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Kentucky Derby Points Standings Update

The Kentucky Derby Points Standings are the heartbeat of anticipation for one of the most prestigious horse racing events in the world.

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The Kentucky Derby Points Standingsare the heartbeat of anticipation for one of the most prestigious horse racing events in the world.
As the thoroughbred racing season unfolds, enthusiasts, trainers, and owners eagerly track these standings to decipher which horses will earn the coveted spots in the Kentucky Derby starting gate.
These standings provide a dynamic snapshot of the contenders, capturing their journey as they accumulate the points necessary to secure their place in the "Run for the Roses."
In this article, we delve into the significance, intricacies, and updates of the Kentucky Derby Points Standings, offering a comprehensive guide for both seasoned racing aficionados and those new to the exhilarating world of horse racing.

Kentucky Derby Points Standings

In less than a month, on May 6, 2023, Churchill Downs will host the 149th running of the Kentucky Derby. The horses who compete in the Kentucky Derby will be chosen using a point system based on their finishes in specific races for the ninth year in a row.
To qualify for the Kentucky Derby, horses must first compete in a series of international prep events known as the "Road to the Derby" in 2012. Twenty horses are selected from the top finishers in each race to compete in the Kentucky Derby.
Forte, who has won four of his five career starts and three grade 1 races, currently holds the pole position. Forte is the clear frontrunner, with $1,545,650 in bettingon him so far.
Curly Jack, victor of September's Iroquois Stakes (Grade 3) and runner-up in the Kentucky Jockey Club (Grade 2), is now in second place. However, Curly Jack's fifth-place finish in the Breeders' Cup Juvenile shows that he needs to improve his performance before the Kentucky Derby.
Blazing Sevens, winner of the Champagne Stakes (Grade 1) and fourth at the Breeders' Cup Juvenile, is now in third position. In the Breeders' Cup Juvenile, Blazing Sevens won by a comfortable margin of 6 34 lengths over Curly Jack.

Significance Of Kentucky Derby Points Standings

The Kentucky Derby, often referred to as "The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports," is one of the most prestigious horse racing events globally, drawing fans and participants from around the world. This iconic race is not only a showcase of speed, stamina, and determination but also a testament to the hard work and dedication of owners, trainers, jockeys, and breeders.
In recent years, the Road to the Kentucky Derby has become a crucial aspect of the race's allure. It has introduced a structured system that determines which thoroughbred horses earn the right to compete in this historic event.
This system is governed by Kentucky Derby Points Standings, which has added a new layer of excitement and competitiveness to the journey leading up to the first Saturday in May.
Kentucky Derby Points Standings have redefined how horses qualify for the Kentucky Derby, shifting the emphasis from subjective selections to an objective and merit-based approach. This system awards points to the top finishers in a series of designated prep races, effectively democratizing the qualification process.
Here are some of the key reasons why Kentucky Derby Points Standings hold immense significance in the world of horse racing:
  • Transparency -The points standings bring transparency to the qualification process. Horses earn their spots based on their actual performance in prep races, eliminating any potential biases or favoritism.
  • Fair Competition -The system encourages fair competition among horse owners, trainers, and breeders. It levels the playing field and rewards excellence on the racetrack.
  • GlobalRecognition -Kentucky Derby Points Standings have made the Road to the Kentucky Derby a globally recognized series of races. Horses and connections from various countries now actively participate, adding an international flavor to the event.
  • Enhanced Storylines -The points standings create compelling storylines throughout the racing season. Fans follow the progress of their favorite horses as they accumulate points, adding drama and excitement to the sport.
  • Increased Prestige -Earning a spot in the Kentucky Derby starting gate has become a prestigious accomplishment in itself. Horses that secure their place in the top 20 are celebrated for their achievements, even before they set foot on the Churchill Downs track.
  • Quality Racing -As a result of the points system, prep races leading up to the Kentucky Derby have become showcases of top-quality racing. Horses and jockeys give their best efforts, knowing that each race is a stepping stone toward the ultimate goal.
  • Global Viewership -The Kentucky Derby enjoys a massive global viewership, and the points standings generate excitement and interest worldwide. Fans from different continents eagerly watch as horses accumulate points on their journey to the big race.
Heads of two horses running on racetrack.
Heads of two horses running on racetrack.

Kentucky Derby Point System

Only the Iroquois Stakes for 2-year-olds at Churchill and the Jerome Stakes for 3-year-olds at Aqueduct have been added or deleted from the points system for the 2019 Road to the Kentucky Derby. Betfair Hollywood Park's CashCall Futurity and the Royal Lodge Stakes were both canceled.
In 2013, Churchill Downs instituted a new scoring system for the top four horses to replace the previous graded stakes earnings system. The new approach gives more weight to events held six to eight weeks before to the Kentucky Derby and gives less weight to high-stakes races like the Breeders' Cup Juvenile and the Delta Downs Jackpot.
All horses that meet the new requirements for the 1 14 mile Kentucky Derby will have shown that they can perform well under conditions comparable to the Derby. Points on the Road to the Kentucky Derby are awarded on a 100-40-20-10 system to the top four finishers in the seven most important races. The seven stakes races will be weighted 50%, 20%, 10%, and 5% over the eight previous races.
Points will be awarded to the top four finishers in the two races held in the weeks leading up to the Derby using a scale of 20-8-4-2. There will be 19 prep races leading up to the Kentucky Derby from September through February, with the top four finishers in each collecting points based on a 10-3-2 system.
Although the Juvenile and Delta are conducted seven to eight months before the Derby, historically, the winners have had a major advantage in qualifying for the race.

