Most healthy individuals with correctable eyesight, normal hand-eye coordination, no significant health issues, proper motivation, and average or above-average intelligence can be trained to fly a helicopter.

How Do You Exit A Helicopter Safely?

To exit the helicopter safely, follow these steps:
  • Seatbelt - Wait for the pilot's instruction or a designated person to open the door and signal for you to exit. Do not remove your seatbelt until then.
  • Hat and Gloves - Put on your hat and gloves before leaving the helicopter. Loosely fitting hats should be stored in a pocket.
  • Personal Items - Hold onto your personal items securely.

Is A Helicopter Safer Than A Plane?

Helicopters crash at a higher rate than airplanes, according to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). The crash rate for general aircraft is 7.28 crashes per 100,000 hours of flight time, while helicopters have a rate of 9.84 crashes per 100,000 hours.

Can A Helicopter Carry 100 People?

Absolutely, the Boeing H-47 Chinook Helicopter can carry up to 100 people. This massive helicopter has seats for 33 soldiers in addition to its three-man operating crew, allowing it to transport a total of 100 people.

Why Do People Duck When They Get Out Of A Helicopter?

Ducking while exiting a helicopter is a safety measure, especially if the rotors are still turning. Helicopter rotor systems can dip below 6 feet from the ground level, and crouching helps avoid potential contact with the rotors.

What Happens If You Stand Under A Helicopter?

Standing directly below a helicopter can be hazardous. The force from the rotors can kick up dust, dirt, and debris, which may lead to injury or getting covered in particles. It's advisable to maintain a safe distance from the helicopter to avoid these risks.


In a captivating display of both aviation expertise and adaptability, Dave Fishwick's recent TikTok video brings to light the critical lessons learned from releasing a helicopter lever mid-flight. As the man shows what happens after you let go of a helicopter lever and how you can recover from the danger, viewers gain a tangible understanding of the importance of control, attention, and quick thinking in the cockpit.
This real-life demonstration goes beyond flying, serving as a metaphor for the delicate balance between control and chaos that we encounter in various aspects of life.
Dave Fishwick's journey from financial reform to flight underscores his dynamic character and fearless approach to new challenges. By seamlessly transitioning between these diverse realms, he embodies the spirit of embracing opportunities and pushing boundaries. Whether in the air or in the world of finance, Fishwick's message remains clear: a firm grasp on the lever of life's experiences allows us to navigate the unexpected with grace and confidence, ensuring that our journey soars even in the face of uncertainty.
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