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Locals Baffled After Mystery Pink Pigeon Is Seen In Bury Town

Locals baffled after mystery pink pigeon is seen in Bury town. This astonishing occurrence has piqued the curiosity of locals and bird enthusiasts alike, leaving everyone with more questions than answers.

Author:Xander Oddity
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Locals baffled after mystery pink pigeon is seen in Bury town. This astonishing occurrence has piqued the curiosity of locals and bird enthusiasts alike, leaving everyone with more questions than answers.
Locals baffled after mystery pink pigeon is seen in Bury town. The vibrant pink plumage of this otherwise ordinary bird turned heads and sparked intrigue. It wasn't long before photos and videosof the enigmatic pigeon began circulating on social media, amplifying the mystery and fascination surrounding its presence.
The unexpected arrival of the pink pigeon has drawn the attention of birdwatchers and ornithologists from across the region. Experts are keen to understand the origins of this rare phenomenon and whether it could be linked to a genetic mutation, diet, or some other environmental factor.
The egg-citing discovery of the pink bird even prompted Greater Manchester Police Bury North to post on Facebook.
According to the Greater Manchester Police Bury North post:
Officers are out on foot patrol this afternoon as part of #OpHeartbeat Officers quickly came across a rare pink pigeon in the town center. Have you seen Burys Pink Pigeon yet? Let us know & come and say hi when you spot us.
People are swarming to X, formerly known as Twitter, to attempt to figure out why the pigeon is so pink because it is now unknown as to why it is that color.
As newsof the pink pigeon spread, various theories and speculations emerged. Some residents hypothesized that it could be an escaped pet bird that had been dyed pink, while others suggested that it might be a naturally occurring species.
One X user joked, "Barbie marketing getting out of hand.""Haha my home town leading the news. People been talking about this all week on Facebook!"Another excitedly commented.
However, a final more seriously theorized, "This was from someone’s gender reveal party. They buy these birds and have them painted blue or pink depending on the baby’s gender then they get released into the wild."
The user's hypothesis may be accurate after all, as another pink pigeon was sighted earlier this year in February across the water in Madison Square Park in New York, US.
The domestic royal pink pigeon, known as Flamingo, was adopted by the nonprofit Wild Bird Fund, a center for wildlife rehabilitation and education. The organization believes the pigeon was "deliberately dyed" for a ceremony to announce the gender of the young bird.
Flamingo unfortunately passed dead, with his demise being attributed to "inhaling the toxins" from the color. Nesoenas mayeri, an endangered species of pigeon, is naturally pink; let's hope Bury's bird belongs to this species rather than a grey pigeon that has been dyed pink.
Pigeons are not meant to be part of elaborate human celebrations, and subjecting them to loud noises and unnatural environments can cause distress and injury.
It's crucial to prioritize the well-being of animals and seek more humane and eco-friendly alternatives for gender reveals to avoid contributing to animal harm and environmental pollution. Responsible and ethical celebrations should prioritize compassion for all living creatures.


Locals baffled after mystery pink pigeon is seen in Bury town. The appearance of the pink pigeon in Bury, Manchester, has captivated the town and beyond. Using dying pigeons for gender reveal parties raises significant ethical concerns. This practice poses a threat to animal welfare, as it places these birds in a stressful and potentially harmful situation.
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