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Koi Hanako - A Japanese Koi Fish That Lived 226 Years

Koi Hanako was a red koi fish possessed by a few people, the remainder of whom was Dr. Komei Koshihara.

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Koi Hanako(c. 1751 - July 7, 1977) was a red koi fish possessed by a few people, the remainder of whom was Dr. Komei Koshihara. The name Hanako means "blossom young lady" in Japanese.

How Old Is Koi Hanako?

Far surpassing the normal life expectancy for her variety, the world's oldest koi fish Hanakowas supposedly 226 years of age at the hour of her death. Her remains were entirely set in stone in 1966 by eliminating two of her scales and looking at them widely. Right now, Hanako weighed 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs) and is estimated 70 cm (27.6 in) in length. Once the scales were completely dissected, it was resolved that she was 215 years of age.
A close up shot of koi fish in pond
A close up shot of koi fish in pond

Can Koi Fish Live 200 Years?

In July 1974, an investigation of the development rings of one of the koi's scales announced that Koi Hanako was 226 years old. She might be, until this point, the longest-lived koi fish ever recorded. There has been debate concerning the veracity of these life span claims. The normal koi reproduced beyond Japan can be anticipated to arrive at 15 years old, while the normal Japanese koi's life expectancy is 40 years. Some sources give an acknowledged age for the species as minimal over 50 years.
Dr. Komeri Koshihara, Hanako's last proprietor initially shared her story in 1966 on the Nippon Hoso Kyokai radio station. Koshihara had got Hanako's age checked by teacher Masayoshi Hiro, who worked at the Laboratory of Animal Science of the Nagoya Women's College. Hiro had removed two of Hanako's scales to decide her age. As per the English record of the transmission, Koshihara had said, "This 'Hanako' is still in perfect condition and swimming about majestically in a quiet ravine descending Mt Ontake in a short distance. She weighs 7.5 kilograms and is 70 centimetres in length."
The owner added, "She and I are dearest friends. When I call her saying 'Hanako! Hanako!' from the brink of the pond, she unhesitatingly comes swimming to my feet. If I lightly pat her on the head, she looks quite delighted. Sometimes I go so far as to take her out of the water and embrace her."


"At one time a person watching asked me whether I was performing a trick with the carp. Although a fish, she seems to feel that she is dearly loved, and it appears that there is some communication of feeling between us. At present my greatest pleasure is to go to my native place two or three times a month and keep company with 'Hanako'," Koshihara further added.
"Very rude of the scale-pickers, she was just an old lady fish chillin in her pond :("
_simulatisacrimis (Reddit)
"Imagine having to live in the same pond for 200 some years"
_yeahimsadsowut (Reddit)
"I believe this koi was Queen Elizabeth's pet when they were both young."
_ Reddit user


Koshihara had made sense of that very much like a tree had its yearly rings on its trunk, a fish has its yearly rings on its scales. One simply needs to count them to know the age of the fish.
The Koi Hanako had been passed on for quite a long time by Koshihara's loved ones. Fond of weirdfish stories? Then you will like this sturgeon fishstory too.
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