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Law Of Attraction Choices Characters And Storyline

Are you aware of a game called "Law of Attraction Choices"? If not, this article will tell you something about this trendy game for gamers. This article will talk about the characters and storyline of the game. Making decisions is crucial in this game. They have the power to deepen or weaken ties to the featured personalities.

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Are you aware of a game called "Law of Attraction Choices"? If not, this article will tell you something about this trendy game for gamers.
This article will talk about the characters and storyline of the game. Making decisions is crucial in this game. They have the power to deepen or weaken ties to the featured personalities.

The Personality And Appearance Of The Characters

While the specifics of your character's personality are up to you, you can rest assured that they will be a good, diligent lawyer no matter who you end up being. You can focus on the legalities of cases, on standing up for the underdog, on stopping bullies, or on any combination of these. The player is given complete control over the visual presentation of their character.
You have the option of being flirtatious or strategic, aggressive or cautious, in the courtroom and the office. On the other hand, you could decide to have intimate encounters with many different people just to try them out.


The chapters in the game of Law of Attraction choices are divided into two parts: book 1 and book 2. The first book has 16 chapters, which are listed below. On the other hand, Book 2 was freshly released on September 30, 2022, and is also available to explore its storyline online.

Book 1

  • Chapter 1: Jury of Your Peers
  • Chapter 2: Burden of Proof
  • Chapter 3: Parentis Loco
  • Chapter 4: The Issue is Moot
  • Chapter 5: Day in (Moot) Court
  • Chapter 6: Age of Majority
  • Chapter 7: What's Mine is Yours
  • Chapter 8: Commingling
  • Chapter 9: Scene of the Crime
  • Chapter 10: Strategic Retreat
  • Chapter 11: Reasonable Doubt
  • Chapter 12: Probative Value
  • Chapter 13: Prior Restraint
  • Chapter 14: Nondisclosure
  • Chapter 15: Clear and Present Danger
  • Chapter 16: Collusion

Book 2

  • Chapter 1: The Jury Is Still Out - It's a new day at McGraw Byrne, but you're not sure you like what you're seeing.
  • Chapter 2: Identity Crisis - You have the opportunity to redeem yourself with the senior partners if you can find an identity thief.
  • Chapter 3: Ivy League - McGraw Byrne is now officially a battleground. It might be time to call in reinforcements with your own new hire!

Walkthrough Of Characters Relationship

Sadie McGraw

Sadie McGraw is a partner at the prestigious law firm McGraw Byrne in New York City. Your case in a small town goes well, and she offers you a position at her firm, which you accept. Later, she tells everyone about a competition to become a partner in the company. If you win, you basically start working there.

Gabe Ricci

In terms of romantic interests, Gabe Ricci is definitely someone to consider. He used to be a junior partner at McGraw Byrne, but now he is a senior partner. He is your direct boss and is judging the competition.

Aislinn Tanaka

She is one of your rivals for promotion to partner at McGraw Byrne, where she has worked as an associate for some time.

Beau McGraw

One of your rivals for the partner position is Beau McGraw, one of your fellow associates. You have the option of nurturing your friendship with him and serving as his wingman or wingwoman in various settings. In Chapter 7, you find out that he has been using your idea to impress Sadie, and it is up to you to decide if you will forgive him.
In Chapter 12, Gigi Sinclair suggests a game called "Screw, Dump, Marry" if you decide to go to Ten Mae without Gabe, with Aislinn and the other lawyers. Because Aislinn has now included you in the mix, she has asked Beau to choose between her, Willow Harrington, and you.

Fun Facts About The Law Of Attraction Choices

  • On the covers of Laws of Attraction, Book 1 and Laws of Attraction, Book 2, there is a picture of MC.
  • This character is one of the 34 in the game whose full name (first and last name) can be changed.
  • If the default name is kept, he or she will have the same name as Quinn Kelly from the Endless Summer series.
  • Three faces of men from The Heist: Monaco and three faces of women from It Lives Beneath are used in this book.
  • The man's watch is on his right wrist, which suggests that he is left-handed. The female version wears bracelets on her right wrist, but she doesn't wear a watch, so it's not clear if she's supposed to be left-handed.

Law Of Attraction Choices Book 2

Character's Trivia

  • In an Instagram response on August 20, 2021, PB confirmed that Laws of Attraction will have a sequel.
  • PB confirmed in a blog post on January 14, 2022, that the book will be released this fall.
  • PB confirmed the book's release date in Choices Insiders September 2022.
  • The in-game schedule revealed the book's release date on September 30, 2022, on September 16, 2022.
  • PB released a sneak peek featuring Joaquin Morales on September 23, 2022.
  • PB released a sneak peek featuring Calvin Colby on September 26, 2022.
  • PB released a sneak peek featuring Martin Vanderweil and the main character on September 28, 2022.
  • PB released a sneak peek for Chapter 1 on September 29, 2022.
  • PB published a blog about the book on September 29, 2022.

Laws Of Attraction Choices Reddit

This question was asked about the game called "Law of Attraction Choices" by u/ruthlesscountess: "Is Law of Attractions worth playing?" She said on Reddit: "I haven’t played any Choices books for a while cuz the recent books I played were kinda disappointing. LoA seems interesting, I’ve always liked legal drama and stuff , what do you guys think of this book (no spoiler please)? How is the plot and how are the LIs (no forced male LI I hope...)?
MeJoEx made a comment:
"Yes it's and I'm really enjoying it , both LIs have balanced screen time, the book is more focused on plot line rather than romance ( there is hookups if you want ) and the story is progressing nicely, there is no filler chapter ( so far ), overall, great book unless PB decide to rush it."
Another user on Reddit wrote:
You should definitely play it. It is interesting so far, the plot is progressing nicely, main LIs have Slow Burn but it has One Night Stand options to compensate that. And as for forced male LI, don't choose diamond scenes with Gabe unless you want to romance him or the diamond scenes have clues.- Sunay013, a user of Reddit
Lastly, one reddit user said in a comment and reads:
"I like it. There's a bunch of legal stuff and the two LIs have a reasonably balanced amount of screen time so far. It seems to be a slow burn with them so far in that they resist your romantic charms. So mostly the book has been focused on the main story. Definitely worth playing. Especially for Tyler and Gabe's electric eyes."

Law Of Attraction Choices Love Interest

Laws Of Attraction Chapter 16 Diamonds Used

Choices: Stories You Play - Laws Of Attraction Chapter 16 Diamonds Used

People Also Ask

Who Are The Love Interests In Law Of Attraction Choices?

  • Sadie McGraw is a founding partner of McGraw Byrne, a prestigious and reputable New York City law firm.
  • Gabe Ricci is one of your possible romantic interests.
  • Tanaka, Aislinn She is one of your possible romantic interests.

Will There Be A Laws Of Attraction Book 2 Choices?

PB confirmed the sequel to Laws of Attraction in an Instagram response on August 20, 2021.In a blog post, PB confirmed that the book will be released on January 14, 2022.

How Many Chapters Are There In The Law Of Attraction Choices Book 1?

Chapters in the Law of Attraction Choices Book 1 has 16 chapters.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to read this article! You should also watch online tutorials on how to play this game.
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