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Lexie Wiggly - What Happened To American Bull Rider JB Mauney's Ex-wife?

The precise birth date of Lexie Wiggly is unknown, although she is an American citizen and is thought to be a Gemini. She is a certified esthetician who is most well-known for having been J. B. Mauney's ex-wife, who is a well-known American professional rodeo cowboy.

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The precise birth date of Lexie Wigglyis unknown, although she is an American citizen and is thought to be a Gemini. She is a certified esthetician who is most well-known for having been J. B. Mauney's ex-wife, who is a well-known American professional rodeo cowboy.
After divorcing J. B. in 2015, Lexie Wiggly vanished from the media, and little is known about her subsequent years.
NameLexie Wiggly
Age34 years old
Marital StatusDivorced; Currently single
SpouseEx-husband JB Mauney
Net WorthNot Known

Childhood And Education

Since Lexie Wiggly has never mentioned having any siblings, the majority of netizens (citizens of the internet) assume that she is an only child. Lexie was reared in the USA by parents about whom nothing is known because they choose to stay out of the limelight.
During her four years at a local high school in North Carolina, Lexie pursued a variety of interests, including gymnastics, dance, and acting with the school's theatre club. Her initial goal was to pursue a career as an actor or a model.
She graduated from high school in 2005, and although she hasn't discussed her subsequent schooling, it's assumed that she enrolled in college, where she earned a Bachelor's degree in 2009.


Since her divorce from J. B., Lexie has kept the specifics of her professional life out of the public eye; the only things that are known about her are that she is currently employed as a certified esthetician and that she specializes in volume lashes.

J. B. Mauney's Romantic Relationships And Marriage

Although neither Lexie nor J. B. has revealed how they got together, some people think that a common friend put them up on a blind date. In support of her husband, Lexie could be spotted at almost all of his activities after the two got married in 2012.
Only three years were spent together, and their divorce was granted in 2015. Although the two haven't discussed the reasons for their divorce, some of their followers think J. B. Mauney wanted kids and Lexie wanted to concentrate on building her profession; this rumor hasn't been proven.
While it is well known that J. B. later married his second wife, Samantha Lyne, in 2016. On January 23, 2019, she gave birth to their (JB and Samantha) son, and the family of three now calls Cotulla, Texas home.
In addition, it has come to light that J. B. has a 2011-born daughter from his first marriage. Lexie hasn't spoken of any other men who she may have been with. Lexie appears to be single as of 2022.
In order to maintain her physical appearance, Lexie Wiggly practices yoga and meditates daily in addition to attending a few gym workouts each week. She has a rigorous diet, and although it hasn't been confirmed, some people think she's a vegetarian.
In her free time, Lexie enjoys watching movies. Her favorite actors and actresses are Scarlett Johansson and Leonardo DiCaprio, and some of her favorite movies are "Inception," "Titanic," and "Lost in Translation."

People Also Ask

What Is Lexie Wiggly Age?

Lexie Wiggly is 34 years old as of 2022.

What Is Lexie Wiggly Net Worth?

There is no information about the net worth and income details of Lexie Wiggly.

What Is The Name Of Lexie Wiggly Daughter?

The name of Lexie Wiggly's daughter is Bella. The well-known American professional rodeo cowboy James Burton Mauney and his ex-wife Lexie Wiggly are the parents of Bella Mauney.


You can learn more about Lexie Wiggly by reading this article! We wish her and her daughter all the happiness and peace in the world.
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