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Lads Prank Try To Prank An Apple Store

Lads prank an apple store - A group of boys attempts to set as many alarms as they can in as many different iPhones as they can. Surprisingly, their prank seems so successful since the noise causes so much confusion among the general public and even apple store employees.

Author:Raven Noir
Reviewer:Morgan Maverick
May 03, 202270 Shares934 Views
Lads prankan apple store- A group of boys attempts to set as many alarms as they can in as many different iPhones as they can. Surprisingly, their prank seems so successful since the noise causes so much confusion among the general public and even apple store employees. LaDbible is a newsand entertainmentcompany that also covers news and other important stories. How did they succeed to prank many i-phone customers?

Apple Store Alarm Prank

People in the store were being watched closely by the security guard after they had tried to sneak around the store. It was important to see how many people worked there. They said there were a lot of people at the store, both people shopping and those who worked there.
They began to figure out how long it would take them to set up alarms. They arrived at 15:15, so they set an alarm for 15:45, which gave them 30 minutes to get ready. Because they didn't want to be seen as suspicious, they kept talking to the staff about the items.
If you look at the video, you might hear people at an Apple store telling the Lads team about the phone's specifications and details. Through this strategy, the staff does not pay attention to them while they are planning their tasks. A lot of other people in the store didn't know what was going on because of all the noise.
"We didn't how quick everything would be turned off. Hence, why we couldn't get too many reactions. But at least, even the employees got a laugh out of it."
Later on, their prank was eventually revealed. The LADS were graciously asked to leave the store by the Apple security crew. as a result of which they immediately exit the London store.
At the end of the prank, the two men expressed a feeling of satisfaction. They said:
Mission accomplished. So that went great. This kinda sucks. We didn't get to film we wanted to because the boss man came. But, we still did it. We risked our lives but, the mission passed.

Apple Store Alarm Public Prank Video

Apple store alarm public prank ( WE GOT CAUGHT !!! )

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Apple Store Prank Calls

Essentially, the prank is divided into two parts: the prank phone call and the prank email. When you contact an Apple Store and claim to be a customer who is having difficulty using the store's features and services, you are committing a prank. Prank email is when you send an email to an Apple Store employee with a fictitious message claiming to require assistance from them.

Best Pranks To Do At Home

A tissue cardboard is on the left, and a damp crumpled core that looks like a stool is placed under the bowl on the right
A tissue cardboard is on the left, and a damp crumpled core that looks like a stool is placed under the bowl on the right
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Dangers And Risk Of Doing A Prank

4 Pranks That Killed People By Accident!

It's typical to hear the people doing pranks say, "No one has ever died from a prank." But in reality, pranks have taken the lives of innocent individuals, and they continue to cause harm and property damage. In certain cases, the harm is irreversible and permanent. It happens when someone dies as a result of a prank. The below video is an example of this one.
Pranking has become so common that there are now a lot of TV showsabout it. People pull pranks so they can record them and put them on YouTube and other media sites. People sometimes play tricks on each other, but more often they are dangerous and inappropriate. It is a real threat when someone's home is trashed, their property is damaged, or a person is hurt or afraid for their life because of a joke.


Thank you for taking the time to read this article. You had a good laugh at the expense of the Lads, who pulled a prank in an apple store. They set an alert on as many i-phones as they possibly could. And when all of the alarms go off at the same time, individuals lose their minds and the personnel goes into panic mode. They make every effort to turn off all of the alarms. and the team that was responsible for this has been forced to depart the apple store.
In the video about Lads prank an apple store, no one dies and no one gets hurt. However, pranks are sometimes dangerous. At the end of the day, people who play pranks without thinking about how the person they're fooling will react set themselves up for sadness, anger, and heartache. Most of them regret it later on. Make sure that you are accountable for what you are doing and always be cautious. As a golden rule, if you don't want something bad to happen to you, don't do it to someone else.
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