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Lottery Winner Died In Freak Accident Before Finding Out About His Share Of £7.9m Lottery

A lottery winner died in freak accident before finding out about his share of £7.9m lottery. Unexpectedly, a man lost his life in an accident shortly before learning that he won the lotto for millions of dollars. Grandfather Andrew Gillion played the postcode lottery for many years, and his perseverance paid off when he shared a mind-blowing £7.9 million prize.

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Mar 21, 2023
A lottery winner died in freak accident before finding out about his share of £7.9m lottery. Unexpectedly, a man lost his life in an accident shortly before learning that he won the lotto for millions of dollars.
Grandfather Andrew Gillion played the postcode lottery for many years, and his perseverance paid off when he shared a mind-blowing £7.9 million prize.
Since then, members of the family of the "wonderful friend to so many" have come forward to share Andrew's tale.
The 59-year-old bought a lottery ticket in the hopes of winning money to send his family on vacation, but all changed when Andrew took a bad fall. And lottery winner died in freak accident before finding out about his share of £7.9m lottery.
After spending some time at a friend's house on New Year's Day, he, unfortunately, died after tumbling down the stairs. Andrew had a broken neck in the collision and was taken right away to The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow.
He had surgery a few days later as physicians tried to release some pressure from the break, but tragically, he was declared dead at the hospital on January 7, 2022, during the procedure.
His daughter Lisa Thomas, 32, who has subsequently been heartbroken by the news, has described how devastated everyone is and how they are still having a hard time coming to grips with what happened.
She was completely struck with emotion when she learned that her late father, along with his other Shaw Crescent neighbors in Wishaw, had received one of the golden envelopes.
Even though Andrew passed away, he is still considered one of the winners of Scotland's largest Postcode Lottery Prize.
The three-parent mother said to the Daily Record:
I found out dad had won via his friend and neighbor. I thought there was no way he could have as I had blocked his bank account, so I presumed no payments would have been taken.- Lisa Thomas
For "as many years as I can recall," Lisa claimed that Andrew had participated in the postcode lottery."When I got it confirmed,"she recalled, "I felt absolutely devastated at first."
She said:
I could just hear the excited phone call from him telling me he had won and I know his first thought would be to book us all a holiday.- Lisa Thomas
She was imagining what it would have been like if her father had still been alive. Lisa continued, "I still feel sad" that her dad isn't here to "enjoy" his earnings, but I also feel excited."
She said: "I also feel some excitement for him and I'm sure he has had something to do with this. There's been so many 'signs' since he left us and I'm certain he is watching saying 'I told you so'."
Lisa remembers 'laughing' with Andrew one Christmas when the first card he got for the holidays was from the Postcode Lottery as they reflected on their shared memories.
"All I remember him saying is, 'well you won't be laughing when I win!' and he was right I wasn't laughing, I was crying,"she continued.
All of the winners who shared the £7.9 million prize and lived on the same street as Andrew each received a whopping £8,092 share.
Andrew Gillion enjoying his drink
Andrew Gillion enjoying his drink

How To Win The Lottery Guaranteed?

Lotteries are extremely common, simple to play, and provide monthly prizes worth millions of dollars. It may be simpler than you think to take home the life-changing jackpots from lottery games like Powerball and Mega Millions.
We've compiled the greatest insider information in our comprehensive guide to help you increase your chances.

Play The Right Game

We begin by choosing the best lottery game, which is likely the most crucial stage. In 2023, there will be a wide variety of lotteries to choose from, but they won't all be the same. Both state and federal lotteries allow for the simultaneous operation of several games. We are interested in the varying odds that players have for winning in each lottery.
The needed winning numbers and the size of the options pools determine the lottery probabilities. Lottery games with fewer active numbers increase your chances of winning.
For instance, the odds of winning 2by2 in North Dakota are 1 in 105,625 since competitors must match four digits out of a possible 52. From of a possible 70 numbers, five in Mega Millions have won, plus one additional Mega Ball from a possible 25. The likelihood of winning this prize is therefore 1 in 302,575,350.
State lotteries typically offer better odds but lower payouts. Pennsylvania's Match 6 Lotto is a typical 6/49 lottery game with daily drawings and a jackpot that begins at $500,000. There is a one in 4,661,272 chance of winning it.
On the other hand, Powerball is accessible in 45 states and frequently has prizes that easily reach $100 million. There is a 1 in 292,201,338 chance of winning. You might also think about playing scratch-off lottery games, which offer much better-winning odds than state lotteries. You might also consider playing keno at the top online casinos as the ideal lottery-like game.
Hands surrounded by dollars
Hands surrounded by dollars