Top Stories Of The Kentucky Derby 2023

Besides being known as the "most exciting two minutes in sports," the Kentucky Derby is also a very historically significant event. The thrills and excitement that the Derby always provides for fans and horse racing enthusiasts will be present at this year's edition as well. Here are several legends and customs to keep an eye out for at this year's Derby.

The Leaderboard

The weather, the jockey, the track conditions, and the state of the horse all play a role in the outcome of a race, making it difficult to predict a winner. Forte has won five straight races, making him the betting favorite at 7-2 today. The odds on Angel of Empire are 8-1, and those on Practical Move are 10-1.
The Kentucky Derby is a place where anything can happen. In 2017, 80-1 long shot Rich Strike won the Derby after being given a spot in the race just 24 hours beforehand due to a scratch.

Triple Crown

Will the Derby victor also be a Triple Crown winner? A horse is considered a Triple Crown champion if it also takes home the prizes at the Belmont Stakes and the Preakness Stakes in the same year. Only 13 horses have ever won the Triple Crown, and the most recent did it in 2018. There have been 148 Derbys. Major victories include:
Mike Smith, at the age of 52, rode Justify to a Triple Crown victory in 2018. American Pharoah, who in 2015 became the first horse in history to win the Triple Crown, the Breeders' Cup Classic, and the Grand Slam of Thoroughbred racing.
Many people believe that Secretariat, who won all three races in 1973, is the best racehorse ever.


The Kentucky Derby is one of the most heavily gambled-on sporting events of the year, and pari-mutuel betting—the standard wagering method in horse racing—plays a significant role in this.
This method is different from the standard fixed-odds wagering found in many sports. Purchasing a ticket for your preferred equine in a pari-mutuel race is analogous to investing in a share of that horse's potential finish position.
Bets can be placed on horses at the track, in Las Vegas, online, or at off-track betting places, giving fans multiple opportunities to try their luck and win big. The odds on a horse race can fluctuate rapidly right up until post time, and the payouts are determined by the odds at the end of the betting period.
In the 148th running, Rich Strike was the largest longshot since 1913, at odds of 80-1.For a $2 wager, the payout for this "win" was $163.60. Live odds for the race may be seen on

Mint Juleps And Fancy Hats

Neither mint juleps nor elaborate headwear would be complete without them at the Kentucky Derby. The mint julep was designated as the official beverage of the Kentucky Derby in 1939, and since then, almost 120,000 have been served at each year's event. This refreshing drink features bourbon (another local favorite), fresh mint, and simple syrup.
In the 1960s, women began accessorizing their race day outfits with elaborate hats. The greater the hat, the more luck it is said to bring to the horses. The race will have a more glamorous and exciting atmosphere with the addition of colorful, ornate headwear.

What Are The Points System For The Kentucky Derby?

The best two-year-olds start collecting points toward entry into the Kentucky Derby in September of their rookie seasons. For the first five months, points remain at a scale of 10-4-2-1, with the Breeders' Cup Juvenile race awarding double the usual number of points.
Midway through February, six races at Fair Grounds Racecourse's Risen Star Stakes give a bonus of 50 points. Each race's victor receives an automatic starting position in the next event.
Around the last week of March, the point values quadruple to an even loftier scale: 100 for the winner, 40 for the runner-up, 20 for third, and 10 for fourth. Winners of the remaining eight races are frequently considered the "expected favorites" for the Kentucky Derby on the first Saturday in May.
Finishing second in a race worth 100 points can guarantee a horse a spot in the Kentucky Derby field, as horses need at least 40 points to qualify. The United Arab Emirates Derby at Meydan Racecourse in Dubai uses the same point system as the seven other one-hundred point races given in the United States.

Kentucky Derby Points Standings - FAQs

How Are Kentucky Derby Points Standings Calculated?

Kentucky Derby Points Standings are calculated based on a series of designated prep races leading up to the Kentucky Derby. These races offer points to the top finishers, with more points awarded to races closer to the Derby.

What Races Are Included In The Kentucky Derby Points Standings?

The Kentucky Derby Points Standings include a specific set of prep races leading up to the Derby. These races are selected by Churchill Downs and are spread across different tracks to give horses a chance to accumulate points.

How Often Are Kentucky Derby Points Standings Updated?

Kentucky Derby Points Standings are regularly updated as new prep races are run and points are allocated. Fans and bettors can expect frequent updates throughout the prep season.

Can A Horse Secure A Spot In The Kentucky Derby Based On Points?

Yes, horses can secure a spot in the Kentucky Derby based on their points standings. The top point earners in the designated prep races are typically guaranteed a spot in the Derby, provided they remain healthy and eligible.

Are Kentucky Derby Points Standings A Reliable Indicator Of Success In The Derby?

While a high standing in the Kentucky Derby Points Standings is a positive sign, it's not a guaranteed indicator of success in the Derby. The actual outcome of the race depends on various factors, including the horse's form, fitness, and racing conditions on the day of the Derby.

Final Words

Kentucky Derby Points Standings encapsulate the heart and soul of thoroughbred racing. They're the scoreboard where dreams are displayed and destinies are determined.
From the early prep races to the grand crescendo at Churchill Downs, these standings are a testament to the dedication, skill, and passion of all those involved in the sport.
As the Derby journey unfolds, keep a close eye on the rankings, for within them lies the promise of a future champion.
Whether you're celebrating a rising star's ascent or rooting for an underdog's surprise entry, the Kentucky Derby Points Standings are a riveting story waiting to be told with every stride on the path to the "Run for the Roses."
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