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Man Relaxing In Oklahoma River Mistaken For Dead Body

A man relaxing in oklahoma river mistaken for dead body and rescue personnel were called to retrieve that man.

Author:Raven Noir
Reviewer:Morgan Maverick
Aug 23, 2022185 Shares2.4K Views
A man relaxing in Oklahoma River mistaken for dead bodyand rescue personnel were called to retrieve that man.
When did this happen? This happened last year in August.
When the Tulsa Fire Department received reports of a "body in the river," a retrieval mission was launched right away.
In the video, which the Tulsa Fire Department posted on August 18, 2021, rescue personnel can be seen paddling to a man who is lying in a shallow area of the river.
But, the man relaxing in Oklahoma River mistaken for dead body and he was startled when the team tried to check his pulse.
The fire department posted on Facebook that although the river is low, there are still some places where it could be dangerous.
Locals were later told by the firefighters to "Please stay safe and find alternate ways to stay cool!"
Now, let's learn about the Oklahoma River.

Oklahoma River

The Oklahoma River is a 7-mile section of the North Canadian River that has been turned into a network of river lakes surrounded by landscaped areas, trails, and recreational amenities.
Eastern Avenue and Meridian Avenue serve as the Oklahoma River's official border lines (to the west).
The river's level is raised by the dams at Eastern, Western, and May avenues.
If you are on the verge of drowning in a river, this is how you can save yourself.

How To Save Yourself From Drowning?

Even highly skilled swimmers occasionally run into situations where things go wrong and they begin to drown.
Knowing what to do in this situation and what to avoid doing is essential.
This information could one day save your life.
For instance, if someone is drowning, they should fighttheir instincts rather than the water.
A girl drowning in the water and asking for help
A girl drowning in the water and asking for help
Let's practice good water treading:
  • Your head should be above the surface, and your body must remain upright.
  • To stay afloat, you must move your arms and legs.
  • You can use your arms, legs, or both simultaneously or separately.
  • Being calm and breathing slowly while treading water is one of the most crucial things to keep in mind.
  • You won't get tired this way, and your energy efficiency will also increase.
Floating on your back is the second method of remaining above the water until help arrives.
The best way to relax and breathe normally is to do this.
Your body submerges further into the water when you exhale deeply.
This happens when the air volume on the inside and outside of the lungs is very different.


Well, the incident in which a man relaxing in Oklahoma River mistaken for dead body was a really funnyone.
So, never go relaxing in the river in your area...LOL!
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