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Lake MacDonnell - The Pink Lake Of South Australia

Lake MacDonnell SA is a salt lake on the western Eyre Peninsula close to the Nullarbor Plain. The nearest town is Penong.

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Lake MacDonnell-Lake MacDonnell SAis a salt lake on the western Eyre Peninsula close to the Nullarbor Plain. The nearest town is Penong. It is the site of a previous salt mine and the biggest gypsum mine in Australia, on the biggest gypsum store in the southern half of the globe.
Differentiating shades of pink, blue and green cause the striking situation that is Lake MacDonnell. Situated in South Australia's amazing Eyre Peninsula, Lake MacDonnell is one of the nation's most seriously pink lakes, inferable from its high salt fixation.
Take the super Instagrammable street between the bubblegum-shaded Lake MacDonnell and its adjoining blue-green waters to find Cactus Beach toward the finish of the way.
Subsequent to savoring the magnificence of Lake MacDonnell, gobble up a portion of Australia's freshest fish as you proceed with your excursion to Coffin Bay.
Aerial views of lake Macdonnell South Australia
Aerial views of lake Macdonnell South Australia
Arranged 15 km south of Penong while heading to Point Sinclair lies the lovely pink salt lake known as Lake McDonnell.
High in salt focus, the lake gives the impression of a salmon pink lake on crisp mornings. One side of the thoroughfare is Pink Lake, the opposite side is Green Lake, and further down over the little scaffold is Blue Lake.
The Pink Lakeis brought about by salt cherishing green growth called Dunaliella salina and microscopic organisms called halobacteria that emit carotenoid red shades, which turn the water radiant pink.
Lake Macdonnell, close to the top of the Great Australia Bight in South Australia,is a more modest marine drainage salina contrasted with Lake Macleod, however with a comparative Quaternary waterfront carbonate ridge facilitated marine leakage hydrology.
It has an area of 451 km2, a 10 m-thick fill of Holoceneslept with gypsum, and is situated in a milder BSk setting, contrasted with Lake Macleod.
All things considered, every year, the Lake Macdonnell activity is quarrying more than 1.4 Mt of Holocene coarsely-translucent close unadulterated gypsum and creating in excess of 35,000 t of salt through by dish vanishing of lake brackish waters.
It is the biggest gypsum mine in Australia. Gypsum is quarried by first siphoning down the water level and then, at that point, utilizing tractors and exhuming gear.
The gypsum item is amassed for quite some time to permit halite to drain, driven by low degrees of normal precipitation. It is then stacked onto trains utilizing front-end loaders and taken to the port.
Like Lake Macleod, Lake Macdonnell is right now vanishing seawater by means of a leakage that took care of drawdown hydrology. However, it has not had a hydrographic association with the sea for over 4,000 years.
A girl walking on the road of Pink Lake SA
A girl walking on the road of Pink Lake SA

Ore Content

The ore body comprises calcrete seaside rises of the Pleistocene Bridgewater Formation in a 20-kilometer (12 mi) northwest-moving discouragement. The gypsum was framed during the Holocene period.
The gypsum store has a one-meter layer of gypsarenite containing 93% gypsum calcium sulfate. Beneath that is a 5-meter (16 ft) layer of selenite containing 94-96% calcium sulfate. The store might contain as much as 500-700 million tons over an area of 87 square kilometers (34 sq mi).


Gypsum has been mined at Lake MacDonnell since 1919. The gypsum mine has been possessed beginning around 1984 by Gypsum Resources Australia (GRA).
Strangely, when the climatic settings of the Holocene waterfront salinas of southern and western Australia are looked at, all of which show comparative interdunal despondency leakage hydrologies, obviously gypsum structures from marine salt waters in Koeppen BSk and lower precipitation areas Csb, settings.
Halite overwhelms the marine-took care of fills in BWh beachfront settings, while Coorong-style brilliant took care of carbonates rule in comparable interdunal seaside leakage despondencies in the more the damp Csb settings of the Coorong area

Who Owns Lake MacDonnell?

GRA is claimed half each by USG Boral (a 50/50 joint endeavor of USG Corporation and Boral) and CSR Limited.
Gypsum is mined utilizing tractors and uncovering gear. It is stored for a very long time to permit salt to drain out from normal precipitation. It is then stacked onto trains utilizing front-end loaders.
Gypsum is moved 64 kilometers (40 mi) by three trains each day from Kevin to the port of Thevenard. Kevin is the name of the station on the Eyre Peninsula Railway network laid out for the mines, named from the Hundred of Kevin (which thus was named for the embraced child of Charles Cameron Kingston). It is amassed at Thevenard, then, at that point, stacked onto boats to Glebe Island in Sydney for additional handling.

Lake McDonnell Pink Lake

"So named after a very unique algaethat grows in that lake."
_deathseide (Reddit)
"You can land a seaplane on that bitch, in Microsoft Flight Simulator. It's pretty cool."
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"Thank you for that info, now ill try it :)"
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"Awesome! :D"
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A drone shot of Pink Lake Macdonnell
A drone shot of Pink Lake Macdonnell

People Also Ask

Is Lake MacDonnell Always Pink?

The basic solution to this is no.

Do You Need A 4WD To Get To Lake MacDonnell?

The lake is a 15min drive from Penong to Lake MacDonnell - it's a decent quality country road and you needn't bother with a 4WD to get to it. Energetically suggest visiting the lake and afterward forging ahead to Cactus Beach.
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Australia's huge nation flaunts in excess of a couple of unfathomable normal miracles, yet few are more wonderful - or puzzling - than Australia's pink lakes like Lake MacDonnell SA.
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