Search For Lesser-known Lottery Games

Huge jackpots and well-known brands will bring large crowds to popular lotteries like Powerball and Mega Millions. Both have a long history and have garnered plenty of attention for their spectacular payouts.
Although large lottery games appear alluring, we would encourage you to search elsewhere. Odds are frequently better in less well-known lotteries. If you do manage to find the ideal ticket, your chances of being the only winner increase.
Dividing the jackpot among several winners might lessen the thrill, not to mention the financial reward. The highest lottery jackpot in history was won by Powerball in 2016, but the $1.586 billion prize was split among three tickets. Each of the three players consequently received less money than other significant lottery winners.

Await The Jackpot To Accumulate

With each lottery draw for the particular game, your chances of winning remain the same. If no significant winners emerge, the jackpots are known to rise from week to week.
Thus, once you've found the ideal lottery, learn as much as you can about its jackpots. Check the beginning balance and the typical winning level. Analyze this in relation to the current jackpot to determine your position.
You might wish to hold off on buying tickets for a few weeks if the jackpot was recently won. By doing this, the chances of winning more money are higher and the awards will probably be larger.

Take Second Chance Lottery Seriously

Second-chance lotteries can provide players with an additional opportunity to win without requiring them to purchase additional tickets. This option is available in many lottery games and it can be highly rewarding.
The idea is straightforward and direct. You purchase a ticket and participate in the main draw. You fill out the form on the back of the ticket and submit it in for the second draw if you don't win. This is typically done automatically in online lottery games.
The second-chance draw will then choose one ticket at random. Even if you don't hit the jackpot, you still have a free chance to win a prize in the six figures or perhaps more. Malek Dabwan won the NC Education Lottery's second chance drawing in December 2019, taking home the cool $1,000,000 jackpot.

Do Not Use Consecutive Numbers

Yeah, each number is chosen at random from the pool. But, data from earlier draws reveals an intriguing pattern. Getting consecutive numbers in the same draw is quite uncommon. In fact, Richard Lustig, a lottery player who won seven times in two years, used this as one of his methods. Also, he advises against using identical group or digit-ending numbers.
In other words, make an effort to draw from a variety of numbers in the pool. Don't pick just one cluster, and don't choose based on a trend.

People Also Ask

What Are The 6 Most Common Winning Lottery Numbers?

Depending on the particular lottery being played, the six most frequent winning numbers can change over time. Yet, among many lottery types, some of the most commonly drawn numbers include 23, 34, 7, 5, 69, and 33.

What Are The Luckiest Numbers For Mega Million?

  • 22 - Drawn 33 times.
  • 18 - Drawn 27 times.
  • 9 - Drawn 27 times.
  • 13 - Drawn 27 times.
  • 11 - Drawn 28 times.

How Do I Pick My Lucky Lottery Numbers?

  • Analyze the data.
  • Employ numerology.
  • Utilize lucky numbers.
  • Choose at random.
  • Go over 31.
  • Choose numbers over 31.
  • Create a pattern.
  • Employ a system.
  • Leave the work to the machine.


A lottery winner died in freak accident before finding out about his share of £7.9m lottery. Andrew Gillion entered the lottery with the intention of giving his family a well-earned vacation, but before his golden envelope arrived in the mail, he shattered his neck at a friend's house after falling down some steps.
Thank goodness Lisa Thomas, the 59-year-daughter, old's was able to accept the $1,000 award on his behalf. Tragically, he will never be aware that he finally won the postcode lottery after years of playing.
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