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LibreSprite - It Lets You Create 2D Animations For Videogames

LibreSprite is a free and open-source tool for editing animated Sprites and pixels on Linux, Windows, and Mac. Using LibreSprite, you can make pixel art and 2D retro-style sprite graphics for video and computer games.

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LibreSpriteis a free and open-source tool for editing animated Sprites and pixels on Linux, Windows, and Mac. Using LibreSprite, you can make pixel art and 2D retro-style sprite graphics for video and computer games.
It features real-time animation previews, onion skinning, and the ability to edit numerous sprites simultaneously.
Other important features include an integrated palette editor, support for layers and frames, tiled drawing mode, and the ability to import and export sprite files. It's licensed under version 2.0 of the GNU General Public License.

Features Of LibreSprite

LibreSprite is a free application for creating and animating sprites. The features are:
  • Previews of animations in real-time.
  • Onion skinning.
  • Multiple sprites may be altered simultaneously.
  • Use pre-made palettes or create your own.
  • Sprites consist of both layers and frames.
  • The tiled mode is excellent for drawing patterns and textures.
  • Pixel-precise instruments such as filled contour, polygon, and shading mode.
  • Multiple file formats are accepted for sprites and animations.

Libresprite Alternative Options

Below are some of the best LibreSprite alternatives:

PixBuilder Studio

PixBuilder Studio provides the following color control capabilities: brightness/contrast management, color balance, and levels manipulation. For professional results, the curves function might be used.
For professional-looking photo editing in PixBuilder Studio, you can alter the image using color channels.
PixBuilder Studio is a fantastic image editing and illustration software tool thanks to its layers concept, multi-step undo, gradients and masks support, and text layer support.
You can also use the versatile selection transform and management functions or the drawing of the forms tool to create sophisticated raster shapes and effects.
You can use the built-in high-quality effects, such as various blur types and sharpening effects, for additional complex purposes.
Using the web-safe palette and the save with preview tool, it is simple to produce online graphics in any of the most common formats, including JPEG, GIF, PNG, and others.
You can employ a basic set of graphics software tools for different purposes, like rotation, resizing, the stamp tool, clone tool, and the healing brush tool, among others.
The dockable interface concept allows you to organize your workspace in accordance with your preferences and increases your productivity.

How to install LibreSprite on a Chromebook

Pro motion NG

Pro Motion NG is a drawing program that allows for the rapid creation of pixel-perfect pictures, animations, sprites, tiles, and level maps for usage in video games.
It is great for graphic designers working on detailed graphics for mobile systems such as smartphones or portable gaming consoles such as the Nintendo DS or Sony PS Vita.
It is also ideally suited for creating lightweight visuals for the web, online-based apps, and web-based games. Stacking animation and picture layers with effects, blend modes, flattening, and locking capabilities.
Pro motion NG is a pixel sketching and animation program comparable to the well-known Amiga Deluxe Paint (DPaint).
Ideal for artists working on pixel-perfect visuals for mobile games and portable gaming consoles. Additionally, it is suitable for creating lightweight graphics for web games.


Pixen is a professional pixel art editor created for working with low-resolution raster art, such as the 8-bit sprites prevalent in retro video games.
Pixen includes all the tools required for pixel artists in an easy, native interface, such as support for high zoom levels, animation editing, and color palettes.
Utilize Pixen's extensive toolkit to create pixel art: Pencil, Eraser, Brightness, Text, Eyedropper, Zoom, Rectangular Selection, Magic Wand, Lasso, Move, Fill, Line, Rectangle, and Ellipse.
Utilize the versatility that layers allow while creating intricate pixel art. Modify opacity, blending modes, and other parameters to create unique effects. Utilize filters to modify colors, generate effects, and finalize your artwork.
Pixen allows you to create and organize palettes of frequently used colors. Pixen supports the Adobe Color Table, Microsoft Palette, JASC Palette, and GIMP Palette formats for importing and exporting color palettes.


Pixaki is the best iPad app for pixel art. It incorporates a multitude of functionality within a sleek, contemporary interface, and it is compatible with Apple Pencil.
You can now create game sprites on your couch, animated backgrounds on your commute, and musicvideos in the park. Pixaki is loaded with excellent tools for creating pixel art.
Drawing on an iPad using an Apple Pencil seems natural and effortless. This is the most pleasant method of pixel art creation. Enable pixel-perfect painting mode to eliminate double pixels automatically when creating line art.
This will save you an enormous amount of time. In addition to round and square brushes, Pixaki includes a matrix dither brush with thirteen distinct dither patterns.
It also functions with the eraser. The line tool makes it simple to construct straight lines, which can be optionally fixed to isometrically appropriate angles.

How to Install Libresprite on Windows - Tutorial

LibreSprite Reviews

Check out these reviews of LibreSprite:
Jjhaggar says:
Great free/libre alternative to Aseprite for creating and animating sprites :)
Don't get me wrong: I like Aseprite (the best pixel art programme in my opinion), but I preferred it when it was available under the GPL2 (sadly, Aseprite has been proprietary since 2016).Now, luckily, LibreSprite is active again, and its devs are continuing with its development.
LibreSprite's got everything you could want:
-Real-time animation previews.
-Onion skinning.
-Multiple sprites can be edited at once.
-Ready to use palettes.
-Sprites are composed of both layers & frames.
-Tiled drawing mode, useful to draw patterns and textures.
-Pixel precise tools like filled contour, polygon, shading mode, etc.
-Several file types supported for your sprites and animations.
-Free, Libre & Open Source.
Cute Oleg says, "Free pixelart editor, based on older version of Aseprite. It's less powerfull than what Aseprite is now, but it's enough for beginners, non-professional artist and minimalists of all kind"

People also ask

Is LibreSprite An Aseprite?

No, it is not Aseprite. LibreSprite began as a branch of Aseprite.

Is LibreSprite Open Source?

Yes, LibreSorite is an open-source program.

Is LibreSprite Free?

Yes, LibreSprite is completely free to use.
Yes, LibreSprite is legal. LibreSprite is subject to the GNU General Public License version 2.0.


LibreSprite is a free and open-source application that allows you to create and animate sprites. Sprites consist of both layers and frames. The tiled mode is excellent for drawing patterns and textures.
Pixel-precise instruments such as filled contour, polygon, and shading mode. Multiple file formats are accepted for sprites and animations. David Capello created the fork of Aseprite that became LibreSprite.
Aseprite was previously distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2, but this changed on August 26, 2016. This branch was created at the last commit covered by the GPL version 2 license and is now developed separately from Aseprite.
This program is offered under version 2 of the GNU General Public License As the LibreSprite community is in its infancy, we require assistance in constructing our development, support, and newsnetworks.
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